March 26, 2015

What has this nation come to? Why is the scientific establishment treating this as spectator sport?

I’ve been a telescope builder all my life. Since I was about eight years old, I’ve wanted to know, “how did we get here?” When I was a kid, nobody really knew. So I became a telescope builder. And now, quite a few years later, I am a Nobel Prize winner.

Read on about how John Mather the greatest science fraud in history and his quack gadget called COBE satellite are still being used to justify the  scam science of Big Bang.

Mather testified under oath in behalf of the entire scientific establishment of this nation. How is this even possible?!

Over a period of four decades John Mather reported four blackbodies in the sky. Every single report was false.

It is time to fire NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.


March 13, 2015

As far as I understood, the Keck Array was all sewn up and was going great guns – with the botched BICEP2 instrument as its receiver. In fact, the following very recent statement of 2 March 2015 also suggests this:

We added a second band to the Keck Array last year at 95 GHz and a third band this year at 220 GHz. We just installed the new BICEP3 instrument at 95 GHz at the South Pole (see Fig. 3). BICEP3 is single telescope that will soon be as powerful as all five Keck Array telescopes put together. At 95 GHz, Keck and BICEP3 should surpass BICEP2’s 150 GHz sensitivity by the end of this year, and the two will be a very powerful combination indeed. If we switch the Keck Array entirely over to 220 GHz starting next year, we can get a third band to a similar depth.

But on 10 March 2015 we have the following statement:

In a few weeks' time, the team would begin the job of upgrading the Keck Array with new receivers – essentially "new eyes" – to allow it to continue scanning the skies for gravitational waves in tandem with its new BICEP3 neighbour.

May be I am missing something or misreading something here. If not, they are hastily building unplanned new optics and simply walking away from the BICEP2 wreck, without admitting fault.

Notice how cleverly they are deep-sixing BICEP2.

Also, the above information comes right after Pierre Meystre (Physical Review Letters) published the second bogus BICEP2 paper. So if indeed they are discarding the botched BICEP2 instrument, poor Pierre is left holding the bag!

And so much for that “novel” BICEP2 idea that small aperture telescopes are as powerful as giant telescopes! BICEP3 now has much larger aperture than BICEP2!

It is of course a good thing if they are correcting the erros of their ways. But fault must first be admitted.

Otherwise you can reasonably conclude that a culture of scamming is condoned at places like Harvard, Stanford and CalTech.



March 11, 2015

Bibhas De, book on big bang cosmology, big bang cosmology fraud, the falsifiers of the universe

Bibhas De, book on big bang cosmology, big bang cosmology fraud, the falsifiers of the universe

You’ve read the rest;

Now read the best.

PHYS. REV. LETTERS: Scam retraction of sham discovery

March 2, 2015

There you have it, folks!

Physical Review Letters had published the bogus B-mode polarization paper in June 2014. Now they are publishing a retraction that fully maintains the B-modes and stengthens them.

So you can construct a quack gadget and get two PRL publications out of it!

Also, James Bock has come out swinging. He avers that his instrumentation is fine!

Remember a couple of posts ago I showed how the B-mode maps were completely different for BICEP2 and Keck because of botched instrumentation?

All Bock has done is deep-sixed the bottom half of this diagram! He is showing you the top half and telling you everything is shipshape.

Remember that the bottom half is their own data they have proudly put out, after thorough review by the BICEP2 and the Planck Collaborations. No doubt there will now be a cover story that somebody accidentally pushed a wrong button and a wrong map got inadvertently published.

This deep-sixing seems to be a dominant character trait with these Big Bang guys. CMB spectrum not a blackbody?! Let’s deep-six it. B-mode maps reveal instrumental botch-up?! Let’s deep-six ‘em.

Hey, let’s get Mikey … er .. Pierre to publish it. He will publish anything!


BBB: Big Bang Bogosity

February 21, 2015

Big Bang Cosmology

Big Bang Cosmology

Beware of geeks bearing predictions…

February 20, 2015

(Chapter draft)

Beware of geeks bearing predictions

Sometime in 2008 the World had a rude awakening. We learned about how abstract Wall Street investment instruments like Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps threatened the economy. Some of these were actually designed by physicists and mathematicians who saw a new fertile field in the financial arena to apply their skills. The renowned investor Warren Buffett wrote to his shareholders:

Constructed by a nerdy-sounding priesthood using esoteric terms such as beta, gamma, sigma and the like, these models tend to look impressive. Too often, though, investors forget to examine the assumptions behind the symbols. Our advice: Beware of geeks bearing formulas.

Our discussion thus far has been about experimenters. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the Big Bang theorists are blameless. But they are very much a party to the grand deception. So let us talk about the priesthood in cosmology.

Now, if I were a theoretician and had made some theoretical studies to predict that the star Alpha Centauri is made of antimatter, I would have a good gut feeling about how well-formed this prediction is. Is this an idea that can be handed over right away to the experimenters? Is this an idea ready for the investment of tens of millions of dollars of public funds? My conclusion would be that this is a very long shot, not worth spending great funds on. I would not want to be responsible for such a commitment. If some hotshots from big name universities came to me and said they wanted to make experimental verification of my prediction and that they would have no problem getting funds, I would gently dissuade them. That is what a theoretician’s responsibility is: To know in his physics gut what he has produced and not to oversell it and not to sit passively as funds are solicited by others for this purpose.

The Big Bang theoreticians likewise make theories and predictions. But when men like Alan Guth and Andrei Linde encourage – actively or passively – the lavishing of public money to verify their predictions, they are being irresponsible. For they have to know full well that their fanciful omphaloskepsis does not merit this expenditure. Either that, or they have no physics in their gut at all.

