The web site of the University of Notre Dame opens with the following quotation from its founder:

“This college will be one of the most powerful means for doing good in this country.”

– Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., founder of the University of Notre Dame du Lac

Some good they are doing! Check out this showy poster bearing the great emblem of the great University of Notre Dame, glorifying the greatest science fraud in human history! What kind of people do this to their own organization?

John Mather’s “Speaking Schedule” was last updated on 25 March 2009. It seems that he is still going strong. Two new speaking engagements have popped up:

April 23: “Give the Nieuwland lecture at the University of Notre Dame”

May 20: “Lecture at the JWST Partners’ Workshop in Ottawa, Canada”

The first of these shows that the science fraud is still being showcased by the academic community. I just cannot understand this conduct on the part of a learned community. The individuals who are inviting Mather to give honorific lectures are in my view attempting to maintain for him a false public cover that everything is fine when in fact, by all indications, NASA has said otherwise. These individuals are demeaning their institutions in order to execute their own cronyist agenda. It is also an agenda based on gross scientific incompetence on the part of these individuals. Another possibility is that they are just plain stupid.

To anyone who has read my previous post guessing that Mather may have been quietly removed from JWST leadership, the second of the above lectures might suggest that he is still in charge. But I don’t think so. Of course the JWST web page still shows him as Chairman, but there is no telling when this site was last updated.

Strangely though, the following long-scheduled and high profile speaking engagements – where Mather is highly touted by the organizers – do not appear in Mather’s own updated schedule, as of this date:

July 30 – August 2: Mars Society Annual Convention

April 9 -12: Center for Inquiry Annual World Congress

Clearly, Mather has started to pick and choose what to post on his Government site. What criteria is he using for inclusion of the events in his public Speaking Schedule, and why?

My guess is that NASA is restricting what Mather can put on his site.

All in all, many machinations are being engaged in, all designed to convey the impression – in my view – that everything is fine with Mather’s discovery. Many academics are helping in this damage control spin. These people belong neither in science nor in the academia. If I were the head of a university, I would not let a few irresponsible people degrade an entire organization in this way.

In fact, there seems now to be a division in the academic community on Mather: The first tier US and European universities have gone completely silent on mather. It is lesser places that are still lauding him. Just goes show that they are ‘lesser’ for good reason!

To summarize, here is what I read between the lines:

(1). Mather has been removed (or he has “resigned”) from JWST scientific leadership. This would be the second major downgrading of his stock at NASA since my allegation was made, and would place him a step closer to the exit door at NASA.

(2). NASA is restricting the kinds of activities he can conduct in his official capacity as a NASA employee. Some of these lectures not listed on his official web page he is giving in his capacity as a private citizen.

As always, I stand ready to be corrected on the above surmises. Such surmises are necessary in the public interest, in the face of chicanery of the physics academia worldwide and the lack of official information on what is being done about the science fraud.

If anyone wishes to take issue with my posts, get a statement from NASA that Mather did not commit science fraud, and send me a copy.

It is this simple! It has always been that simple!


The JWST website has been updated within the past few days to show John Mather’s photo on the front page. So he is still leading the Science Working Group. Imagine that! The man who perpetrated the first space fraud is the man who is leading one of the finest space telescope projects!

But wait! This is not all. The bogus promotion of Mather is all too clear on this site. Since this site has just been updated, you cannot say that this is a cobewebbed site. If you click on Mather’s photo, it points to a page that says (as of today) that Mather is the Chief Scientist for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

This is false. He was indecorously removed from that high post over a year ago. They are trying to mislead the public. It is like saying Bernie Madoff is the leader of one of the most successful Hedge Funds.


The University of Nore Dame has conferred on John Mather an honorary doctorate. Simultaneously former NASA Administrator Dr. Michael Griffin – Mather’s erstwhile boss who confined him to the pre-Nobel job classification – is also being given an honorary doctorate. So these two people will be brought together on a very public platform. It is rather curious that two people thus linked from the same organization are being honored together in the same year. The reader can examine the various implications of this.

In the citation from Notre Dame, the reason for Mather’s Nobel Prize has been redefined:

“He and George Smoot received the Nobel Prize for development of the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite project. ”

Here is the actual Nobel Prize citation:

“for their discovery of the blackbody form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation”

The discovery of the blackbody form by Mather is fraudulent.


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