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A very fair system!

Within the mainstream scientific establishment, String Theory (or Superstring Theory) has its detractors. Thus, viewed from the outside, the establishment appears to be very fair. Ideas are advanced, vigorously fought out, and then survive or fall. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis — and all such standard lines. In truth, the within-establishment opposition is a for-public-consumption opposition, an opposition for appearance’s sake. It does not survive in the wash. The opposers know this very well. Let us examine the points of contention here.

First, it is being said that String Theory is not now, nor will it be ever be, testable by experiments. A good, solid argument. But it can be justifiably countered by many arguments, the safest of which is knowledge for knowledge’s sake. The man-does-not-live-by-ciabatta-alone argument. You need sixpence, but you also need the moon. The government funds research in philosophy – so what’s wrong with funding enormous latitudes in physics?

Second, it is said that String Theory is diverting enormous amounts of young talent from useful pursuits. Again, a good argument. But the young here are adults who can drink and vote and drive, and this is a free country. So who is anyone to tell these adults what they may or may not do?

Nobody within the establishment wants to speak about the real danger, because it does not behoove them to do so. But these are clever enough people to know what it is.

What is the real danger?

Under the cover of the advent of the Hedge Funds, String Theory, Neo-conservatism etc, some very clever actors are ushering into the society a new, very dark element. This is an attack of the killer intellectual tomatoes. Let me try to put it in the simplest possible terms: The idea is to create increasingly abstract and esoteric constructs that increasingly few people will fully understand. Then mobilize behind this a great promotional apparatus. And you’ve got it made. If the public don’t understand it, they must accept it – this is the view they are forcing on the society. Actually, the media is forcing this view on the society. The clever actors then personally benefit in many different ways: Money straightaway, of course; fame and adulation, of course; accolades and prizes and the attendant satisfaction of their egos, of course. This is a kind of ultimate in adrenaline rush, in shooting up. Nothing can take its place.

[Source: http://evilbeetgossip.film.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/devil_tomato.jpg]

How do they harm the society?

In the case of most of these actors (quants, neocons etc), the harm is obvious and real. But this is not so easy to see in the case of the scientific pursuit. So I will explain. What is happening here is the hogging of the vital workspace. Real scientists who want to bring real progress are being shunted out – from funding, from publications, from being able to communicate with public. All this is done under the guise of a legitimized 'system.' The bad actors can prevent you from airing your idea through an elaborate process.

The result of all this is that the aspirants – those who wanted to make real progress on behalf of the society – are gradually neutralized. These people are all there for you to see. They will struggle for a while. But then age will catch up with them. They will curl up and die. No one will take any notice of their story. Who has lost? The human society, most of all.

This here is real and grave danger. You want names? Swedish physicist Bo Lehnert, French physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier, Welsh physicist Myron Evans … these and other people have demonstrated – beyond any question – that the Electromagnetic Theory at the root of all of physics is in serious need of revision. In this general conclusion they are correct – if for no other judgments than that I say they are correct. But these workers are not allowed space in the big Dining Hall. They have to sneak into the kitchen, eat scrap food there and sneak out. So they cannot go anywhere with their ideas. The real work of the human society is being prevented – with great deliberation. Inept but clever scientists are developing inept and escapist science that will never face any accountability. The cleverest feature of this scam is that it is traceless – its victims are largely unknown and unseen and unorganized. The society will never miss what they do not know might have been.

Let me make this even more stark for you. Suppose a gang decides that alien autopsy is the hottest field in medical research. They mobilize the media behind them. They elbow out cancer researchers and diabetes researchers and Alzheimer researchers. And these researchers, after ranting and raving for a while, curl up and die.

That is the real danger for a society that cannot distinguish between weirdorama and advancement. Capice?



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