Psychology of evocative art, and its diabolic exploitation

A good piece of fine art speaks directly to the loftier spheres of our mind. We are elevated from our daily cares, preoccupations etc – generally, the quotidian. In the process, our questioning mind is also suspended. All this is good – how else would you lose yourself in the spaces of the art?

For many, this is also the effect on seeing a fine piece of physics result. It is generally some type of diagram reporting some profound finding, or a beautiful equation that is simple but pregnant with meaning.

OK, so far I have not said anything new. You know all this. What is new is that the physicists are using this sublime aspect of the human mind to their advantage. They are in fact exploiting this higher quality the way conmen exploit your trust. You see, the leaders of today’s physics establishment are the granddaddy of all them trained psychologists.

First, fine art:

For this purpose, I have chosen not to use a famous painting by a big artist because I want to stay away from clichés. So I have chosen an unknown piece of work, but I assure you that this is by a very big artist (The work is unknown simply because it is in the private collection of a friend.) Below the painting appears the thoughts that may cross one’s mind upon espying this masterpiece.

Gosh golly! Look at the vibrant colors – it is as though the tree is reaching out to the sky and saying to the sun: Give me more of the seven colors of the spectrum. Look at the space, its depth, its emptiness that seems so full. It is as if the artist looked into his own mind and painted what he saw on a canvas. Look at single falling leaf, the touch of sadness that elevates any art…the pain, the ennui…

And now, the masterpieces of contemporary physics:

I will take the two most triumphal fields of physics today. Naturally, each of these has produced its own masterpiece. Not only do they represent the crowning glory of physics, but also they inspire such awe in your mind that you suspend all its simple qualities: A questioning stance, a suspicious nature, an insistence on applying commonsense…

The first example is what has been described as the pinnacle of success of the 100 year-old field of Quantum Theory. The following diagram shows how physicists have been able to fathom the deepest of the deep of the tiniest of the tiny worlds: The atomic nucleus. Their theory fits the observation with picture-perfect precision:

asymptotic freedom

Goodness me! They’ve gone about as fur as they c’n go… The human mind, its power…is there anything that is beyond it? And look at that slight imperfection, like the beauty spot on the face of Cindy Crawford. It only enhances the inner beauty by drawing your attention to the perfection.. is it any wonder they done gave the Noble Price to these artists. This is such a satisfying sight to behold…Zip-pa-di-do-da …


The second example goes one up. It is the theorizing and the fantastically impressive confirmation of the Cosmic Blackbody Radiation Spectrum predicted by the Big Bang Cosmology. This diagram is what enshrined the theory as the ground truth about the universe.. The confirming observations come from many independent sources around the World, and span a fantastic range of frequencies. To appreciate this properly, it is better that you kneel down.


Our Father who art in Heaven…We thank you for these omniscient beings … they are what elevate mankind and make the human life worth living… Blessed are those who decipher what thou hast wrought… Amen.

Come down to Earth

Use your suspicious mind, use your questioning mind, use your commonsense. It is good to do so.

The quantum masterpiece is a complete sham. Here is the real article behind the masterpiece – it is their own diagram. I have only highlighted what you should not fail to see. Sure, the theory and the experiment agree – to the extent that you can assume a chicken to be a sphere.

The cosmology masterpiece goes one up. It is a combination of overselling of inept and highly questionable and unexamined experiments, and outright fraud. See my preceding post. The psychology they use is most clever. It works like this: Look at a Botticelli painting of *n-u+d@e wo=m*en. It gives you great wonderment and joy. But if a shady chratater in a dark alley approaches you and flashes very similar $n+u”d]e pictures, what is your reaction?

They have taken many such pictures from the dark alley, and incorporated them into a Botticelli-like masterpiece. None the wiser. You would be ashamed to cast any suspicious eye on such a construct. So, unvetted data are passed on, and gradually established, as the absolute truth. And the whole world then runs with it as the great banner of human upliftment. Only in the Age of Fakery!

A brief return to our painting

I shall now reveal to you the mind behind the work of art that we started with.


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