LIGO: Listen to the jungle drums

October 24, 2016

Referring only to physics at this time, the jungle drums represent an incipient parallel scientific civilization. As the scientific civilization is rotting because of the excesses of the intellectuals, the jungle drums they salvage what good remains, for the posterity.

To listen to the jungle drums you must tune your ears way past the clamor of the scientific establishment and the cacophony of the media.

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INDIA LIGO: Accelerating downslope

October 22, 2016

As LIGO goes up in smoke, Indian Ligonauts buy land for LIGO.

Folks, LIGO INDIA has now moved from the planning stage to the execution stage. Steps are now being taken that would be difficult to reverse. Basically it is now, like, Forward, the Light Brigade!

Here is a recent report that they have started to acquire land:

According to government sources, the Atomic Energy Department has sought for 173.25 hectare land which involves government, private and forest lands. Of this, the Cabinet has sanctioned 40.68 hectares today.

This is most surprising. I will explain. But for this discussion I will completely discount anything the LIGO critics have said. I will follow the official LIGO science.


First, note that in order for India LIGO to be a part of the three-station network, the India instrument has to be exactly identical to the two US instruments. Nothing can be different.

At the time of planning LIGO, the inventor Rainer Weiss very clearly spelled out that the LIGO innards needed to be protected (shielded) from geomagnetic disturbances. Weiss in fact faulted fellow gravitational wave researcher Joseph Weber for ignoring the need for shielding.

But no such shielding was provided for the two US LIGO stations when they were built. The wall of the metal tube is not thick enough to provide electromagnetic shielding of the copious metal structures inside LIGO. There was a lack of communication between scientists and engineers. But they did not want to publicly embarrass themselves by drawing attention to this botch up. So they remained mum and the US LIGO remained faulty.

So India LIGO can either build another faulty LIGO and be identical to US LIGO, or try to rectify the shielding situation and not be identical to US LIGO.

The second option is of course not workable.

They have chosen to do the former. Is that the right joint decision by the scientific community and the government of a nation?

Any good decision analysis would tell you that the correct conclusion should have been to not proceed.


Now comes the issue of timing. The LIGO detector India is getting from US is aleady built, and is sitting in storage. So it must be vintage from at least a few years ago. India LIGO is expected to be operational after 2025.

So is the US going to freeze its design at the current level until 2025 and for many years afterwards so that all three LIGO can be be operated together for several years as a network? It means that the US must not change the LIGO design for the next twenty years, say.

I have read that they are already thinking of upgrades long before 2025:

The current LIGO facilities will run until at least 2020, when the team will argue for major improvements. A cryogenic detector is under consideration. “To be ready for the long term future,” Sigg said, “you have to start thinking now.”.

In that case India will be left holding the bag – with a single-station faulty instrument that is not supported by any other stations.


Of course all this is academic because the LIGO instrument is faulty from the get go – both in concept and in engineering. Why the Indian Ligonauts cannot understand this is now the key issue.

The roots of the problem seem to be that some scientists in India have been promoted in the Indian media as world-class experts (“doyen” is a word that was used) on gravitation theory and instrumentation that they were not. Basically Indian Ligonauts were doing outsourced number-crunching. But these “experts” then convinced the government to go along with them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was then presented with the well-crafted narrative to rise before the world as a thoroughly modern, visionary leader of man – a champion of futuristic science exploration. And things snowballed from there.

So yes, the Indian LIGO train is barreling downslope towards a precipice. The Indian scientific community has done nothing to stop it when it could be stopped. And now it is too late.

The LIGO community had staked its reputation on getting the 2016 Nobel Prize for physics, the missed nomination deadline notwithstanding. That did not happen. Now they are saying this was because of the missed nomination deadline. Now they are staking their reputation on the 2017 Prize. This time the nominations are being made properly and there will not be any procedural excuses. What will the world conclude if LIGO does not get the 2017 Prize? What will the Indian citizenry conclude about the Rs. 1000 crore installation?


October 21, 2016

Ulianov et al have just published a paper that suggests that both the LIGO discoveries could be just fluctuations of the 60 cycle frequency in the US power grid. Here is the paper.

Lord have mercy!