To make the above point more concrete, let me cite what Andrei Linde – in a recent unguarded confessional moment – said about his idea that the BICEP2 team was trying to verify:

I always live with this feeling: What if I believe in this just because it is beautiful?

And yet he condones the spending of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on his private fantasy.

Suppose in the example about Alpha Centauri, some people went ahead anyway and collected satellite evidence that I am right. Would I exalt over it? No. I would have grave doubts even though it is my own theory that has reportedly been verified.

But the inflation theorists gloried (in the noble way they glory) when they heard about the BICEP2 confirmation of their ideas. Again, Andrei Linde’s comment here is revealing:

If this is true, this is a moment of understanding of nature of such a magnitude that it just overwhelms,…

We have here scientists that have been prematurely put on such lofty pedestals that they could not develop a sense of an intellectual’s responsibility vis-à-vis the society down below.

BICEP2 BOTCH-UP: Clear as daylight!

February 15, 2015

Folks, logical clarity is our friend.

BICEP2 and Keck Array are two separate telescope units at the South Pole. They use exactly the same imaging technique.

(a). If the two telescopes report exactly the same image of exactly the same part of the sky, the image may be an artifact of measurement or truly “on the sky.” We cannot tell without more information.

(b). If the two images are different, they are unambiguously instrumental artifacts. We do not need any more information.

Now compare the skymaps:

Historically, Big Bang cosmologists have talked their way out of a hundred jams. Don’t let them bs their way out of this one!

BICEP2: Digging further

February 6, 2015

You will recall that one of the fatal problems with BICEP2 I identified was that its imaging plane antenna elements were far closer together than the ultimate resolution of electromagnetic wave ( ~ one-third the wavelength – a basic physics limitation.) How did this situation come about?

There is now this paper which explains how the spacing was calculated.Here is the relevant portion:

This paper explains that the antenna spacing was determined inside a wafer of quartz above the antenna slots, with a dielectric constant of 11.8. The thickness of the wafer appears to be about one free space wavelength. The slots are much smaller than one wavelength.

By using the grating lobe criterion they find that the minimum spacing at 180 GHz should be 0.46 mm.

But this calculation is wrong. The dielectric constant that needed to be used in the above calculation is that of air (=1.0). Then the spacing would 1.6 mm – which would have avoided the spacing fatality issue I raised.


February 3, 2015

There is out a new paper on BICEP2 instrumentation. It also pertains to Keck and SPIDER instrumentation. While I do not need any more information to know that this instrument is a total botch up, others may be swayed by this most impressive-looking paper.

So I took a look see. To get into the good stuff, you have to know where exactly to look. I will give you four major issues, each fatal in itself. Now it is all there in evidentiary black and white.

They have laid out their reasoned final position. I am giving you my reasoned final position.


BICEP2 antennas are a series of slots cut into a metal plane. Below the metal plane is a thin layer of dielectric. On the bottom side of this dieletric substrate is the microstrip circuitry.

I had explained that placing microstrip circuitry to close to the antenna slot alters the performance of the antenna. They say that the metal plane shields the microstrip circuitry from the electromagnetic radiation incident on it (from above.) They are saying there are no electromagnetic fields below the metal plane.

This is how antenna engineer wannabes think. I have seen this before. The very way the slot antennas work is by the induction of electromagnetic fields in the slot and above and below it. If there were no fields below the plane, the antennas would not be working!

So they have not understood the very first thing about the very first level of their imaging science.


Now that they have let it all hang out, it seems that their axial ratio is around ~ 20 -25 dB. This is not anywhere near the kind of axial ratio needed in astronomical polarimetry (probably >> 40 dB), and certainly not good enough to detect those beautiful B-mode swirls with a sensitivity of 1 in 30 million.


I had explained that the BICEP2 antennas have been placed far closer than permitted by electromagnetic theory and antenna theory. Closest spacing between the nearest antennas has to be greater than one-third wavelength. Now they say that their spacing was dictated by grating lobe considerations for their phased array.

These considerations refer to the maximum spacing corresponding to a maximum angle through which you wish to steer your beam from the forward direction. It is common sense that you should not want to steer the beam so much as to make the maximum distance equal to one-third the wavelength.

Yet their spacing is less than this. But wait a moment! It is even worse.

The phased array concept underlying the above issue is also wrong. Phased array theory they refer to pertains to a plane wave (equal phase front) incident on the array at some angle. This is not at all the case for BICEP2.


These people think that the nearest distance we are concerned with is the distance between two adjacent parallel antennas. This is a misconception. In their case it is the distance between the nearest antenna pair – even though these two antennas are orthogonal. And this distance here is much smaller than one-third wavelength.

The bottom line is that the principle of BICEP2 imaging required each antenna to be independent of its neighboring antennas. This is not the case. In fact, there is a continuous linkage (through crosstalk) running all across the imaging plane. Like interlocked wood flooring.

Planck Collaboration has aggressively endorsed BICEP2 technology in spite of all these, and more. They have even granted that BICEP2 technology is superior to Planck’s. They have confirmed that BICEP2 detected B-mode polarization on the sky. Physical Review Letters is going to publish this. This falsehood is going to be enshrined for posterity.

When a group of powerful scientists engage in blatant quackery and another group of powerful scientists back them up and the rest of the scientific establishment gives silent support, who do you go to?

It is most outrageous what is happening right in front of our eyes in the name of science. Esoteric scientific ideas are being installed by brute force, by collective establishment power. This is no longer an issue of collective ineptness. It is collective science fraud and collective taxpayer fraud. I can say it because it is true, and it is defensible in any forum other than a thoroughly corrupt scientific establishment.

CHECK THIS OUT, Monsieur Jean-Jacques Dordain!

February 2, 2015




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