As far as I can find out on the Internet, as of today, a new NASA Administrator has not been named. I do not know the reasons for this.

But here is what I would suggest to the good people around the President who look after his welfare: Have NASA deal with the science fraud and clear the air. Then, and only then, appoint the new Administrator. Then he/she as well as the President will remain unsullied by the fraud.

If this is not done and the President has to apologize for the fraud, this will become an iconic image of historical proportion. It will not be a pretty picture. It will be a dark legacy, through no fault of the President. This President does not deserve this.

Also, the new Administrator will have to start on a very dark note. He/she does not deserve this.

DIARY NOTE: An abbreviated version of the above text was communicated to the White House by web mail the same time this post was made.

ADDED 2/12/09:

Incidentally, I found the following recent commentary in the media:

If NASA were to fail—it has often faltered, but it has not yet failed—it would be an American failure far worse than the current economic crisis or the other problems that inevitably bedevil the President and the leaders on Capitol Hill. It would be the strongest possible signal that America is no longer interested in either world leadership or in fulfilling its own destiny. Emotionally at first, and then politically and economically, the US would be reduced to the status of a big version of Belgium.

I agree with the above assessment of NASA’s place. Only, NASA has failed, this time.



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