LIGO: Towards zero

September 23, 2016

After a hiatus I am taking stock of ongoing events. The first thing I note is the prediction by Thomson-Reuters that the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics will go to LIGO. It is all over the news. This prediction already makes Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss ‘Citation Laureates’. Whether they will also become Nobel Laureates and walk right into the pages of history we will know in the first week of October.

I will just remind readers that some half a dozen fully credentialed scientists have voiced reasoned reservations about the LIGO discoveries. I have mentioned some of these in my LIGO SCAM BOOK.

The representations include two that were addressed and sent directly to the Physics Nobel Committee for 2016. The first one was that by Professor Wolfgang Engelhardt. The second one, by Professor Demetris Christopoulos, is here:

Letter to the Nobel Committee on LIGO claims for gravitational waves detections GW150914 and GW151226


Scientific ethics in project LIGO is strongly violated by using the so called blind injection software and hardware procedures. As a result of the excess use of blind injections it is necessary an international independent scientific Committee to be established in order to check in depth the whole LIGO/VIRGO project and PRL as its official publisher journal in order to find what exactly happened on September 14 and December 26, 2015. By analyzing more than 50K log files from Livingston (L1) and Hanford (H1) laboratories we found that injections have a maximum density close to 2015-09-14 (‘time zero’), lost lock of interferometer (IFO) is also distributed in time by a similar way, several unknown reasons for lockloss have been reported while IFO is found to present extreme instability at time zero and earthquakes seem to be active that date while one of them managed to bypass the lockloss system. Commissioners had the privilege to perform injections without any prior notification to the ‘scientists on board’. After performing proper Inflection Point Analysis of times, it seems that close to Sep 14, 2015 almost all possible causes of external and internal noise are present and serious malfunctions appear. Credibility of L1 and H1 laboratories is highly questionable and they cannot be treated as observatories by no means, unless if they stop performing hardware injections. Since no progress has been done towards that task, Nobel Committee is kindly requested to protect its reputation and do not award a most probably detection of a self coherently hardware injected signal.

LIGO: More on the Caltech-MIT scamming axis

August 24, 2016

MIT Policy: Academic and Research Misconduct and Dishonesty

Caltech Policy: Caltech Policy on Research Misconduct

So much for policies in the books. Here is what actually happens:

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LIGO: The German questions

August 22, 2016

German LIGO dissident Professor Wolfgang Engelhardt had put three questions to a German Ligonaut. The questions were not answered. The same questions were then asked again under the German Freedom of Information act. The questions were not answered. The matter is now being taken to the German administrative court.

It appears that not much notice was taken of these events. The scientific media which promotes the LIGO fraud of course will not report this. But the world needs to understand that those are damn serious questions that effectively laid bare the blatant fraud against the taxpayers of multiple nations. For this reason, I am restating those questions in simple language:

(1). That doggone LIGO instrument was not even calibrated when the alleged discovery was made. Who are you scammin’ man?

(2). A bogus experiment from way back when was dusted and palmed off as the purported calibration. It did not even apply to the LIGO discovery. What kind of recycling con are you runnin’ dude?

(3). Are youse guys fixin’ to calibrate the instrument at least after-the-fact? Or are you hopin’ to clean get away with this daylight bank robbery?

NOW you can see why cat got their tongue!


August 18, 2016

Earlier I have told you how the National Science Foundation is prioritizing for funding Big Bang and String Theory:

The Astrophysics and Cosmology Theory program supports proposals that primarily are involved with theoretical particle astrophysics and big-bang cosmology as well as more speculative string theory-inspired cosmologies.

Now the Decadal Survey leaders are plugging LIGO and highlighting this area for funding priority:

The committee also praised the US-based LIGO experiment for its ground-breaking detection of gravitational waves, ripples in space-time shaken off when massive objects accelerate, earlier this year.

“It’s a technical coup, but it’s not only that,” Hewitt says. “It’s a new tool to study the universe. There’s a whole relativistic universe out there that we haven’t studied yet.”

So the scientific future of this nation will be shaped by the philosophy of the Big Bang fraud, the LIGO scam and the String Theory weirdorama.

