The European Space Agency (ESA) is the European counterpart of NASA. The two agencies are collegial and collaborative rather than adverserial and competitive.

The European space scientists are very able. I think that by now they have agreed with my position. However, what can they do? Certainly they do not want to be the ones to first embarrass NASA and the US. So they are keeping silent. It is for NASA and the US to own up to the fraud.

Coincidentally, ESA has in operation right now their own, Europe-built satellite program (the Planck Satellite) directed at the very same scientific issue. That experiment is expected to yield results in a few years.

It may be that the Big Bang community hopes that the super sophisticated Planck Satellite will independently establish the existence of the 2.7 K cosmic blackbody, thus saving the Big Bang Cosmology – and after-the-fact – rendering the COBE Satellite fraud inconsequential.

They could then quietly bury this fraud and move ahead in full glory again.  All they have to do meanwhile is to stonewall the the fraud for a few years, and go to the confessional once a week.


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