You can also read this title to say: European scientists will expose the fraud by American scientists. Or, ESA (European Space Agency) will expose the fraud by NASA.

The next big test of the Big Bang Cosmology is expected to come from the European Planck Satellite, scheduled for launch April 16. The plans have been in the works for many years, since long before I exposed the COBE fraud. Earlier, I have seen the mission of the Planck Satellite described as one that greatly refines the observations of the COBE Satellite. In other words, the Europeans accepted the COBE verification of Big Bang Cosmology as given, and were hoping to contribute something further to strengthen this scientific result. However, they have now become cautious about this, and are even allowing for a post-Planck, “completely revised” idea of the Universe! Well, good for them. They are not too proud to learn from me. They will save themselves great embarrassment. The European-built satellite, if it is truly what it is claimed to be, will give the lie to the COBE Satellite experiment and the Big Bang Cosmology. In this way, the Planck Satellite will be a most valuable contribution. The scientific leaders of the Planck Satellite Project will be given a Physics Nobel Prize to symbolically cancel out the COBE Nobel Prize. Read here the February 4, 2009 item that prompted these comments:

“The theory of inflation, with its claim to be able to trace the fundamental characteristics of today’s cosmos back to this bizarre expansion epoch, is a seemingly unbelievable idea and it is absolutely essential that it be tested experimentally,” says Torsten Enßlin, cosmologist and manager of the German Planck group located at the Max Planck Institute in Garching.

“It may never be possible to measure this epoch and so prove the theory of inflation directly. However, the temperature fluctuations in the microwave background conceal messages from this time that can be decoded through statistical analysis of the measurements of Planck. The Planck collaboration hopes to obtain first results by studying the polarization of this radiation. They could thereby open a new window to the very early Universe. “Current ideas about the first split seconds in the life of the Universe could be verified, confirmed or completely revised using such precise polarization measurements”, says the Garching-based scientist.”

It may be that NASA is hoping that Planck will “verify” the COBE results and will thus let them off the hook, somehow. All they have to do is to stonewall the fraud for a few years. This amounts to compounding an already very serious act, and bringing further shame upon a fine nation.

As I have said before, with any sense about space radiation environment in your gut, you should find it ludicrous to believe that there is a 2.725 +/- 0.001 Kelvin, pristine, textbook-perfect radiation spectrum out there that a satellite can extract out. It is an idea conceived by inadequate minds, and “verified” by a fraudulent experiment. The whole business of the Cosmic Blackbody should never have come up in the first place.



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