In 1978 Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson of the Bell Laboratories received the Nobel Prize for Physics for their measurement, in the early 1960s, of the cosmic microwave radiation. However, this ground-based measurement by itself was not considered very significant. That there would be some radiation in cosmos at some wavelength or other is not at all surprising.

It was the fact that this observation confirmed the Big Bang Theory that elevated its significance to the Nobel-worthy level. The Nobel Prize was awarded only after this new significance emerged and developed – purportedly to the point of certainty. Read from the citation by the Nobel Prize givers:

“These two researchers made no suggestions about the origin of this mysterious radiation. When their discovery became known, however, it was found that speculations had already been made about the existence of a weak, microwave background radiation…

“When Penzias and Wilson discovered cosmic microwave background radiation, it was reasonable to suspect that it was fossil radiation from the ‘big bang’. Support for this interpretation came from a number of investigations of the shape of the spectrum, which soon showed that it was indeed that which would be expected for a body with a temperature of 3 degrees…

“Thus, the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation by Penzias and Wilson has marked an important stage in the science of cosmogony…”

In simple terms, the citation says that the radiation observed by Penzias and Wilson was a part of what would later emerge as the Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum. Today it has become clear that the observational evidence for this spectrum is fraudulent, and hence Big Bang Cosmology is completely bogus. The above Prize – because of the very reasons given by the prize-givers – was premature in retrospect. There is no discovery here. But of course Penzias and Wilson are not at fault.

Remember the Bre-X Gold Mine scandal? The penny stock went up to something like $300 a share on reports of a big find. It was a fraud through and through. Something like that has gone on with Big Bang Cosmology, the Blackbody Spectrum being the ‘big find’.

This episode reveals how cunningly the Big Bang Cosmologists have been operating, and for how long.

Now, one might ask: Even if we discount John Mather’s COBE Satellite Blackbody Spectrum, how does that undo Big Bang Cosmology entirely? Let me ‘splain.

There was developed some little experimental evidence of the Cosmic Blackbody before the COBE Satellite, and after the Penzias & Wislon observation. However, this evidence was only sketchy and tentative. It was argued that to be acceptable, this evidence needed to be confirmed by sending a satellite to the outer space. This is how the COBE Satellite funding was justified by the proponents of Big Bang Cosmolgy. This satellite was to confirm the Big Bang Theory. So the discounting of the Mather Blackbody means discounting everything. The business about anisotropy (the George Smoot discovery) was only a secondary confirmation. With the primary evidence gone, the anisotropy by itself is of no relevance as far as confirming Big Bang Cosmology is concerned. Read more about this here.

My advice to all: Do not submit to further cunning machinations. Let the Big Bang Cosmologists look for another line of work. There is a type of occupation in Nigeria that might suit them very well.

Be done with this dark, diabolic chapter of science.

More… (see my later post.)


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