The following groups are, in my view, aware of the allegation of science fraud. Most also have their own inhouse ability to assess the allegation. Anyone can contact NASA and ask about the allegation. Still and all, they have consciously chosen to solidly and publicly affirm John Mather by honoring him. John Mather displays these invitations in his Government web page JOHN MATHER::SPEAKING SCHEDULE, which creates the public perception that he is still flying high, and there is nothing to the allegation. Therefore, in my view, these organizations – for reasons of their own – are deliberately and purposefully applauding the science fraud. Through the loudhailers of their Press Releases, they seem to be doing it with a vengeance.

Arizona State University – Invited to Origins Symposium
Center for Inquiry – World Congress 2009 Spreaker
Howard University – Invited to present Nobel Laureate Colloquium
Indiana University – Invited to give Konopinski Memorial Lecture
Indian Institute of Technology – Invited Lecture (NASA Videolink)
National Academy of Sciences – Invited Lecture
National Institute of Technology (India) – Invited Lecture (NASA Videolink)
National Society of Black Physicists -Invited to give Annual Meeting Address
National Society of Hispanic Physicists – As above
Newcastle University (UK) – Awarded $10,000 Robinson Prize
Old Dominion University – Invited to give Nobel Laureate Public Lectures
Onassis Foundation (Greece) – Invited Lecture
Pennsylvania State University – Invited to give the Chemerda Lecture
Phillipine-American Academy of Science and Engineering – Invited to give Annual Meeting Address
University of Maryland – Invited to give 2008 Commencement Address

The two India engagements above are not the only invitations Mather got from that country. India, for some reason, seems to be hellbent on honoring Mather after the allegation was made.

An Internet search suggests that for quite some time, John Mather has not received any invitations from the first tier US and European universities.

The following groups are aware of the allegation:

Office of Science and Technology Policy (White House)
President Obama’s Council of Science Advisors

The following groups have been honored by John Mather:

John Mather Nobel Scholars (2008)

I will update this post as needed.

DIARY ENTRY 9 February 2009: On this day the Presidents of Arizona State University and Indiana University were apprised of the allegation through their official email contact. On 16 February 2009, the assistant to the President of Howard University was apprised.


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