According to the Big Bang Cosmology, the universe started from a point source which explosively expanded. It had in it radiation and matter. As it expanded, the intense radiative heat gradually “cooled”, and should today be measurable as a perfect 2.7 K (degrees Kelvin) blackbody radiation. Furthermore, the matter would have coalesced to form glalaxies, stars etc, and so the distribution of the matter and the radiation would be detectable as an anisotropy in the radiative field.

Big Bang Cosmology is today promoted as a fully established fact, especially after the award of the 2006 Physics Nobel Prize. This prize was awarded for a satellite experiment that clinched the above two main tests of the Big Bang Theory: (1). The Cosmic Background Radiation (CMB), and (2). Anisotropy of this radiation.

NASA’s COsmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite had both these experiments on board. The first experiment was led by NASA’s John Mather, and the second experiment was led by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory’s George Smoot. Both experiments were a phenomenal success, and enshrined the Big Bang Cosmology as the ground truth, once and for all.

This is the “story line” this far.

What I have shown is that the experiment of John Mather was completely fraudulent. There were, however, less refined experiments earlier that claimed to measure the 2.7 K blackbody. I have not examined those experiments, because I do not need to. If those experimenters condoned John Mather’s fraud, then they were not qualified to do those experients in the first place. They did not know what they were doing. So, as far as the 2.7 K cosmic blackbody is concerned, you can discard this like a piece of fresh salmon steak you forgot to put in the refrigerator three days ago.

Without the 2.7 K blackbody, the anisotropy by itself does not do anything to support the Big Bang Theory. It could mean any number of things. It does not matter how many satellites have observed this anisotropy and how refined these measurements are getting.

To summarize, John Mather’s discovery is fraudulent, and George Smoot’s discovery is of no significance at all.

Therefore, Big Bang Cosmology should be considered kaput.


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