As I have said from the beginning, the media has been remarkably non-inquisitive about John Mather science fraud – the greatest fraud in human history. They are the ones who sung him to high heaven. Now they are watching and hoping that the matter will go away and they will not have to say a huge “Mea culpa,” so soon after saying that other huge “Mea culpa.”

TIME Magazine is iconic of the media, so let us look at them. They anointed John Mather as one of the World’s 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE in 2007. They gave him big billing, with a photo of Mather flashing a beatific smile, against a completely dark background. The only other object in the picture looks like a bathroom showerhead, directly above Mather’s head. I could not figure out what that’s about. Anyway, the above appellation from TIME Magazine has now became a second identity of Mather, right after the one given him by Stephen Hawking.

TIME Magazine has had two years to rectify this error. All it would have taken is for one of their “investigative reporters” to call NASA and ask: “Anything to the allegation of this Internet weirdo?” And the whole thing would have unraveled from there. The spectacular demotion of Mather by NASA also did not spur them into making inquiries. Nor even Mather giving a commencement address on the subject of science fraud. Talk of newshound! This dog ain’t gonna hunt!

The blurb about Mather in that tribute was written by astronaut Jim Lovell. Here’s the telling portion about John Mather’s stewardship of American space science:

Astronauts know that having the right person commanding any mission is essential to its success. The same is true for scientists who never leave Earth.

So, John Mather is in the pilot’s seat, TIME Magazine editors are in their swanky offices, and all’s right with the World!



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