First, a little about Mycroft Holmes:

Sherlock’s elder brother, Mycroft, had a very special talent, so much so that the Government created a one-man special department in the Ministry just for him. Mycroft had a plush chair, a huge Mahogany desk with an INBOX and an OUTBOX, and that is absolutely all there was in his office. Every single piece of paper that moved in the Ministry was cycled through Mycroft’s desk. He took them out of the INBOX, ran his eyes over them, and put them in the OUTBOX. That was the extent of his “work.”

Afer a hard day’s labor, Mycroft goes to the exclusive Diogenes Club, has a fine meal, and then reflects over brandy and cigar.

Mycroft was in fact viewing a very broad landscape of events, news, developments etc. If underneath all these there was brewing some trouble – some diabolical scheme against the Empire, some war brewing somewhere – Mycroft could sense these by connecting the right dots. He could decipher hidden patterns. Then the Ministry could act proactively. He was rendering an invaluable service to the Empire which only he could render.

Let’s emulate Mycroft:

On the surface, no one knows anything about the gigantic NASA science fraud except those who read my posts. There is not a single acknowledgement anywhere – the scientific establishment, the Media, the Congress, the Government – that the issue even exists. It is not the elephant in the parlor, but the T-Rex in the Boudoir. So, what is going on?

In the following, the portions in italics are guesswork. The rest is fact.

The Hidden Chronicle:

More than two years ago, I made a formal post on the Internet about John Mather’s fraudulent confirmation of the Big Bang Cosmology. I made sure that this allegation was plastered all over the Internet, and that appropriate people were informed.

The then NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, with several advanced degrees, is nobody’s fool. He takes a look at the allegation, and says to himself: “OMG!” He then institutes a very quiet evaluation by able engineers. The engineers come back and tell him: “OMG!” Michael Griffin resolves to take executive action. It is not an easy task: He is going to have to take down Superman. But he knows that no one – not even his bosses in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or the overseers in the Capitol Building – can challenge him on this one. He is Da Man who has to do what a man’s gotta do.

Less than a year after I made my allegation, Michael Griffin abruptly and drastically demoted John Mather, and sent him packing from his top HQ job to the pre-Nobel job in Goddard Space Flight Center. Strangely, Mather’s normally vocal scientific colleagues remained completely silent on this precipitous and humiliating action on their most revered scientific colleague by a Government bureaucrat.

Michael Griffin figures this is about all he can do. If he fires Mather for cause and the latter goes to court, there will be huge organizational mess for the Agency. So he leaves it at this.

After Candidate Obama becomes President-elect Obama, I refer the Mather matter to his transition team in an email.

An intelligent person opens my email, and says: “Hmmmm!” He/she decides to forward it to the people in the transition team responsible for NASA. These people are now already deeply involved in thinking about NASA, and this matter suddenly falls in their lap. They do some preliminary assessment, and become convinced that this is a great big Matzo ball hanging out there. They realize that the Bush White House has palmed off this mess to the Obama White House.

By January 2009, NASA realizes that – even if they ignore me as a powerless Internet weirdo – their own subsequent in-house work may also place the Mather discovery in jeopardy. The situation is out of control, and there is now no way out.

Some academics gradually begin to suspect that the independent experiments – one in particular – that have been used to the hilt to corroborate Mather’s Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum may be in question. Backpedaling has started. Some are thinking about withdrawing their contribution to the master diagram verifying the Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum. They don’t want to be present when the stuff hits the fan. But as far as informing the public is concerned, they keep mum. They always keep mum on this. In a scientific matter that was their responsibility – more than anyone else’s – to handle, they choose to take the backseat. Let others handle this. Wake us up when it is over.

Wake me up when it’s over

After the President takes office, his aides ask NASA confidentially about the fraud. NASA fesses up. Now the aides say to themselves: “OMG!” Great discussion now takes place.

The aides decide to keep the President far away from NASA, and put NASA in the holding pattern for the time being.

The Presidential Science Advisory Council is appointed. I send an email to each member on the Mather matter, and also make an Intenet post “An Open Letter to Obama Science Advisors.” I am afraid that physicist John Holdren might try to cover for his colleagues and stonewall this thing, and I am making damn sure that the public is watching him.

Holdren really does not have much say. The Obama aides have chosen to get to the bottom of this, and Holdren is in no position to stonewall this. He is completely inconsequential. All he can do is be on board.

The Media is abuzz with speculation why the White House is delaying appointing a new NASA Administrator. For a variety of reasons, it was now a critical juncture for NASA, and it was extremely urgent to have permanent leadership in place. There is no lack of able candidates. The Congress and other groups keep pressing the White House to hurry up and appoint a NASA Administrator. The White House does not budge. Senator Bill Nelson, who has congressional oversight over NASA, then keeps turning up the pressure on the White House.

The White House has a quiet tête-à-tête with Sen. Nelson, and tells him that the fraud is the reason for the delay. Sen. Nelson knows that, earlier, his own office has been repeatedly apprised of this very same matter, and he did not do anything about it. The new White House is conscientiously handling that which it was his job to have handled a long time ago. He now has eggs on his face.

This fateful photo could have been a very fine statement about mankind

There you have it!
A very fine statement about the soaring of the human spirit.

Asked about NASA, the President says that the Agency is “adrift.” Senator Nelson tones down his rhetoric and begins to make conciliatory noises.

On April 3, 2009, I make a post all over the Internet, saying “NASA officially rescinds the John Mather Nobel discovery.” NASA does not disagree. Nobody protests.

The Obama transition team on NASA now decides to appoint an Administrator, but still keep the President away from this tar baby that NASA has become. They realize that America has deceived the World in no less a field than science, and that America has deceived the Swedes and embarrassed His Majesty the King of Sweden. There is no way the aides would let the innocent President be associated in any way with this rum business.

They also decide that the White House needs close control over NASA to set things right. The new Administrator is given to understand that he will be on a short leash. There will be close oversight from the White House. Furthermore, the aides decide that there needs to be a signal put out that things will be set right.

There is another issue they are thinking about but not saying out loud: The way the President is going, there can be little doubt that he would come up for the Nobel Peace Prize in a few years’ time. One does not want to queer this deal by linking the President to the great American Nobel fraud. Surely the Swedes and the Norwegians are watching as to what the US is going to do about having defrauded the Nobel organization.

On Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend, 23 May 2009, when the nation is logged off from the news of happenings in the Government, the name of the new NASA Administrator nominee is quietly announced in a generic, bland statement titled “President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts”. There was absolutely no fanfare that usually accompany the announcement of such a high level nomination. There is no customary photo of the President standing next to the nominee at the podium. Only a photo of the President and his aides meeting the nominee is released. The Media is surprised, and comments on the inexplicable absence of “hoopla.”

A longtime confidante of the President is appointed the Number Two “Man” in NASA, in a very clear signal to the World that the White House is taking charge. This is an unprecedented development in the history of NASA. At the same time, the statement says that these new leaders will put NASA back “on course”, which can only be interprted as saying that something had gone awfully wrong with the Agency to require such high level executive action.


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