In their 12th Annual International Convention to be held in the University of Maryland July 30 – August 2, 2009, the Mars Society is showcasing John Mather in big way. Mather is shown as representing NASA. The program also includes a tour of the Goddard Space Flight Center, Mather’s home institution. So all is cozy-cozy, nicey-nicey. They are all trying to restore the science fraud to his old glory.

In news reports on 12 March 2009, President Barack Obama is reported as saying that NASA today is afflicted with “a sense of drift.” He said that his “new NASA director” (yet to be named) will remake NASA for the 21st century. This seems to be as clear a statement as can be, saying that today’s NASA is a tar baby. The President is not going to touch it. Thus far he has not.

Now think about this. The national leadership understands NASA, and therefore understands the accidents, the failures, the delays, cost overruns, monetary fraud etc. These are not good things, but these are not new. There are standard measures in place to deal with such things. So why this strong and emphatic statement from the President himself?

There are some reports that some members of the Congress are trying to push their own candidate for the new NASA administrator on the White House, and are trying to block candidates advance by the White House. But the above comment of the President can have nothing to do with such politics, for it is politically neutral.

In my view this has to do with the gigantic NASA science fraud, and the resulting deceiving of the whole world and the Swedish Nobel organization. The very special and unique trust that has been placed in NASA is the very trust they exploited in perpetrating the fraud. His Majesty the King of Sweden has already had the misfortune of being photographed shaking hands with John Mather. The US President is not going to touch this NASA until things have been set right – for America, for Sweden and for the World. Just my opinion.

Thus it is my conjecture that the first person with the honesty and the sense of responsibility and the intellectual courage to deal with the NASA fraud was the former NASA administrator Michael Griffin. The second will be President Obama.

It is a damn shame that some organizations continue to applaud Mather when key organizations such as the first tier universities have long gone silent on him. It is a damn shame that the University of Maryland continues to honor Mather by hosting him again and again in their premises.


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