The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a time-honored, long-traditioned institution of American scientists. It is a veritable temple of wisdom, and is viewed as such worldwide. Only very select few are admitted to its membership. One can criticize it for being elitist, but it is what it is.

This institution represents a wide variety of scientific disciplines. So it should be of concern to many that physicists are using this platform to execute their diabolic agenda of enshrining science fraud. Witness:


John C. Mather (NASA) is admitted to membership, easing his path to the 2006 Nobel Prize. The main paper on whose strength this election was made contained in it – right there in balck-and-white – the evidence that the discovery was fraudulent. Unless the physics establishment en masse offers the collective stupidity defense, they had to know what they were doing: Using the NAS to anoint a fraud. But this is not the one time they would do this.


George Smoot (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory), Mather’s co-discoverer and co-Nobel Laureate, was elected a member. Smoot’s discovery had evaporated because of the science fraud, which I reported in April 2007. The physics establishment may cleverly try to separate the two discoveries and claim that Smoot’s discovery stands, but this would simply be more of the science fraud. However, this is not the last time they would do this.


Charles Bennett (Johns Hopkins University), Mather-and-Smoot’s co-discoverer in the COBE Satellite experiment, was awarded the prestigious $20,000 Comstock Prize for Physics by the NAS. The same comments apply here as in the case of Smoot above.

In effect, even as the fraud stood greatly exposed and even as there were subtle indications that NASA might be concerned about the COBE Satellite project, the physics establishment managed – with slow and deliberate purpose – to anoint virtually everything aboard that satellite. By using a combination of NAS membership and NAS prizegiving forms of anointing, they anointed the whole of the COBE Satellite.

The question now is this: Will the NAS leadership pretend “I see nothing, nothing, nothing…” or will they deal with it publicly?

My prediction: They will emulate Sgt. Schultz.


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