And as this manmade decline of the great nation proceeds, no one – but no one – makes any objections. This is how it was in the declining days of Rome.

But folks, the prospect is not all gloomy. I just stumbled upon something that the LIGO dissidents will appreciate. Check this out.


Kein Nobelpreis 2016 für Entdeckung von Gravitationswellen

Trotz seiner sensationellen Bedeutung kann der direkte Nachweis von Gravitationswellen in diesem Jahr noch nicht mit dem Physik-Nobelpreis ausgezeichnet werden.

DPA | 13.02.2016

Dazu hätten die US-Forscher ihre Erkenntnisse über die im vergangenen Herbst gemachte Entdeckung schon eher publizieren müssen, erklärt ein Sprecher der schwedischen Jury. Am 31. Januar endete die Nominierungsfrist. Ohnehin werden Entdeckungen aber oft erst Jahre oder Jahrzehnte nach dem wissenschaftlichen Durchbruch gewürdigt. So wollen die Juroren Fehlgriffe vermeiden. …



No Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravitational waves in 2016

Despite the sensational discovery of gravitational waves, there will be no Nobel Prize this year. According to a spokesperson of the “Swedish Jury”, the discovery had to be published before the deadline of 31 January (2016) to be considered for 2016. Generally an award is made years or decades after a discovery. This is to ensure that the Jury does not make a mistake.

Should physics Ph.D. require mandatory course in Ethics?

August 16, 2016

I understand that Ethichs is taught today as a part of the curriculum in medical and business schools. Likewise, should a Ph. D. degree in physics (and in fact in all science and technology fields) require mandatory coursework in Ethics?

Medical practitioners take the Hippocratic Oath which goes back to an ancient Latin phrase:

Primum non nocere (First of all, do no harm)

Should all physics practitioners from here on likewise take the Ligonautic Oath

Primum non scammare (First of all, do no scam)

Considering the rampant, epidemic and endemic scamming within the physics establishment that has been going on for nearly half a century (with the young generations following suit), I think that this may not be such a bad idea. Just look at the thousand scamming Ligonauts with zero remorse and no accepting of responsibility! They certainly deserve the oath to be named after them.

In business schools, Ethics is taught by way of studying the great scams (Bernie Maddoff, Ken Lay etc.) Likewise, use the following textbooks to design an Ethics course for Physics:

LIGO India: The strategic planning meeting

August 14, 2016

This week LIGO India will hold its first scientific strategy meeting since the project was approved in principle last February, in the aftermath of the LIGO discovery. The stated purpose of the meeting:

This is the first LIGO-India specific meeting since it received its in-principle approval from the Government of India earlier this year. The primary purpose of this meeting is to discuss the various activities that Indian experimenters will need to undertake in order to build and commission LIGO-India.

Now, as I have shown, scientifically and technically speaking LIGO is a piece of unsalvageable garbage. It needs to be sold for scrap metal, and the land reclaimed. (But not before Christo has a go at LIGO by wrapping the tubes in bright-colored fabric.)

But the Ligonauts are operating their own weirdorama science. So let us examine this Indian strategy meeting on the false assumption that LIGO is a valid scientific concept to be adopted/adapted in India.

Here is the meeting agenda.

I was astounded to see this. The same usual suspects, the same avoidance of central issues, the same keeping out key Indian experts from outside the LIGO club!

Let me highlight two area that needed to be absolutely forefront for discussion in this meeting, with tremendous emphasis.

(1). Where are the Indian seismology experts from outside the LIGO coterie? India has a fine scientific base in seismology as it applies to the Indian setting. A 15-minute talk on seismic noise studies is all that is included to cover this overarching subject.

(2). Where are the experts on geomagnetic activity? India has experts in this field as it applies to the Indian setting. The LIGO site they are contemplating in Maharashtra has high lightning activity, for example. But then there are ionospheric and solar activities.

If LIGO were a functioning equipment, every LIGO observatory would need to have co-located, ad hoc and custom-designed seismic and geomagnetic observatories as integral part of LIGO. This topic should have been front and center in planning LIGO India as the new Indian component not present in US LIGO, given that the LIGO instrument itself just needed to be copied from the US.

