BIG BANG COSMOLOGY: Not science fraud, but felony fraud

October 25, 2014

For a long time I have been saying that Big Bang Cosmology should be seen for what it is: Collective criminal defrauding of taxpayers under the elaborate cover of procedural legitimacy.

The following article therefore resonates with me:

It’s time to criminalise serious scientific misconduct

The opiner in this article has the stones. But this applies to Big Bang Cosmology (including the BICEP2 business unfolding now – a collective cover up of instrumental botch up) before it applies to any other scientific discipline.

More and more, such courageous voices of clear conscience will arise. And one day the world will understand and arise in great anger.

The problem with the physics establishment today is that nobody honest has the stones to take a stand against the criminals right in their midst…

UPDATED 10/26/14:


Fraud must be proved by showing that the defendant’s actions involved five separate elements:

(1) a false statement of a material fact, (averral that the 2.7 K blackbody is real)

(2) knowledge on the part of the defendant that the statement is untrue, (establishment knows what John Mather did; it knows that neither WMAP nor Planck found the blackbody. It simply keeps mum on this issue.)

(3) intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victim,(knowing this full well, they continue to requisition billions of dollars of taxpayer money by false representation that the blackbody is real year after year after year.)

(4) justifiable reliance by the alleged victim on the statement (children have been totally indoctrinated into these falsehoods; they have been harmed. government funding agencies have relied on these false representations to give out taxpayer money; Wikipedia, on which a great many rely, has become an instrument of Big Bang corruption; …), and

(5) injury to the alleged victim as a result (children are being mentally abused; other fields of science are being deprived of funds because Big Bang Cosmologists are usurping them; other cosmologies have been shut out by Big Bang Cosmologists riding roughshod over them; millions of dollars of bogus merchandise are being sold to the public, to the libraries, …)..


And lastly, folks, note this one example (of multiple instances) how a NASA scientist is going around deriding the Steady State Cosmologists (at least they were honest scientists!):

Despite the now widely accepted Big Bang theory, Mather told the students it was not easy to convince skeptics who continued to believe the so-called steady-state theory that offered the universe has infinite age.

“They still wouldn’t give up,” said the astrophysicist. “We had to wait until they died,” he joked.

I feel greatly saddened to see the memory of the non-Big Bang Cosmologists being sullied this way before young students by a despicable fraud. They were good men and decent scientists. God rest their souls.


October 22, 2014

Folks, there is a flurry of new reports that the B-Mode has been discovered by the Polarbear Telescope.

Just remember this.

PS- My posts will be brief, and few and far between for a while. My home project must take precedence over my social service.

OFF TOPIC: Linus Pauling

October 13, 2014

One more item from my old files: I got to attend the star-studded (Francis Crick, Richard Feynman, …) gala birthday celebration of Linus Pauling at Caltech – a day-long event ending with dinner. I got the man to sign my program.

Linus Pauling.

BICEP2-PLANCK: The mother of all collaborations!

October 2, 2014

BICEP2 Telescope, Planck Satellite

BICEP2 Telescope, Planck Satellite

BICEP2: Healthy science?!

September 28, 2014

Folks, you have been hearing a rising chorus of homilies about how BICEP2 is a healthy scientific process; how this is how science works; how this is how science is supposed to work; how this is a proof that science is self-correcting. And how the BICEP2 boys should be applauded for developing breakthrough instrumentation.

Total bunkum!

BICEP2 is an inept instrumental botch up, followed by cover up. This is nothing at all to do with how science works, and this has no place at all in science. And don’t forget all the taxpayer money down the drain.

Mistakes and botch ups are very OK in science. But refusing to own up to these transforms them to science fraud.

A healthy scientific process?!
Sure. And Bernie Madoff’s a healthy economic process.

Here I have distilled the whole matter to its very basics, so you can explain this to your kids.

Indeed, the greatest talent of the Big Bang Cosmologists has been to bury simple logic under a mountain of complexities.

bicep2 telescope, bicep2 discovery, Planck Satellite, COBE Satellite

bicep2 telescope, bicep2 discovery, Planck Satellite, COBE Satellite


September 26, 2014

I have so far assumed that Edward Witten has remained silent on BICEP2 because I could not find anything from him on this subject on the Internet. But now there is out an interview that makes it quite clear that Witten is not invested in BICEP2 in any way.

So I can now repeat two reasons I have given why I have to respect this guy, his String Theory notwithstanding.

But first an update: We need to bring up to date the Edward Witten Shekel Count – to the tune of half a million dollars. He has received the 2014 Kyoto Prize.

My criticism of String Theory stands. It is basically that it is so much fluff. Mathematically impressive may be, but fluff physics-wise. If a cumulus cloud says “I am beautiful”, who can disagree? If it says “I am geometric”, may be it is in some sense. But I am not going to do anything based on that.

