It is being reported today that some members of the US Congress are pressing President Obama to appoint a new NASA Administrator without delay. They give a number of cogent reasons.

The problem is, these members are clueless as to what the overwhelming problem with NASA today is. Therefore, they are opining on a subject that they are not up on. Their representation, no doubt well intended, is ill informed.

The overwhelming problem with NASA today is that they have abused the public’s trust and perpetrated a gigantic fraud upon the World, and deceived the Swedish Nobel Prize organization. They have brought great shame upon the nation. What is more, they are keeping mum about all this. They are hoping to offload their stinking garbage on the new White House, and wash their own hands off it.

Key members of the Congress were informed on the science fraud a long time ago through their prescribed official channels. They did not do their own oversight duty, and are now pressing the White House.

The physics establishment whose place it was – first and foremost – to deal openly with this problem has also maintained studied silence. In a very real and tangible way, they are disserving the nation.

President Obama would do well to see this NASA as a tar baby. Do not listen to the establishment physicists – they clearly do not mean you well. Ask for their written assurance that there is no fraud, and they will not give it.

So let NASA clean up its own mess. Then appoint a new leader. Do not tarnish yourself as well as your new man by embracing this very big rotting matzo ball hanging out there.

Look at the following hapless leader who will go down in history as one who shook hands with the greatest science fraud in history:



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