LIGO needed to be at least a three-legged chair, with gravitational, seismic and geomagnetic observatories each forming a leg.

But there is clearly no emphasis on these major, India-specific issues. Instead we have the same old same old. The same tired topics and the same hackneyed talks. These people do not know the first thing about strategic scientific planning.

It appears to me that there is a clear strategy to avoid crucial new issues lest they retroactively place the original discoveries in question. Those discoveries need to be maintained even if it means constructing a deficient Indian LIGO.

The Indian Ligonauts are self-described scientific pioneers, but in truth they are without a scientific clue. They have done some computer modeling and signal processing and suddenly fancy that they have become experts on all things LIGO. So much so that they keep out relevant and available expertise from their own countrymen. Why are they afraid of fresh eyes?

In no way, shape or form does the Indian LIGO team cover the crucial areas of expertise needed for LIGO. So why do not the Indian government technocrats require that appropriate Indian expertise be brought in from outside this coterie? Is the tacit assumption here that sahib science is assured science?

But all this is just shadow-boxing on my part. LIGO is a piece of crap and India should scrap the whole thing outright.

As a footnote, the employer of a prominent German Ligonaut who got too big for his breeches is being taken to court:

Prof. Karsten Danzmann did not answer 3 questions concerning the LIGO experiment which were posed to him in the context of the “Informationsfreiheitsgesetz”. He let elapse the appropriate period for reply without answering before August 8, 2016.

Consequently, Mrs. Jocelyne Lopez and Dipl.-Ing. Ekkehard Friebe have mandated lawyer David Sanker, resident in Cologne ( ), to start a law suit in First Instance at the proper administration court because of refusal to communicate the required informations.

The LIGO scam will unravel for sure, and India will be left holding the bag. What should be found most disturbing is that the Indian Ligonauts cannot understand the LIGO scam even when it has been explained fully.

LIGO: In the Parliament of India

August 11, 2016

There were earlier reports in the media that the LIGO India budget is Rs. 1,200 crores. The following information emerged from recent Q&A activity in the Indian Parliament. Contrary to the we’re-all-systems-go impression projected in the media by Indian LIGO leaders, it appears that no moneys have actually been released. So there is still time to stop this rampant foolishness. The Government of India could ask NSF on record if there are any scientific/technical issues why India should not proceed with LIGO at this time.


Detection of Gravitational Waves

… The international LIGO Science collaboration consisting of about 1000 scientists from universities and research institutes from about 15 countries, including India, announced the first detection on February 05, 2016 and second one on June 15, 2016.

… There are 37 authors from 9 Indian Institutions in the scientific publication presenting the first discovery of Gravitational waves published in the Physical Review letters by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration. There were 39 authors from the same 9 Indian institutions in the publication for the detection of the second black hole merger event.

…Specific contributions by Indian researchers include the development of a signal processing method called Matched Filtering a key analysis technique needed for this detection, (pioneered at IUCAA) the estimation of black hole binary parameters, in improving the estimation accuracy of black hole spins, efficient methods for handling instrumental artefacts, … India is also committed to the mega science LIGO-India project, to build and operate an advanced gravitational wave observatory on Indian soil.

This information was provided by the Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.


Funds for LIGO-India Project

… Under the Mega Science Projects, an amount of Rupees105 crore has been made in XII Plan outlay by Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)-Department of Science & Technology (DST) towards LIGO-India. Out of which, the share of contribution of DST will be Rupees 55 crore including 50% of seed-funding amount of Rupees 9.70 crore and DAEs share would be Rupees 50 crore. No financial sanction has been issued so far for the project.

This information was provided by the Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.

LIGO: The months ahead

August 9, 2016


Traditionally in August the Kavli Laureates of the year meet with the President of the United States in the Oval Office for a photo-op. So President Obama’s legacy will include a photograph with two of the cleverest science scammers in history: Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss.

India will announce the long-overdue site selection for LIGO India and the formation of the Indian LIGO Management Team. Heavy earth-moving equipment will roll in and start sculpting the gigantic “scarlet letter” L on the landscape.