Was LIGO’s Gravitational Wave Detection a False Alarm?
Policarpo Yōshin Ulianov, Xiaochun Mei, Ping Yu


This article presents a new type of whitening filter (allowing the “passing” of some noise sources) applied to process the data recorded in LIGO’s GW150914 and GW151226 events. This new analysis shows that in the GW150914 event, the signals from the collision of two black holes are very similar to the 32.5 Hz noise sources observed in both of LIGO’s detectors. It also points out that these 32.5 Hz noise sources are powered by a 30 Hz sub harmonic, coming from the 60 Hz power system. In the GW1226 event, the same analysis points out that the NR template is very similar to the 120 Hz noise source. Therefore, the signals recorded in these events were probably generated by some small changes with the 60 Hz frequency in the US power grid. This can be caused, for example, by a power variation in the DC link, which can appear in both detectors in the same 10 ms time window. As this kind of power grid occurrence did not change the voltage levels, it may have gone unnoticed by LIGO’s electrical power supply’s monitoring system.


October 20, 2016

Folks, Kip Thorne has just received a big Belgian prize (Prix Georges Lemaître). And yes, the 2017 Nobel Prize for physics is already baked into LIGO. Thorne says he is the “face” of LIGO and will accept the 2017 Nobel Prize as the “icon” of LIGO.

Add these monikers to his earlier declaration that he is a “historical figure”, and the Nobel Prize would seem a shoo-in, a slam-dunk, a sure bet. It is practically in the bag.

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October 18, 2016

Does the world like do-gooding? Does the world want good done to it? Does the world like do-gooders?

Starting 2007 I have exposed a series of gigantic scam/fraud discoveries in the history of American science. My work stands documented as published books in plain evidence. And yet, there is not a single public acknowledgement anywhere that there is anything the matter with any of these discoveries.

Instead, the discoveries thrive and garner more and more public funds – and even get prioritized for funding.

This is possible only because there is no pressure of any kind on the scientists and the funding agencies to do right. There is a tacit operating assumption on their part that no one will hold them accountable.

And this has turned out to be the correct assumption so far.

To not be held accountable is one thing. To continue aggressively to build on scam science is another. This is what they are doing. And in this they are being aided and abetted by the scientific establishment, the government, the legislature, the media, and the big-money tycoon prizes.

The scientific establishment, I repeat. Why has there not emerged a single voice of righteousness from among them? There is more honor among the Mafia.

There are today a number of physicists/astrophysicists/cosmologists who have been given the Templeton Prize because of a special spiritual dimension to them. Now, exactly what part of spirituality allows one to look away from scam and fraud by their colleagues? Or are they just fake babas?

So the question is this: Does the world want my kind of do-gooding?

Or is it happy with beautiful scientists with beautiful minds and beautiful words dancing in public, displaying their wares and inspiring children to join the new utopia? Does this show get even more pleasurable when prominent Hollywood divas are rented to enhance it?

Is the world in fact uncomfortable when someone makes “trouble”, shouting that these are scammers and fraudsters? Does the world want the troublemaker in the audience to be removed by security guards, so that they can sit back and continue to enjoy the fine show?

Regardless of the answer, I will continue with my work because it satisfies me. Like many scientists from middle class background, I was raised by the society throughout my student career – through scholarships etc. Surely the society had then hoped that they were raising a beneficial future member. So I do what I can.

At least that way no one will stop me at the Hinduism’s equivalent of the Pearly Gates.

LIGO: Sample nomination letter for Nobel Prize

October 11, 2016

Folks, the Nobel-for-LIGO campaign has started up all over again. They have started to build up a head of steam again. Witness:

“Everybody was shocked about that — but I’m not disappointed,” said (Laura) Greene, the president-elect of the American Physical Society. “I’m sure they’ll get the Nobel Prize at some point.”

“Natürlich gibt es dafür einen Nobelpreis, da geht gar kein Weg dran vorbei, aber eben noch nicht in diesem Jahr”, sagte Karsten Danzmann, Direktor des Max-Planck-Instituts für Gravitationsphysik, am Dienstag nach der Bekanntgabe der diesjährigen Preisträger.

So I thought I would help the campaign by drafting a sample nomination letter that makes the strongest possible case for the Prize. The central strategy is to create pressure on the Nobel Committee from as many directions as one can. This recommendation comes from an imaginary Professor Everard Vitton, a Rope Theorist.

Professor Sven Svensson
Chairman, 2017 Nobel Committee for Physics

Dear Professor Svensson:

Thank you for inviting me to nominate candidates for the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics. Since self-nomination is not permitted, I would like to nominate instead Kip Thorne, Rainer Weiss and Barry Barish for their discovery of black holes Merger & Acquisition with the LIGO instrument. This M&A creates the greatest IPO in the history of science. The stock will skyrocket.

