Right now, there is on – by design or not – an intense collective campaign to place John Mather back in brilliant limelight. Some of his latest promoters in this campaign are:

– The University of Maryland
– The Center for Inquiry
– The Mars Society
– The Origins Symposium of the Arizona State University
– The Henry Foundation of the Johns Hopkins University

All these touts are showcasing him with great fanfare. They can put to shame their counterpart in the Khan el-Khalili souk in old Cairo. It is the characteristic of the Age of Fakery that we live in: Poseurs and posturers who do not know the meaning of the expression ‘intellectual honesty’ are parading before you as the champions of high causes.

It may be that these people are assuming the standard posture that until and unless NASA says otherwise in an official government Press Release, Mather should be treated with full glory. This is a bureaucratic cop-out. What they are doing is engaging in cronyism – plain and simple. Their true posture is: Fraud schmaud! These are the pettiest of the petty thinkers. And yet, these same people are turning around and doing these lofty intellectual stuff to dazzle you out of your gourd. This is what happens in the Age of Fakery.

There is a proverb: Shaving a fool without lather. That is what these tout organizations are doing to you, Mr. John Q. Public! Let me ‘splain.

Lest you fall for all these, do not forget the following hard facts in plain evidence:

1. NASA has not given John Mather any elevation in his official status because of his 2006 Nobel Prize. His status is the same as his pre-Nobel status. Think about this!

2. In the two years since his Nobel Prize, he has not received any elevation of status even in course of ordinary progress in professional career.

3. Since receiving the Nobel, he has lost his advisory position in the Kepler Mission Advisory Panel and NASA Astrophysics Advisory Panel.

4. Various reports suggest that he is NASA’s head scientist in the James Webb Space Telescope Project. This is incorrect. NASA’s head scientist for the JWST is named Eric Smith.

5. Based on my experience, NASA does not respond to the allegation of science fraud against their employee Mather.

So here are the questions for you to consider:

– Why are all kinds of organizations touting this guy to high heaven when in his own home institution – which ought to know him the best – he is being insulted in a highly visible and public manner?

– And if NASA is being unfair to Mather for reasons other than the science fraud, why don’t some of these high power touts see to installing Mather in an honorific chair in a first tier university?

– Why do you think the scientific establishment remains completely silent on this ‘abominable’ treatment of their highest luminary by NASA administration?

Just because you are busy watching AIG, don’t forget the other, far better disguised perils to the society.


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