A reader would justifiably think that, if the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics was given for a fraudulent discovery, the Nobel people in Sweden would be the first to tell the World about this. Conversely, the reader might think, if the Nobel people have not said anything, the discovery is shipshape.

This issue is easily clarified by doing a little Internet search. From time to time, there have been calls for revoking a Nobel Prize. When the Nobel people have responded, they have said – without agreeing or disagreeing with the call for revocation – that the Prize, once awarded, cannot be revoked for any reason at all. There are no exceptions.

What has happened in this case, I think, is that some players have pulled a fast one on the Swedes, and then left them holding the bag. There is nothing they can do.

But of one thing I feel certain. They will not forget this.


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