As most authoritatively adjudged by science reporters and blog hosts, this discovery is a shoo-in for the Nobel Prize – a slam-dunk, a sure bet. Also, the sequential award to LIGO of the Breakthrough Prize, the Gruber Prize, the Shaw Prize and the Kavli Prize creates a strong collegial compulsion on the Nobel Committee to make this award and complete the sequence. After all, the tycoon prizes must stick together. Otherwise these other prizes will be left holding the bag. As it is, because of the Nobel non-award to LIGO this year, when Thorne and Weiss meet with President Obama in the Oval Office or hobnob with rented Hollywood divas in an airport hangar, there will be a dark cloud hanging over the ceremony.

Recently the world got the impression that whoever competently analyzed LIGO found it flawed to the extreme. Whoever gave kneejerk approval found it absolutely perfect. Do not be misled by this false impression. The former group constitutes riffraff while the latter group is made of establishment stalwarts.

The LIGO proponents, especially the establishment theorists and the science reporters, should be your most trusted counsel. As you know, I have been likened to Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, a fine experiment-oriented type. As such I can testify to things experimental even if I cannot tell which end of LIGO is up. And of course our top-flight academic experimentalists have fully endorsed LIGO even though they do not know which end of LIGO is down.

Kip Thorne, as he said himself, is a man of history. Rainer Weiss, when he said the Nobel Prize would —- up his life, actually meant that he would love to have the Prize. And please forgive Barry Barish’s showing that off-color graphic. It is nothing compared to what a US Presidential candidate has done.

In sum, Thorne, Weiss and Barish will eminently enhance that glorious roster hallowed by names like Penzias & Wilson, Smoot & Mather, and Perlmutter, Schmidt & Riess.

Sincerely yours,
Everard Vitton
Whatchamacallit Distinguished Chair of Mathematical Physics

ADDED 10/18/2016:

Folks, please to take a look at this old graphic of mine. Will there be more red ink here?

LIGO will never receive a Nobel Prize, period.

October 10, 2016

Based on one simple, single, solitary assumption:

The Nobel Prize will not shoot itself in the foot again,

an assumption I think is reasonable, here is my prediction in perpetuity:

LIGO discoveries will never receive a Nobel Prize.

This also means that

The Kavli Prize, the Gruber Prize, the Shaw Prize and the Breakthrough Prize are left holding the bag.

Rx: LIGO antidote for humankind

October 8, 2016

The LIGO scam is the worst offense in history against humankind by a group of intellectuals. It can and must be recognized as such.

What is far worse is that not a single voice of dissent arose from within the establishment – NOT A ONE! Whoever spoke promoted LIGO. I am speaking of academics pretending to be big time arbiters of science – deserving your trust and your respect. Next time you see one of their number tawkin’ purdee in the media, … well, I myself feel like puking, breaking my vomit-free streak.

The establishment’s hairy lapdogs in the media waged a tremendous worldwide promotional campaign, leading up to the uncouthly aggressive demand that a premature Nobel Prize must be awarded to the scammers. They saw this proposition as such a certainty that there started an infighting on whether a fourth candidate was being unfairly left out by a unwise Nobel Committee!

Some chest-thumping baboons in the physics establishment blogosphere were also going at it. A Southerner might colorfully say that they don’t know their axx from a hole in the ground.

And as if all this was not bizarre enough, there appeared a whole book extolling the LIGO geniuses – warts and all. The book became an instant hit, with ravest of rave reviews from individuals who might also be described in Southernspeak.

The only good science pertaining to LIGO is to be found outside the establishment. Here I have prepared a representative partial list for anyone willing to get started. These scientists have no axe to grind and nothing to gain. While the hombres malos have been paid a billion dollars to scam, nobody is paying the hombres buenos anything. They are trying to do right by that society which once trained them up to be beneficial scientists.

LIGO: Absurdity of Big Physics

Open Letter to the Nobel Committee for Physics 2016

Letter to the Nobel Committee on LIGO claims for gravitational waves detections GW150914 and GW151226

Am I the only one that is doubtful of LIGO’s detection of gravitational wave GW150914?

A Question raised on ResearchGate: Is LIGO guilty of Scientific Fraud?

