Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be NASA scientists

Having rescinded and then redefined John Mather’s fraudulent discovery by reengineering the language, NASA is now proceeding to rehabilitate and re-launch Mather.

More than two years after his fraud with the COBE satellite data was exposed, NASA resumes its promotion of John Mather. The following is the announcement of a US Government production they just released (18 June 2009), starring Mather who explains – what else? – the beauty of satellite data. (Kind of like Bernie Madoff teaching fiscal responsibility.)

[podcast] Making Data Beautiful
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To kick off our special summer series about data, we interviewed 2006 Nobel Laureate John Mather about the importance of imagery in communicating science and sharing data with the public. More than just “pretty pictures,” data can be used to tell a story and explain the mysteries of the cosmos. Not every piece of data would be considered a work of art, but the information contained is at the very heart of NASA science.

Working with COBE and the James Webb Space Telescope, Dr. Mather is no stranger to the power of data and the importance of scientific imagery. We got the scoop on how data is used in communication and why every bit of data is beautiful in its own way.

John Mather seems to be going great guns again, and NASA PR sites have started humming his praise after a long hiatus. In a Press Release dated July 1, 2009, this is what they say:

In 2006, both he and George Smoot at the University of California, Berkeley, Calif., shared the Nobel Prize in Physics. They won for their work on NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer, a satellite that mapped radiation emitted when the universe was less than 400,000 years. The mission created the first-ever “baby picture” of the cosmos.

This is of course a cleverly-worded sham. It avoids saying what Mather discovered, and leaves the reader with the clear impression that Mather and Smoot together mapped the universe. This is a deliberate and false impression in an official Government statement.

Mather’s summer lecture circuit seems to be hotting up. He has become quite the motivational speaker to America’s young’uns. He just gave the commencement address in behalf of NASA in the Loudon County (VA) School System. Recently he gave the commencement address at the University of Maryland.

In fact, Johh C. Mather has become so noticeable in the graduation circuit that his name is being listed by Washington Post right alongside the FLOTUS, a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and other prominent individuals at this level.

And he will be featured as a NASA scientist at a job fair to inspire young postdocs:

“His experience, wisdom, and advice will be of great benefit to the attendees…”

Let us see how far NASA’s corruption goes in its unchecked campaign of inspiring America’s fine young generation with the example of their fraud scientist. Don’t forget that this ‘inspiration’ has spread internationally, and kids in India have been sumptuously treated to it. Let us also see if anyone acts to put an end to this endless nightmare, even if at this late date.

In twenty-first century America, in full view of

– the World citizens
– The “Change-you-can-believe-in” White House
– the US Government
– the US Congress
– the World scientific establishment
– the World media,

NASA, the highest technology organization in history, is blatantly feting the greatest science fraud in history – year after year after year. Gosh, NASA has kept their charade alive longer than Norman Bates kept his.

Bates Motel – they have vacancy!
Guests go in vertical, come out horizontal.
Something’s rotten in the basement.

NASA – they have vacancy!
Yours kids go in wide-eyed, come out scarred.
Something’s rotten on the 9th floor.

There’s the Braver New World for you. Otherwise known as The Age of Fakery.

Take a good look at this guy. His name is Chris Scolese. He runs NASA. The deep-sixing of the Mather fraud and the rehabilitation and re-launching of Mather occurred, and are occurring, on his watch. His predecessor, Michael Griffin, tried to address the problem by containing Mather in the doghouse. Scolese took Mather out of the doghouse, and is re-grooming him and re-launching him upon the World.

Poor Jan Hendrik Schoen! Poor Victor Ninov! As a German proverb has it: We hang little thieves, and take off our hats to great ones.

There’s nothing more left to say, really.

Except this fair warning: Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be NASA scientists.


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