In early December, 2008 the University of Maryland put out a Press Release that John Mather would be their Winter Commencement speaker.

One of my degree certificates has the (printed) signature of a US President. Sometimes I have wondered how I would feel if this were Nixon. I did a little Internet search and found that a person was expressing dismay that his certificate was signed by Ken Lay. He added: “I’ve had bad luck ever since.”

I sent an email to the President of the University of Maryland, giving him the link to my allegation site, and suggesting that he ask NASA and his own Physics Department about this site.

They went on with the plan.

On or before 14 January 2009, John Mather put up his Commencement Speech (20 December 2008) on his own NASA web page.

I noticed it only today. It is most curious that Mather has picked the subject of cheating in science for his advice to young people. Here is an excerpt:

… we are going to be found out if we try to cheat…If I publish something that is wrong, my friends are going to find out. If I find out it’s wrong before they do, I’ll publish a correction…. For a scientist, there is only one easy path, the path of scrupulous honesty. Honesty is relaxing. There is nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

This can be interpreted to mean that he denies having committed either science fraud or even made a mistake with regard to his COBE Satellite-based discovery.

If that is so, then this is the very first response from the scientific establishment on the two-year old allegation of science fraud. Note that this response is documented in an official Government web page.

It seems also that Mather is offering the silence of his “friends” (the scientific establishment) as evidence that his discovery is shipshape.

So, is he saying that the US Government and the Worldwide scientific establishment stand with him? And if he is saying that, is this actually the case?

Be that as it may, the allegation of science fraud stands.


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