You want to do some real thinky stuff? Let us compare and contrast the two sham Nobel-winning discoveries in physics: Asymptotic Freedom (2004 Nobel Prize for physics: 3 American Nobel Laureates created) and the Big Bang Blackbody (2006 Nobel Prize for Physics: 2 American Nobel Laureates created). These were perpetrated by the highest intellectuals in human history. So, when you analyze them, you are engaging in an even higher intellectual plane – where no man has gone before.

The Asymptotic Freedom actors

The Big Bang actors John Mather and George Smoot


– In both cases, the fact that the discoveries are sham was as plain as a privy hanging over the ditch.

– Both cases involve very large scale experimentation, involving big bucks and large teams of people.

– In both cases, people who were created Nobel Laureates do not seem to have understood a damn thing about the experiments that caused them to be anointed.

– In both cases, the custodial flow of data is such that it offers unlimited opportunity to do hanky panky. There is no single person that can vouch for the integrity of the process from the experimental venue to the Nobel podium, and there are large “gaps”.

– Both cases involved substantial and complex numerical computation which can offer opportunity to do hanky panky.

– In both cases, the Nobel people cited phenomenal numerical precision. (Whenever that happens, it is time to sharpen your olfactory senses.)

– Both cases involve underlying campaigns to put the final clincher on long-developing story lines: Quantum Theory of the Nucleus and the Big Bang Cosmology.

– In both cases, the scientific establishment remained silent after I exposed the sham doings.

– Both are American doings, involving large government laboratories.

– Finally, consider the visuals. Look at the images above. Who in his right mind would question that these are natural shoe-ins for great discoverers?


– Asymptotic Freedom was very clever selling of a nonexistent discovery while Blackbody was a fraud. (What is the difference?)

– Asymptotic Freedom occurs at the smallest scale of physics today while the Blackbody exists at the largest scale. (Isn’t it interesting that the two extremes were chosen to do the hanky panky in?)

– Finally, consider the visuals. Stare at the images above for a long while. Do you not see the difference? [Hint- 🙂 ]


In case you have not noticed, these two teams at the two ends of the length scale hooked up. Wilczek started to philosophize big on cosmology and Smoot started to pontificate hard about quantum seeding of the early universe!

You are scratching your head: What the deuces is going on? Let me ‘splain.

Both groups have fallen into their own quicksands. They are extending hands to each other and are trying pull each other out.

So here is the thinky intellectual problem for you: Can two people in two quicksand pits pull each other out?


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