LIGO Experiments Cannot Detect Gravitational Waves by Using Laser Michelson Interferometers

Unchallenged privilege: The billion-dollar trilateral gravitational-wave discovery scam

LIGO: Apocalypse here and now

October 7, 2016

A ‘culture’ of collective scamming of the world and the attendant defrauding of the citizenry in American physicsdom started in mid-1960s with the Penzias-Wilson black body discovery scam. At the same time, an establishment-media alliance began to grow to foster this activity. This movement took a life of its own, generation after generation carrying it forward. It has grown apace, sequentially giving us the grandest of scams in the history of the scientific civilzation:

The Penzias-Wilson Black Body Discovery Scam,

The COBE Black Body Fraud,

The WMAP Black Body Fraud cover up,

The Planck Black Body Fraud cover up (NATO-like European support for US),

The BICEP2 Big Bang Fraud,

The Planck-BICEP2 Big Bang Fraud cover up (NATO-like European support for US).

All these are described in my book The Falsifiers of the Universe.

With the LIGO Fraud the movement has achieved an explosive climax. We now have the apocalypse of the scientific civilization unfolding right before our very eyes, right now. The LIGO fraud is described in my book Unchallenged Privilege.

You have all witnessed this obscene campaign for the Nobel Prize by this establishment-media complex.

There was a clear published statement from Stockholm that LIGO was not technically qualified as a candiadate this year. Even so, the campaign was absolutely adamant: It must be this year. It has to be this year. It had better be this year. You better make it this year. Or else!

Nanny nanny nanny … ninner ninner ninner …

There was a clear statement from Stockholm that it will be years before LIGO will be considered for the Prize. And yet the obscene campaign for the 2017 Prize is already underway.

You have seen the obscenity of this establishment in piling upon this fraud discovery the Kavli Prize, the Shaw Prize, the Gruber Prize, the Breakthrough Prize, ….

No doubt you will soon see the national disgrace of the President of the United States being made to felicitating the scammers Kip Thorne and Raine Weiss (as Kavli Laureates) in the Oval Office.

You have seen the newest of colonial-crusading tactic: Indian Gunga Dins inducted into this grand perversion of the scientific civilization.

If you have any doubts about the delirious megalomania (befitting James Bond supervillain Number One seeking to dominate the world) of the leaders of this movement, just take a look at what a couple of them said just recently, when asked about the impending 2016 Nobel Prize award to them:

“I’m a historical figure.” – Kip Thorne

“It (the Nobel Prize) will fuck me up for a year.” – Rainer Weiss

Do not underestimate the apocalyptic nature of LIGO. Their leaders today love the smell of napalm (black-hole explosion) in the morning. They want nothing less than to scorch our scientific landscape, and then build their pleasure domes on it. Kubla Khan’s got nothing on them.

But there is a little hope for you yet. The handful of European dissidents are your only hope. Pray for your own sake that they keep up their work and not give up in despair. God bless these saviors of the civilization.

We are standing at a crossroads of the civilization.

If the dissidents prevail, the scientific civilization will be reclaimed here and now. We will chase the hombres malos to the sea. We will make a new beginning.

If the dissidents are subdued by the hombres malos, you the world are toast!

INDIA LIGO: The Ship of Fools is under sail

October 6, 2016

Indian LIGO has made great strides. It has finalized the site selection process, and the Government of the State of Maharashtra has given them the plot of land they selected. Construction is expected to begin within a year. LIGO India is expected to be ready ~ 2025.

Committees and panels have been set up to run Indian LIGO. The scientific work has been divvied up among various institutions.

Fred Sahib (Frederick J. Raab of US LIGO) has visited India and traveled all over the place to spread good cheer. He was there during the trailing end of Indian summer.

The detector in storage in the US will be shipped to India when the latter is ready to receive it and when all licenses have been obtained.

Indian Ligonauts are so fired up that they say they are founding a new ethic among Indian scientists. I don’t know what was wrong with the old ethic. I don’t know what Indian scientists at large think about being thus shepherded en masse to Scamville by a new breed of whippersnappers in their midst.

In sum, Indian LIGO has moved from the planning stage to the execution stage. It is a now a stark presence on the Indian landscape. This process has been systematically and forcefully advanced in the face of strong scientific criticism of LIGO discoveries recorded in public, from multiple independent scientists with no axe to grind and nothing to gain. Indian Government officials have issued strong statements of suport of Indian LIGO as the criticisms grew.

I was interested to see that the scientific helmsman of Indian LIGO actually cut his scientific teeth on the American Big Bang cosmology fraud. Is it any wonder that he is spearheading in India the next American fraud? At the very least, if he worked all these years on a fraud science without realizing it was a fraud, if he did not acknowledge this fraud when it stood fully exposed and documented, if he still continued to work on that fraud, why should he be trusted to aver that LIGO is not a fraud?

While all this has happened, the Indian physics community has not lifted a finger to stop this whatever-it-is that is being conducted in their name.

Lord have mercy.