Earlier I had reported that John Mather’s NASA web pages were not being updated. That situation has changed. And it seems to have changed abruply and very recently. The sites are back in business in a big way. And his Speaking Schedule is also hotting up. His upcoming engagements include a lecture at the National Academy of Sciences. That says to me that he is back in the good graces of the physics establishment, if he had been out of it at all.

It seems as though something has changed, and he is flying high again.

The only thing that has changed that I can think of is that NASA Administrator Michael Griffin is no longer at NASA. A new Administrator has either come or will come soon. The time coincidence between Griffin’s departure (around January 20, 2009) and Mather’s new rise is uncanny. Griffin is the one who moved Mather from the NASA-HQ post of Chief Scientist to his old post at Goddard. Griffin left NASA because the new White House Administration did not ask him stay. Could it be that Mather’s new rise is a political power play, and has nothing to do with the scientific issue having been evaluated?

Another possibility is that some evaluation has been completed, and has cleared Mather. A very recent blurb about an upcoming talk of his introduces some new (to me, anyway) language into the mix:

…COBE showed that microwave radiation that fills the universe has an exquisite perfection…

Anyway, all this is just conjecture.

It seems though that Mather has been able to get away with perpetrating the Great American Science Fraud. The fraud is being allowed to stand as great science, and is being promoted with new vigor. The World is celebrating Mather again (see how many engagements he has in India!). He is once again spouting the bogus Big Bang Cosmology as God’s own truth.

What does this tell you about the American physics establishment?

It is also not looking good for the National Academy of Sciences. They have been systematically promoting the bogus COBE Satellite discoveries – one after another, and are now extending their umbrella to bring Mather in from the rain.

Be that as it may, my allegation stands. It is a crystal clear allegation of a failure of the satellite experiment that is in plain and incontrovertible evidence. It is a failure because Mather’s own rigorous scientific specification was at great variance with his own observation. Neither man, nor God nor even Satan himself can talk his way out of this. My scientific campaign will continue with renewed vigor.

As I have said always, I will publish prominently any signed statement disagreeing with that allegation.


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