December 3, 2016

I am not a climate change denier or a global warming skeptic. I think the steps to combat man-made change are a good proactive idea anyway, whether or not that change is occurring alarmingly.

That said, there is one very important point the world needs to be told loud and clear. It is this: Scientific fraud on a gigantic collective scale, backed by the government and the media, can and does take place. Hundreds of scientists may participate, and thousands of scientists may rally round them. There can be 99.99% scientific consensus in favor of the fraud.

Hordes of corrupt intellectuals are systematically falsifying our scientific civilization for personal profit, to feed individual narcissism, and to get some type of jollies – some kind of ultimate in shooting up.

The following two books describe such rampant fraud being conducted by NASA and NSF even as you read this.


November 30, 2016

Folks, according to this report out today, LIGO is forging powerfully ahead. There is no sign that any review of any kind is being conducted as a result of the numerous scientific objections from independent quarters. Not the slightest flaw with the discovery has ever been admitted.

One solitary wiggle seen when the engineers were messing with the equipment and geomagnetic and seismic disturbances were heightened and the instrument was not calibrated worth a damn became so solid a discovery of black holes merger that an instant Nobel Prize was insistently demanded (Nanny nanny nanny … noben noben noben…), with the full expectation that the Prize would alter its century-old rule to make this award. Since then the solidity of the discovery has been steadfastly maintained, and the Nobel Committee was derided for being ‘hidebound’ when they did not comply.

A thousand of them are on your payroll even as you read this. And they misused millions of your dollars to boot.

Are these bozos for real?!

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November 22, 2016

Post-truth physics is –

Where a 19000-strong physics group gives a science fraud great their highest honor;

Where a physics great enjoys decades of limelight and awards and adulation in eager anticipation of some impending great contribution (“Is it soup yet?”), is unable to make any contribution, and can offer only circumstantial soup:

… there are many circumstantial reasons to believe that String Theory and its elaboration in M-theory are closer to the truth about nature than our presently established theories. String/M-theory is too rich and its consistency is too delicate for its existence to be purely an accident.

Where a worthless piece of billion-dollar jalopy is described as an “elegant” scientific instrument, and the grandest of grand discoveries are made with it;

Where demands for an instant Nobel Prize are made for a bogus discovery, and when that prize does not come through, the Nobel-givers are berated:

The Nobel Prize is the most honored and prestigious award in the world, but lately I fear it has seemed more and more hidebound, and in danger of being strangled by its own rules.

Where academic physicists who make rich contributions to the society but presumably live a boiled-potatoes existence are given a fistful of dollars and treated to a brief taste of the good life in star-studded gala celebration with Hollywood divas;

Where outside-physics establishment scientists exposing patently wrong physics are studiedly ignored by the establishment and their henchmen in the funding agencies and the media, and the wrong physics is installed as the scientific truth;

Where the media which has promoted a certain discovery to high heaven largely keeps mum when the same discoverers are exposed to have committed financial malfeasance with millions of dollars of public funds;

Where pretentious physics popularizers write authoritative bestsellers (1, 2, …) to the universal acclaim of and rave reviews from the establishment, to make money while pushing garbage science (dark matter, dark energy, LIGO …) as fully installed science upon the world citizenry;

Where the physics establishment insulates its rampant chicanery from Internet dissidence whereas in the field of medical sciences such dissidence – even anonymous dissidence – has become an accepted mode of exposing within-establishment fraud, acknowledged as such by the courts (Fazlul Sarkar vs PubPeer)

So the next question is:

Who will drain this swamp?


November 18, 2016

In the following the text in italic font is the Federal Policy On Research Misconduct as promulgated by the American Physical Society. The text in regular font shows my comments interjected.


I. Research Misconduct Defined

Research misconduct is defined as fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results.

Fabrication is making up data or results and recording or reporting them.

Based on the operating principle of the existing LIGO instrument, a match between the recorded LIGO output waveform and a theoretically modeled gravitational wave train emanating from a merger of two black holes is no scientific evidence of gravitational wave [1]. Such a match – however impressive it is – is scientifically irrelevant.

The proof that LIGO is observing a gravitational wave requires an independent and simultaneous experimental demonstration that the two LIGO end mirrors are in an entangled mode of actuation – synchronous, equal amplitude and 180 degrees out of phase. Only then the issue of matching the two waveforms becomes scientifically justified, provided the instrument is otherwise faultless (which it is not.)

In other words, LIGO is not a complete scientific instrument concept. A complete instrument concept would measure and report three waveforms: the conventional output waveform they have reported (the “Difference Waveform”, say), and two waveforms showing the “displacement” of the two mirrors. If these two waveforms (“Twin Waveforms”, say) are identical except that one is flipped vertically, then this is the proof that a gravitational wave has passed through. The Difference Waveform now can be used to do the black hole stuff and whatnot.