This heady trip the Indian Ligonauts are on will needlessly cost the Indian taxpayers thousands of crores of rupees, with no end in sight. Unfortunately for them, the Indian physics establishment – whose duty and responsibility it was to stop this scourge – stands by idly and sucks their thumbs.


The Kavli Prize award ceremony. Norway will get all festive and festooned to fete the said scammers. Photo-op with Norwegian Royalty.

Shaw Prize ceremony for the said scammers will take place in Hong Kong.


The scientific establishment, the American media and the said scammers expect the announcement of the award of the Nobel Prize for physics to the said scammers ( “a sure bet”, … “a shoo-in”,…).

President Obama will meet again with the said scammers for a second photo-op, this time in their role as Nobel Laureates.


Breakthrough Prize Ceremonies. Yuri Milner will rent a couple of Hollywood celebrities to help fete the said scammers. As in the past, the media will photograph the celebrities and report on their low-cut dresses. The media and the celebrities will totally ignore the awardees. Then the awardees will stand awkwardly in a row, each holding a silly wire contraption and wearing an embarrassed smile. Then they will dine on sturgeon caviar.


Nobel Prize award ceremony. Photo-ops for the said scammers with the Swedish Royalty.


ANALYSIS: Prospects for LIGO Nobel Prize

August 6, 2016

Science Magazine is just out with a major thrust on prepping the world to expect LIGO’s Rainer Weiss to receive the Nobel Prize:

The discovery makes Weiss, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, a sure bet to win a Nobel Prize, his peers say.

And Weiss is waiting for it:

Weiss, 83, acknowledges the prospect with some apprehension. “It will fuck me up for a year,” he predicts as he nimbly steers his silver Volkswagen Beetle ragtop through Cambridge traffic. “That’s what it did to John Mather.”

The report also includes an anticipatory character certification on Weiss (he would not scam):

Weiss is also known for speaking his mind. “He is absolutely 100% committed to honesty both in his physics and in life,” says Peter Saulson, a LIGO physicist at Syracuse University in New York, who worked with Weiss at MIT in the 1980s. Dirk Muehlner, a retired physicist in Alamo, California, and one of Weiss’s early graduate students, shares that sentiment. “He’s totally honest. There’s no bullshitting for Rai. There’s no performance.”

And there is also the fact that Weiss narrowly escaped getting the Nobel Prize once (so this time they must make it right):

In 2006, Americans John Mather and George Smoot shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for, respectively, measuring the spectrum and detecting the fluctuations. Some physicists say Weiss should have shared that award. “It was a near miss,” Syracuse’s Saulson says.

But seriously, the above assessment is realistic.

Consider this: The Nobel Committee looks at only the nominations, recommendations, evaluations etc that it receives through its own prescribed channels. These are limited strictly to the scientific establishment. The Committee will not look at Internet dissidence, for example. So everything the Committee will have in front of it will be very strongly positive, and from very powerful physicists – very many of them. There will not be a trace of doubt anywhere that the Committee will be aware of. And there will be a very strong sense of urgency. One prospective awardee is reportedly in critical health.

And consider this also: In 2012 and again in 2016, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (which also awards the Nobel Prize) gave out their Crafoord Prize for black holes. Those citations make it clear that the Academy is most favorably disposed towards black hole discoveries.

So it is difficult to see why the LIGO Nobel Prize will not go through.

Rainer Weiss is a serial science scammer: First his CMB balloon experiment scam, then the COBE satellite scam, and now the LIGO scam. He is a scourge upon our scientific civilization.

And yet he will be enshrined in the highest pantheon of science. And why not? He will have people of his ilk there. He will fit right in.

Lord have mercy!

ASTRONOMY: A return on investment

August 2, 2016


Portfolio name: Safeguard Astronomy
Portfolio market value: US$707.90
Invested in: Bibhas De


Portfolio name: Safeguard Astronomy
Portfolio market value*: US$3 bn
Invested in: Bibhas De

*= Monetary value of the damages mitigated