It seems that the US physics establishment is determined not only to stonewall the science fraud. They have become so bold in their ability to get away with fraud and enshrine bogus discoveries that they are now flaunting their power. Just today, an extension of John Mather’s bogus discovery – this one also based on the COBE Satellite measurements – has been anointed anew.

Charles Bennett of the Johns Hopkins University has been given the $20,000 Comstock Prize for Physics by the US National Academy of Sciences. Here is the citation:

Bennett, who is being honored for his mapping of the cosmic microwave background and determining the universe’s age, mass-energy content, geometry, expansion rate and re-ionization epoch with unprecedented precision, will receive the prize at a ceremony set for April 26 during the 146th annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C.

There is no scientific basis whatsoever for saying that someone has measured the age of the universe with any precision. To say otherwise is to simply lie. There is no issue of scientific dispute here.

Repeating and anointing of a lie by a group of powerful intellectuals do not make it true. Nothing ever makes a lie true.

You have to understand that when the National Academy of Sciences makes an award, a great many influential members of the scientific community stand behind it. Remeber that this same Academy anointed John Mather and thus helped him on his way to the fraudulent Nobel Prize.

The bottom line: The physics establishment has not so far addressed the COBE Satellite fraud. They have now put it behind them, and are beginning to flaunt the accomplishments of this satellite with renewed vigor.

They have simply picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and are on their glorious way to dazzle you again with their grand lies.



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