However, the Difference Waveform is actually a derivative of the Twin Waveforms, and hence the latter waveforms would be the primary LIGO measurements.

To be absolutely clear on this central point about the billion-dollar, multi-decade, thousand-man LIGO observatotry: If LIGO were an instrument that reported only the Twin Waveforms and they were as described above, we have evidence of a gravitational wave; if it reported the Twin Waveforms AND the Difference Waveform, we have evidence of gravitational wave AND black holes merger; if it reported only the Difference Waveform, then we have nothing. Absolutely nothing. This last case is what actually happened.

Finally, for the LIGO instrument the Twin Waveforms may be fundamentally indeterminate, making this concept totally worthless for any purpose.

So the total fabrication here is the false “scientific” premise that a match between the black hole merger theory waveform and the Difference Waveform leads to a simultaneous discovery of gravitational wave AND black holes merger.

Another total fabrication is to aver without any experimental evidence whatsoever that the LIGO instrument can detect displacement of the 30-kg pendulum mass as small as 1/10,000-th the diameter of a proton. The discovery actually rests on this fabrication.

Falsification is manipulating research materials, equipment, or processes, or changing or omitting data or results such that the research is not accurately represented in the research record.

The calibration of the LIGO instrument – which was an essential condition for the discovery – was falsified. No valid calibration data that pertained to the LIGO instrument as it existed and operated at the time of the discovery were ever presented – to this day. Instead, some old and flawed test was dusted and passed off as calibration [1,2]. An uncalibrated scientific research instrument is untrustworthy in all respects, and certainly cannot produce a discovery.

To be absolutely clear on this point: No calibration, no discovery.

Plagiarism is the appropriation of another person’s ideas, processes, results, or words without giving appropriate credit.

Not applicable.

Research misconduct does not include honest error or differences of opinion.

We are way past the stage in the scientific process where honest error/mistake could be advanced as a reason for reporting the false discovery.

Seven months have elapsed since the report of the discovery. During this period an enormous amount of scientific documentation of the fault with the discovery has been placed in readily accessible public view.

Had there been the slightest indication that the LIGO team was reviewing this material, it would be another matter. Instead, the raucous partying has continued and grown uninterrupted. The lead LIGO operatives have been anointed, feted, and given enormous amount of moneys to be put in their personal bank accounts. The operatives have publicly accepted all these in the spirit they were given.

In the end, on 11 November 2016, it was announced the LIGO’s official Spokeperson – acting in that capacity – will reaffirm the discovery in its fullest glory [3].

II. Findings of Research Misconduct

A finding of research misconduct requires that:

There be a significant departure from accepted practices of the relevant research community; and

Falsely averring under an elaborate ruse that an instrument was properly calibrated during the discovery is not and accepted practice of the community.

To subsequently refuse to elaborate on this pivotal point when requested to do so is also not an accepted practice [2].

To report a discovery where a mathematically ill-posed problem becomes an experimentally sound problem is not an accepted practice [4].

To report a discovery based on a single detection of a transient signal is not an accepted practice. So solid was this discovery claimed to be that unprecedented demands for an instant Nobel Prize were made in all seriousness, demands that would require the Nobel Foundation to wave its nomination deadline.

The misconduct be committed intentionally, or knowingly, or recklessly; and

Even if the misconduct was unintentional (stemming from what has to be gross and collective incompetence) when the discovery was reported, the failure to retract the discovery and instead to forcefully maintain it made it intentional, knowing and reckless after the fact.

Further example of this recklessness is the US-India LIGO Collaboration which, during the period in question, has been moving aggressively and hurriedly to take such concrete steps as would be difficult to reverse (such as acquiring land for the Indian LIGO).

Also an example of ongoing reckless is the continued “upgrades” of LIGO during the period in question, thus obliterating evidence that could be examined to substantiate the allegations about the instrument as it existed when the discovery was made. This amounts to tampering with evidence. The design should have been frozen as soon as the allegations arose, pending a resolution. These upgrades have now made the two US LIGO stations different [5] – making the situation extremely murky (the two stations needed to be exactly identical.)

(In the case of the recent BICEP2 debacle [9], we have learned that “instrument upgrade” is an euphemism for deep-sixing the botched instrument and moving on, without facing any accountabiliy or accepting any responsibility.)

The allegation be proven by a preponderance of evidence.

Starting immediately after the discovery report and continuing for months, independent scientists have documented evidence of fault with the LIGO discovery. These findings cover various scientific and engineering facets of the discovery. Because the instrument is fundamentally flawed, its symptoms are multi-faceted, and that is why various investigators have described various fatal faults [1, 2,6-8].

