I have just come across an organization called Center for Inquiry, whose “World Congress 2009” (like wow!) will showcase John Mather. The title of his talk is not listed. From his introduction, it seems that he is speaking in his official capacity of a NASA scientist. The list of speakers here contains such intellectual stalwarts as James Randi, “an internationally known magician and escape artist.”

John Mather will be hobnobbing with these intellectuals in this world stage. I never cease to be amazed at how these people close ranks and try to drown out the just allegations against one of their number. There you have it, “intellectual honesty”! Many years ago I said that we are now in the Age of Fakery, and these high hombres are leading us through it. That explains everything, I think. If not, try the Dutch proverb: Scissors hang out there!

The Center for Inquiry says that they are unlike any organization you have seen thus far. The mission statement of the Center for Inquiry says, in part:

“… until the Center for Inquiry, there were no institutions dedicated primarily to promote and defend science, reason, and free inquiry in all aspects of human interest.

The purpose of the Center for Inquiry is to contribute to the public understanding and appreciation of science and reason, and their applications to human conduct…”

So you figure out for yourself where showcasing the greatest science fraud in history fits into this framework! My guess would be “free inquiry.”

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