Let us not neglect to talk about John Mather’s co-discoverer and co-Nobelist George Smoot. Mather’s discovery being fraudulent, Smoot’s discovery is moot. Actually, it is at this time bogus discovery. Smoot’s scientific community is not so dumb as to not realize this. But is there any indication that Smoot’s star has been setting over the past two years that these matters have become public. None whatsoever.

About a year ago, Smoot established the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (BCCP) at the University of California, Berkeley. More recently, he became the director of a Cosmolgy program in Ewha (eee-hua) Woman’s University, South Korea.

In the summer of 2008, Smoot was a big star at the Lindau Nobel meetings in Germany. There he described himself as CSI: Cosmic Scene Investigator (get it?). And get a load of this: He orated loftily to young kids from around the World, but seems to have scrupulously avoided any reference to the Cosmic Blackbody. This is like going to conference on DNA and scrupulously avoiding saying ‘double helix.’ Mather was not present in Lindau. About the same time this high profile conference was taking place, Mather was attending a small meeting of something called the Onassis Foundation in Crete.

Shortly after this, there was a very high profile international Cosmology Conference in Paris. George Smoot was invited. John Mather was not listed as a participant.

About the same time Smoot became a director of the Chabot Space Center, Oakland, CA, a kind of a space exploratorium whose exhibits teach the kids that Big Bang is a scientifically established fact.

Very recently Smoot presided over a Comology meet in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Mather was not listed as a participant.

Smoot’s erstwhile boss at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Nobelist Steven Chu whose responsibility it was to deal with the vanishing of Smoot’s discovery, did nothing. He saw Smoot prosper and gain more and more public visibility. Chu recently became US Energy Secretary.

My analysis: There seems to be underway a subtle effort to separate the two discoveries, and salvage the Smoot part.


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