It has been placed in evidence that:

(1). The LIGO scientific principle is wrong;
(2). The LIGO instrumentation is flawed;
(3). The LIGO observation was flawed;
(4). The interpretation of LIGO observation was flawed or scammed.

There is also evidence that on the day the gravitational wave was detected, the various uncertainties with LIGO were at a heightened state, and malfunction occurred [6].

There is also circumstantial evidence. Rainer Weiss is the LIGO instrumentation maven. He was also the COBE Satellite instrumentation maven. In fact the two projects overlap in time. The COBE Satellite discovery was a fraud, rooted in the instrumentation. LIGO is an outcome of the same process.

In fact, nothing about LIGO survives that proper scientific scrutiny which the physics establishment was unable or unwilling to provide, and which their watchdogs were happy to look away from. This scrutiny – the preponderance of evidence – in the end was provided by outsiders, gratis.


[1] Unchallenged privilege: The billion-dollar trilateral gravitational-wave discovery scam by Bibhas De

[2] Open Letter to the Nobel Committee for Physics 2016

[3] Robert M. Walker Distinguished Lecture

[4] LIGO: Absurdity of Big Physics

[5] Advanced LIGO ramps up, with slight improvements

[6] Letter to the Nobel Committee on LIGO claims for gravitational waves detections GW150914 and GW151226

[7] A detailed critical review of reported event GW150914 that LIGO/VIRGO collaboration announced as gravitational waves and black holes observation

[8] LIGO Experiments Cannot Detect Gravitational Waves by Using Laser Michelson Interferometers

[9] The Falsifiers of the Universe: BIG BANG COSMOLOY: the first fraud in the final frontier by Bibhas De


November 13, 2016

In the face of clear and documented scientific demonstration that the LIGO discovery was patently false, they are sending the LIGO Spokesperson to a major venue to very strongly reaffirm the discovery:

González in her lecture will describe: the detection of this distant cataclysm, the elegant instruments that were able to measure changes in distance a thousandth the diameter of a proton, and the window on the universe offered by the new field of gravitational-wave astronomy.

Given this official reaffirmation in the face of the scientific case against LIGO, I will now issue my graphic “The physics fraud pentad.” Meanwhile, guess which five!

In other news, the fraud discoverers Kip Thorne and Reiner Weiss will be feted in a star-studded celebration to be televised by National Geographic. See here.

As far as I can see, the ritual meeting of Kavli Laureates with the President in the Oval Office has not taken place yet for this year. If this meeting slips further, beyond January 20, we might see flashy photos of Thorne and Weiss proudly shaking hands with President Trump.

That way at least President Obama will be saved from the indignity of meeting with these two science frauds.

It also seems that there is a custom of the American Nobel Laureates meeting with the President in the White House. So the 2017 Physics Nobel Laureates Thorne and Weiss will be shaking hands with President Trump again next fall.


November 7, 2016

Recently a group of scientists has claimed that the discovery (2011 Nobel Prize for physics) that the expansion of the universe is accelerating is not valid. Other scientists are opposing this new finding. The former group claims to have done better statistics with a larger sample base.

This is a totally superfluous exercise. It is first of all beating a dead horse. But worse yet, it is creating somehow the impression that may be the horse is actually not dead, and needs to be shot. And if instead of shooting the horse the scientists shoot themselves in the foot, the net impression that will remain is that the horse is alive.

The discovery was and is totally bogus for science (not statistics) reasons I explained here in this blog site back in 2011, and later in my book The Falsifiers of the Universe. To try to disprove that false discovery with new statistics is like raising holy hell to try to dissolve the USSR.

As I have said before, this scientific establishment has gone to seeds.

There is a Bengali proverb: What do idle folks do? They mix together wheat and chaff, and separate them again.


LIGO: Listen to the jungle drums

October 24, 2016

Referring only to physics at this time, the jungle drums represent an incipient parallel scientific civilization. As the scientific civilization is rotting because of the excesses of the intellectuals, the jungle drums they salvage what good remains, for the posterity.

To listen to the jungle drums you must tune your ears way past the clamor of the scientific establishment and the cacophony of the media.

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INDIA LIGO: Accelerating downslope

October 22, 2016

As LIGO goes up in smoke, Indian Ligonauts buy land for LIGO.

Folks, LIGO INDIA has now moved from the planning stage to the execution stage. Steps are now being taken that would be difficult to reverse. Basically it is now, like, Forward, the Light Brigade!

Here is a recent report that they have started to acquire land:

According to government sources, the Atomic Energy Department has sought for 173.25 hectare land which involves government, private and forest lands. Of this, the Cabinet has sanctioned 40.68 hectares today.

