Clever scientists with thoughts of immortality and fame and power and glory realize that they need the public on their side. The cleverer of them realize that the public can be manipualted to their advantage. And the cleverst realize that to do this, you have to the give public a lollypop: A simple phrase that they can suck on.

A phrase that resulted from this type of deliberative process is: Age of the Universe.

The Universe is the candy, and Age is the handle-stick.

The media adds the flavor and the color to this.

And how the public suck!

By virtue of seeming solid scientific basis, and its saturation coverage by the media, the expression “Age of the Universe” has become as accepted today as the category Jurassic Age, Stone Age etc. Few people outside of the physics establishment can know that this should be considered more akin to the category The Day Aphrodite Rose from the Ocean, When the Empire Struck Back etc.

So let me clarify in simple language, step by step, what this term means:

1. The Age of the Universe, as being bandied around today, is a concept very specific to a theory called the Big Bang Cosmology. It is not a general concept of science. No sciences other than bogus physics are involved.

2. This Age is the time since the Big Bang took place. The Big Bang is a fictional explosion that started from a single point, and expanded to make the vast Universe.

3. They will tell you that this Age has been determined with great accuracy from modern space science experiements, using the most advanced satellite technology. They are speaking here of NASA’s COBE Satellite.

4. They will tell you that they have measured with phenomenal precision (a) a cosmic blackbody radiation spectrum, and (b) a certain degree of anisotropy of radiation as you look in various directions from a satellite. From these two, they have determined that the Age of the Universe is 13.73 billion years, give or take a hundred million years.

5. The truth is that the data they point to in (a) were developed through elaborate science fraud. That being the case, the significance of the anisotropy in (b) is completely open to scientific debate. Nothing here is clinched. The media that is bandying around the Age of the Universe is the same media that covered up this fraud.

There is nothing particularly surprising about the anisotropy. To say that the anisotropy alone means that the Universe started with a Big Bang exactly so many billion years ago belongs to a class of logic exemplified by the Bengali proverb: If it is rainy and sunny at the same time, it means that jackals are getting married.

6. They may tell you: So what? Even if we throw out the COBE data, we still have previous experiments that have given us similar (if much cruder) data. You have then to remember that the COBE experiments were designed to confirm these previous experiments. In other words, the previous data needed confirmation to be accepted. That is exactly how they justified the funding for the COBE Satellite. So, if confirmation has failed, then …

7. Therefore, there is no evidence at all for the Big Bang, and therefore it is meaningless to speak of an Age of the Universe.

Now of course, the general reader cannot withstand the barrage of scientific mumbo-jumbo that will be thrown at him by these scientists through the intermediary of the media. So you have a choice: Believe the scientific establishment backed by the media and the Government. That is to say: Suck away!

Or believe me.


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