Victor Ninov, Jan Hendrik Schoen … remember these names? They are some of the most famous science frauds. The scientific establishment meted out very harsh justice to them. And the World watched as heads rolled. No sympathy for you fraudsters, the citizens of the World said, as they knitted fancy mittens.

Who shall judge the Executioner?

But now the executioners – the scientific establishment – themselves are engaged in committing a far grander science fraud. Not a fraud on the scale of history, but one on the scale of evolution! They have decided to do this – as the endgame of their hubris-driven pursuit – because they want immortality and they want it right now. They think they themselves are perfectly safe, for who will mete out justice to them?! They themselves are immune.

But are they? Now, there is Dreamheron. There are no physicists or groups of physicists too clever for him to see through. There is no pedestal too high for him to take down. There is no man too noble or too decorous or too decorated or too poignant to be called to account before the society. There is nothing that is conveniently sacred anymore.

There will be hell to pay.


This is yet another post in public interest. Let the World take note. See what the people you trust the most are up to. Recognize in whose care you place your precious children. Then look up the meaning of the Latin expression: Corruptio optimi pessima.

Readers, it concerns you in a real way. This is a ‘cultural’ global warming that can destroy the World before just plain global warming destroys the Earth!

The more I am attempting to expose the greatest science fraud in human history, the more hell-bent these organizations (see below) have become to cover it up. This is the plain, basic truth about what they are doing.

On 5 April 2009, it will be two years since I made my allegation public. But the following organizations, and others like them, have thwarted my every effort to shine light on the very dark deception perpetrated on humanity.

Two years is enough! Enough is enough!

Now, listen you blighters in the academia! It is high noon, and I am calling you out! Take a good look at my six-gun:

I see! Still hiding behind those saloon swing doors, you gutless wonders?!

Now, readers, the logo of an organization is an emblem of what it stands for. I do not know what all the legalities are about using the logo of an organization in a public report. However, I have seen an endless variety of uses when the logo is used in a positive context. So why should not the public see the logo when the organization is engaging in a questionable activity. Anyway, I will pull the logo if anyone objects to me in an email. I will then replace the logo with “Objects to use of Logo”. (To see the image credit for the logos, right-click on the image, then click on “Properties”)

The organizations that stand behind the following public emblems have engaged in or are engaging in high-profile feting and lauding of John Mather, knowing full well about the public allegation of science fraud at NASA (an allegation that has not been denied by NASA).

Every single one of these organizations had people, or had access to people, who would have understood that Mather made a completely false discovery. I believe they know.

The more they lauded, the more Mather posted these honorifics in his Governement web site, creating and bolstering the image that he was on top of the World. By implication, this meant that I am a cuckoo, and my allegation is dismissible at best.

So I present to you the SCIENCE FRAUD HALL OF SHAME:

[Click to see big picture]


Center for Inquiry

…..Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Madras


Rimini Meetings

(“Light and Truth”)


Responsible for NASA for the Senate, he turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to the science fraud.

Rep. Bart Gordon: Responsible for NASA for the House, he turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to the science fraud.

The OSTP, currently led by the Presidential Science Advisor John Holdren, has chosen to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the science fraud.

Conferred Gold Medal on John Mather January 2010.

Indian Space Research Organization

Optical Society of America

National Institutes of Technology, India

2010 World Science Festival

2010 Shaw Prize for Big Bang Cosmology

Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) posed with Mather for photo in the Halls of Congress

Feted Mather, the posited him as inspiration for young people.

Mather inaugurated the Yervant Terzian Endowed Lecture Series

Mather was distinguished speaker.

Stanford University

This tracking is discontinued as of 3/7/11. See plaque at the bottom of this post.

On or about 24 March 2010 NASA shut down John Mather’s vaunted glory platform – the NASA web page titled:
This means that we will no longer be able to tell if a future public appearance by Mather is being done with NASA endorsement. That is to say, we have no way of telling if he is appearing as a NASA Scientist or a private citizen.
It is my understanding that an employee can engage in private outside activities and still say: I work at ….
Perfectly legit!

Do not fail to notice the absence of the first-tier universities (Harvard, Oxford etc.) in the above list. It is not for no reason that they are the first-tier universities. They very quickly grasped the matter and told themselves: My, what a b-i-g gun it is!

[Please note: Yale later broke this trend and feted John Mather. Princeton was involved indirectly by providing help to the Princeton Chamber of Commerce. Princeton physicists may not have anything to do with this. ]

So, a part of the problem with the Hall-of-Shamers is incompetence and stupidity.

Here are two other bits of fact that may be entirely unrelated:

(1). I advised the pre-inauguration President Obama team, and the post-inauguration White House on this fraud. I advised that the President should see NASA as a tar baby, and not appoint a new leader until NASA cleans up its act.

(2). According to copious news accounts, the World is today most confused why the President has kept his distance from NASA so far. He is yet to appoint a NASA leader. In the meantime, NASA is hanging out there, twisting slowly, slowly in the wind.

I leave you with a closing visual. Check out this iconic image of how we are inspiring the World’s young:

[Photo: K. V. Srinivasan; courtesy: The Hindu]
D’you hear there? D’you hear there? D’you know where your children are?

In February 2009, high-school students in Chennai, India listen “awestruck” to John Mather over a videolink from NASA. This meeting was organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. What do you suppose these young people will think when the truth comes out? They will carry a scar in their mind the rest of their lives (“I feel so unclean, so abused.”). All because of the irresponsible elders who organized this circus.

If you are a member of any of the above organizations and have an issue with it being named here, take this up with the leaders of the organization. They are the ones directly responsible for the tarnishing of the good name.

If anyone wishes to take issue with my posts, get a statement from NASA that Mather did not commit science fraud, and send me a copy.

It is this simple! It has always been that simple!

ADDED ON 1 August 2010:
Now there are two posters you can enjoy!



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