This is most surprising. I will explain. But for this discussion I will completely discount anything the LIGO critics have said. I will follow the official LIGO science.


First, note that in order for India LIGO to be a part of the three-station network, the India instrument has to be exactly identical to the two US instruments. Nothing can be different.

At the time of planning LIGO, the inventor Rainer Weiss very clearly spelled out that the LIGO innards needed to be protected (shielded) from geomagnetic disturbances. Weiss in fact faulted fellow gravitational wave researcher Joseph Weber for ignoring the need for shielding.

But no such shielding was provided for the two US LIGO stations when they were built. The wall of the metal tube is not thick enough to provide electromagnetic shielding of the copious metal structures inside LIGO. There was a lack of communication between scientists and engineers. But they did not want to publicly embarrass themselves by drawing attention to this botch up. So they remained mum and the US LIGO remained faulty.

So India LIGO can either build another faulty LIGO and be identical to US LIGO, or try to rectify the shielding situation and not be identical to US LIGO.

The second option is of course not workable.

They have chosen to do the former. Is that the right joint decision by the scientific community and the government of a nation?

Any good decision analysis would tell you that the correct conclusion should have been to not proceed.


Now comes the issue of timing. The LIGO detector India is getting from US is aleady built, and is sitting in storage. So it must be vintage from at least a few years ago. India LIGO is expected to be operational after 2025.

So is the US going to freeze its design at the current level until 2025 and for many years afterwards so that all three LIGO can be be operated together for several years as a network? It means that the US must not change the LIGO design for the next twenty years, say.

I have read that they are already thinking of upgrades long before 2025:

The current LIGO facilities will run until at least 2020, when the team will argue for major improvements. A cryogenic detector is under consideration. “To be ready for the long term future,” Sigg said, “you have to start thinking now.”.

In that case India will be left holding the bag – with a single-station faulty instrument that is not supported by any other stations.


Of course all this is academic because the LIGO instrument is faulty from the get go – both in concept and in engineering. Why the Indian Ligonauts cannot understand this is now the key issue.

The roots of the problem seem to be that some scientists in India have been promoted in the Indian media as world-class experts (“doyen” is a word that was used) on gravitation theory and instrumentation that they were not. Basically Indian Ligonauts were doing outsourced number-crunching. But these “experts” then convinced the government to go along with them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was then presented with the well-crafted narrative to rise before the world as a thoroughly modern, visionary leader of man – a champion of futuristic science exploration. And things snowballed from there.

So yes, the Indian LIGO train is barreling downslope towards a precipice. The Indian scientific community has done nothing to stop it when it could be stopped. And now it is too late.

The LIGO community had staked its reputation on getting the 2016 Nobel Prize for physics, the missed nomination deadline notwithstanding. That did not happen. Now they are saying this was because of the missed nomination deadline. Now they are staking their reputation on the 2017 Prize. This time the nominations are being made properly and there will not be any procedural excuses. What will the world conclude if LIGO does not get the 2017 Prize? What will the Indian citizenry conclude about the Rs. 1000 crore installation?


October 21, 2016

Ulianov et al have just published a paper that suggests that both the LIGO discoveries could be just fluctuations of the 60 cycle frequency in the US power grid. Here is the paper.

Lord have mercy!

Was LIGO’s Gravitational Wave Detection a False Alarm?
Policarpo Yōshin Ulianov, Xiaochun Mei, Ping Yu


This article presents a new type of whitening filter (allowing the “passing” of some noise sources) applied to process the data recorded in LIGO’s GW150914 and GW151226 events. This new analysis shows that in the GW150914 event, the signals from the collision of two black holes are very similar to the 32.5 Hz noise sources observed in both of LIGO’s detectors. It also points out that these 32.5 Hz noise sources are powered by a 30 Hz sub harmonic, coming from the 60 Hz power system. In the GW1226 event, the same analysis points out that the NR template is very similar to the 120 Hz noise source. Therefore, the signals recorded in these events were probably generated by some small changes with the 60 Hz frequency in the US power grid. This can be caused, for example, by a power variation in the DC link, which can appear in both detectors in the same 10 ms time window. As this kind of power grid occurrence did not change the voltage levels, it may have gone unnoticed by LIGO’s electrical power supply’s monitoring system.


October 20, 2016

Folks, Kip Thorne has just received a big Belgian prize (Prix Georges Lemaître). And yes, the 2017 Nobel Prize for physics is already baked into LIGO. Thorne says he is the “face” of LIGO and will accept the 2017 Nobel Prize as the “icon” of LIGO.

Add these monikers to his earlier declaration that he is a “historical figure”, and the Nobel Prize would seem a shoo-in, a slam-dunk, a sure bet. It is practically in the bag.

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