Now, why Edward Witten must be especially respected among today’s prominent physicists:

(1). He has not parlayed his phenomenal celebrity status into a greenback empire. If he took just a little time to write a popular science book, first of all, he would receive an enormous advance payment. Then the royalty stream would flow like a gusher. Within hours of publication the book will hit all kinds of bestseller lists. Within days the book will in every airport that has a bookshop.

Edward Witten chooses not to grab ready money – phenomenal amounts of it. This almost verges on asceticism.

(2). BICEP2 was one program where it could be claimed that String Theory was being brought to the arena of observable physics. Witten had vested interest in supporting it. In many other ways, it was logical and appropriate and expected that Witten would say something.

But even during the period the euphoria had not yet been dampened, and the party was in full swing, Witten remained silent. This is curious. Certainly he would have no objections experiment-wise. He would simply assume that the experiment was done right. Certainly he would have no theory objections to this. The BICEP2 discovery might also have been positioned to strengthen the case for a Nobel Prize for Witten.

So what happened?

To these two old points, I now add a third point I have not spelled out before.

(3). At a time when it is fashionable for celebrity physicists to take public positions on God (poor Guy!), Witten stays away from the subject. If he expressed himself on this subject in the right way, the million dollar+ Templeton Prize would be his …

My teacher shunned celebrity status. But somewhere in his writings (I cannot find the exact quote now), he said something like this: Mind belongs to science. Heart belongs to God. And there is no conflict.

So, Edward Witten, I do not hold with your String Theory. But you are a real Mensch.

OFF TOPIC: Dr. Maria Reiche (1903–1998)

September 25, 2014

Two old fashioned print photos from my files:

German mathematician and archaeologist Dr. Maria Reiche (1903-1998) who studied the Nazca sand lines in Peru, and did much to help preserve them (mid 1980s photo).

A Nazca sand line: The Hummingbird

THE BICEP2-PLANCK COLLABORATION: More than meets the eye?

September 24, 2014

“One thing that would distress me bitterly is if a major mistake in the measurement or of the analysis would come to light.”

- John Kovac, New York Times, 22 September 2014

UPDATE 09/25/2014:

“Whatever the level of dust, the experiment was wildly successful in achieving breakthrough sensitivity.”
- John Kovac, The Harvard Crimson, 25 September 2014

“I can only admire their dedication to science out in the middle of nowhere.”
- Stephen Hawking,, 25 September 2014

“Whatever happened one should not forget that, at the instrumental level, BICEP was a huge success.”
- Adam Falkowski,, 24 September 2014

“Whatever the truth about the BICEP2 measurements there’s no question that it’s a brilliant experiment, with exquisite sensitivity.”
- Peter Coles,, 23 August 2014

[Reader please note: Above are just a few examples of endorsements that are rampant. Now consider – BICEP2 was an engineering development. Neither Kovac has, nor his teammates have, any engineering background. No engineering experts were involved. Sure, a botched telescope design can produce sky maps with “breakthrough sensitivity”! And also phenomenally strong gravitational wave signals beyond all expectation! And only a botch up job will give you a “99.9997% certainty of being correct.” It all makes perfect sense folks. Hawking, Falkowski and Coles are theoreticians who would not know a telescope from a hole in the ground. There is not a single statement from radioastronomy instrumentation types who are the ones qualified and entitled to issue opinions. Planck Satellite has an unstated mission to cover up American botch ups. They did this in the past. They are doing it now. So I hope you begin to understand the gigantic deception playing out at a global level all around you. You all are drowning in it.]


BICEP2 Telescope, BICEP2 discovery, Planck Satellite, CMB dust

BICEP2 Telescope, BICEP2 discovery, Planck Satellite, CMB dust

OFF TOPIC: Two gentlemen scientists

September 23, 2014

A couple of more items from old files I dug up: Not about science but about scientists. Just a reminder of the old world generosity and gentlemanliness in physicists.

A handwritten note from John Archibald Wheeler

A letter from Subrahmaniyan Chandrasekhar


September 22, 2014

Planck collaboration, Bibhas De, BICEP2 B-Mode polarization

Planck collaboration, Bibhas De, BICEP2, B-Mode polarization


1. When it became clear to the Collaboration that the COBE Satellite discovery of the Big Bang Relic Blackbody spectrum was not there in the sky, they made a collective decision to not disclose this.

2. When it became clear to the Collaboration that the WMAP Satellite did not find the said Blackbody, they made a collective decision not to disclose this.

3. Whereas the instrumental botch up with the BICEP2 Telescope is blatantly obvious, the Collaboration decided to issue a strong endorsement by treating the instrument as shishape.

4. The Collaboration is letting the world think that they would perform a beneficial correlation study between the nonexistent Planck sky swirl maps and the bogus BICEP2 sky swirl maps, leading to beneficial conclusions.

5. To this day the Collaboration has not released the actual CMB Spectrum which they possess, choosing to let the world believe in the falsified universe of the said Blackbody. Children of the world are being continually inducted into this falsehood.

This is the true legacy of the Planck Satellite.

In all of the above issues, Bibhas De labored hard to educate the world on the truth.


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