This morning I am hearing that Sen. Bill Nelson is at it again! He is urging the White House to quickly appoint a NASA leader, and blaming President Obama for delaying this nomination.

I do not know the reasons for the White House not yet naming an Administrator. But Sen. Nelson knows very well the most likely reason for it: It is that Sen. Nelson is not doing that job which he needs to do in order to clear the way for future planning for NASA. His office has been apprised multiple times about the gigantic science fraud at NASA, over which Sen. Nelson has the oversight responsibility.

Senator Bill Nelson and Rep. Bart Gordon are the two congressional leaders having responsibility for NASA. They need to clear the air first on why NASA is making fraudulent discoveries and deceiving the World. Only then should a new Administrator be named by the White House. The ball is NOT in the White House’s court.

Indeed, why should President Obama touch this tar baby which it was Sen. Nelson’s responsibility to clean up?

As I see it, only one problem geopardizes NASA’s future: Lack of competent Congressional Oversight.


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