I use this blog site as a handy way to chronicle the greatest fraud in human history, as it is happening. This is a kind of notebook. Later, I will collect these posts into a book.

A few days ago, I was hiding in the woods and watching the grand mansion where the physicists live. At dead of night, I saw a few of them come out and look this way and that. When they saw the coast was clear, they brought out a wooden box, about 6′ long, 3′ wide and 2′ high, carried it to the distant fields, and simply left it there.

A little later I saw several guests who had come to visit the physicists and help them with whatever they were doing in there, leave in their slick black limousines. As they were saying goodbyes, they were laughing heartily. It was clear that they had tied a few ones on.


NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, a Bush appointee, had to leave his job upon the change of guards in the White House. He gave his farewell address on 16 January 2009. But of course he had been a lame duck for a while. The timing of his departure strangely coincided with the timing of John Mather bursting back into the public scene in a big way, and after a long purgatory seemingly imposed on him by Griffin.

It started on or about 14 January 2009 with Mather posting on his long-silent web site a copy of his Commencement Address at the University of Maryland (given on 20 December 2008.) The gist of the Address: Mather did not commit science fraud.

After that, things snowballed. His scientific community rallied round, and propelled him right back on his way to the stratosphere. Mather’s long-silent web site JOHN MATHER::SPEAKING SCHEDULE came back humming to life. Look at some of the parties lined up to assist him in his resurrection:

The US National Academy of Sciences will host a lecture by him.

The Indiana University has invited him to give the endowed Konopinski Lecture.

There are three lectures scheduled in India. These will be broadcast to India using NASA’s video-conferencing facilities.

The Arizona State University has invited him to attend a star-studded shindig called Origins conference. It sounds like a sexy intellectual groovefest. Both Mather and George Smoot are invited. Don’t miss the symbolism: Since Mather’s part of discovery was a fraud, the complementary part of George Smoot became meaningless. Now, by displaying these two characters together in public, they are making the discovery whole again.

Howard University has invited him.

Something called Marian Koshland Science Museum has invited him.

Such is the resurrection campaign of John Cromwell Mather.


The National Academy of Sciences represents the entire American scientific establishment. They are lending their support to the resurrection of a physics fraud.

The Science Advisory Council of President Obama, which is informed on the matter, does not seem to have taken any role.


When the night progressed and I was sure the physicists were sleeping contentedly, I stealthily approached the box. It was a coffin made of cheap Home Depot fence lumber. The lid was not nailed down very well, and so just using my Swiss Army knife, I was able to pry it open. Inside lay, still in her fullest beauty and grace, Truth. Her white dress was all bloodied. I checked for signs of life. There was none. There were several knife wounds all over her body. Some had wide entry wounds, some narrow. Clearly, many people had stuck their knives into her. I remembered Julius Caesar.

Strangely, though, the face of Truth was perfectly, perfectly serene.

I quickly drove back home and fetched a spade and a shovel. I also picked up a large flagstone from my garden, and a piece of chalk I had in my garage. I dug a whole and put the coffin in and covered it with soil. I set up the flagstone on top. On it I wrote some words I had heard somewhere:

Truth is great and shall prevail.

Requiscat in pacem.

Then I stood there, hat in hand, and said a prayer for mankind.


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