The European Planck satellite has just been launched. It is designed to observe the universe in a frequency range generally described as the “Cosmic Microwave Background” (CMB) radiation.

The Media is atwitter with talk of how Planck will study the early universe. These people do not have the faintest idea whereof they speak.

Folks, if you do not want to follow these Pied Pipers into Stupidville, then understand clearly the following very simple logic:

1. This “early universe” is a figment of imagination within the Big Bang Theory.

2. The Big Bang Theory predicts a microwave background radiation field having a 2.7 K Blackbody Spectrum.

3. The reported verification of this spectrum has now been exposed to be fraudulent.

4. Therefore, the Big Bang Theory is completely bogus.

5. Therefore, the actual CMB in space that Planck will observe has no connection to the fictitious 2.7 K background radiation predicted in the Big Bang Theory.

6. Therefore, this CMB has no bearing whatsoever on any early universe following the Big Bang.

At this time, the Age of the Universe is as meaningless a concept as the gender of the universe.

I also understand enough about photons to assure you that there is nothing such as an ancient photon or an archeo-photon or a geriatric photon or what have you. Photons do not carry in their fannypack an Intergalactic Passport showing their date and place of birth. All this malarchy about the early light is coming from hucksters who ought to know better.



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