Thinking of that predawn telephone call from Stockholm this October, are ya? Well, good for you! Today is January 22. I have read that the nomination closes on February 1. So, in just a few days, you will be “in”. And then it is waiting and anticipating. Maybe one of your colleagues who secretly recommended you will drop a very subtle hint that you are “up for it.” Around that little cocoon, you can spin your dreams. Enjoy the waiting in anticipation. You deserve it.

But, sorry to say, there is little fly in the ointment for you – through no fault of yours. Your fellow scientists – the American physics establishment – may have queered the deal for you already. The Nobel Committee may be very skeptical of an American discovery at this time, and may be slow to act. And once your candidacy has been put off, it might as well be mothballed. There is no telling what the competition will be next year.

My guess is that this is definitely an issue.


Let us say that a certain country x has developed a notoriety for using steroids prior to the Olympics. Then all the participants from that country come under suspicion. The innocents as well. This we know to be true. But the Olympics competition is palyed out in the open. The Nobel Prize is not.

What has the physics establishment done? They have hoodwinked the Nobel Committee into giving a prize for a fraudulent discovery of the most gigantic proportion (meaning, the discovery is gigantic and the fraud is gigantic.) The Swedes are now left holding the bag. They can do nothing about this, because the Prize is irrevocable. The physics establishment is stonewalling this, making the situation far worse for you.

Now, don’t get on your academic high horse and say: What does this Internet weirdo know?! My discovery is all documented in peer-reviewed journals, and verified and re-verified. It has withstood the test of time. And I am already a famous scientist worldwide. I have powerful backers. I have collected so many accolades… I have more fruit salad on my chest than Gen. Petraeus … etc et alis.

All of the above was true in the case of the fraudulent discovery. Every time-honored safeguard the scientific community has developed over the ages, was breached. This is unprecedented in the history of science.  Now you can see that the Swedes may be very skeptical of any nominations from America, no matter how well packaged. After the shoe-bomber, everyone’s shoe was suspect. After the American science fraud, every American’s discovery will be suspect.

Do I have any inside information about the Nobel Prizes? No more than the butcher and the baker and candlestick maker. So what is my qualification in making this analysis? The very highest: I was the one who singlehandedly exposed the fraud, in the face of total silence from every quarter where the scientific, ethical, moral or official responsibility lay to deal with this.

The rest of this post I address not to the nominees, but to the nominators and other interested parties.

If you want to

know more about this without going into the physics, read this web page. From here you can work back and read more. Also, read my previous posts here.

If you want to –

do something about this to safeguard the chances of your nominee, add your voice to my letter to the President Obama Council of Science Advisors. Send a joint email to the Council Members saying that you want to know if there is anything behind this allegation (You will find their email addresses in the image of the email I sent them.) Time is of the essence. The US must come clean with a sincere apology from a high place to the whole World, before the Nobel Committee begins its deliberations.

The physics establishment and their backers in the Government feel secure in the knowledge that the Media is suppressing this fraud, and so the public will not know. Fine!  What you have to understand is that the Nobel Committee, for one,  does not takes its cue from the American media.

Also, don’t make the damn fool assumption that the Swedes are so gullible that they didn’t mind having their implicit trust betrayed. You cannot say in public “Sven, you are such a dummkopf! We have shaved you without lather.” and then expect that he will invite the next lot of you to dine with his King and Queen.

If you think –

this is a weird blog post, do nothing. Good luck to your nominee in October!

Some final thoughts:

It is overall a bad thing for a nation to do anything to reduce the chances of her scientists getting the Nobel Prize. The Prize is a distant shining beacon many a young, would-be scientist fixes his eyes on. Take away or make dim  this beacon, and these young folks will be discombobulated. Then they will pick themselves up and say: It is much better and easier and quicker to do an MBA. At least we will be in the money. Perhaps much more money than a Nobel Prize will bring!

What does that change in vision do to the soul of the nation?

This matter, as I see it, can end in one of three outcomes:

A. Neither America nor the Nobel Prize organization does anything: The Nobel Prize and American science will be forever tarnished.

B. America does nothing. The Nobel Prizes become noticeably rare for American scientists: The Nobel Prize will emerge unharmed. American science will be tarnished even more. American scientists will find their stature diminished in the World stage.

C. The US comes clean on the fraud and apologizes to the World and to the Nobel organization: Both the US and the Nobel Prize will emerge unharmed.


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