Searching for the 2009 John Mather Nobel Scholars application form?

In a matter of days, an acid test for NASA’s relentless whitewashing over the John Mather fraud will take place. Will this whitewash survive in the wash?

The “John Mather Nobel Scholars 20xx” program was set up last year, and the 2008 awards were announced on 16 July 2008. About this time this year, we therefore expect that the 2009 awards will be announced likewise in a Press Release. But will it? That is the acid test.

First, take note that many august organizations stand behind the John Mather Nobel Scholars Program:

The Henry Foundation
National Space Grant Foundation
Johns Hopkins University

Likewise, many sit on the committee to select the scholars. The program is administered at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and the awardees are selected from among the summer interns.

Forever scarred by NASA: The John Mather Nobel Scholars 2008.
Will there be another crop in July 2009?

I am figuring that I have put a stop to this unwholesome business of tarnishing America’s young in order to promote the Mather name. In addition, the Nobel name is still a good name. I am figuring that I have put a stop to this unholy effort by the above organizations to sully this name.

So let us see if NASA-GSFC hosts it again this year, and if they do, if the new awardees accept this award bearing the joint names of a time-honored man, and a fraud backed by powerful organizations. One thing I am counting on: If NASA is not afraid of anyone or any group, they would think twice about this group: America’s parents. You mess with their young’uns, and…

A little advice to the bright young…

The above Award confers on you the designation “John Mather Nobel Scholar” (with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto here and elsewhere…). How would you like to be labeled with that Appellation d’origine contrôlée?

Look at the kids in the above photograph. They will have to omit from their cv the fact that they once were John Mather Nobel Scholars.

Why subject yourselves to this? The world is your oyster, the sky has opened up for you. So why sully your good name so early on. Heed this ancient African proverb:

He who lives by the Niger should not wash his hands in spittle.
Er, der nahe den Niger lebt, sollte seine Hände im Speichel nicht waschen.
Che vive dal Niger non dovrebbe lavarsi le sue mani in saliva.
Il qui vit à côté du Niger ne devrait pas se laver les mains en salive.
Он который живет Нигерией не должен помыть его руки в слюне.
Él que vive al lado del Niger no debe lavarse las manos en saliva.

Now let’s wait and see…

There is now information indicating that the program is fully funded and the status is Go, and by all appearances it is an annual program (although this is not stated specifically.) So if this grandiose program is quietly withdrawn within a year after it started with such fanfare, you will know exactly what is going on.

The non-award of the John Mather Nobel Scholars 2009 awards will be another clear proof of the subterranean acknowledgement of the John Mather science fraud. We will know in a matter of days now.

Before you go west, think of your cv, young man!

Would you like this scholarship on your cv?

Kenneth and Linda Lay Scholarship – UNCF is an award that students win through a rigorous application process. Students who receive the Kenneth and Linda Lay Scholarship – UNCF do so for academic achievement and heavy involvement in their school or community. As a tribute to the Kenneth and Linda Lay Scholarship – UNCF, students are a representative of the full meaning of a noteworthy student.

And look at this luckless fellow:

I don’t recall who my commencement speaker was when I graduated from the Universtiy of Houston, but Ken Lay’s signature is on my diploma because he was Chairman of the Board of Regents. I’ve had bad luck ever since. Maybe, I should try a voodoo ceremony and burn the diploma to change my life. An exorcism of it couldn’t hurt either.

Posted by: Choppa2Lis at May 11, 2007 03:18 PM

Fortunately, Dreamheron – who always gives the highest and the best advice when he chooses to give advice – remains unsullied himself. Whose signature is on Dreamheron’s last degree?

Ronald Reagan.

His politics is debatable, but he was a solid, OK guy.


The John Mather Nobel Scholar Awards are given by The Henry Foundation to summer interns at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This much has been absolutely clear up until now. Exactly this has also been reported in various blog sites. In particular, note this:

The awardees were selected by a committee of Directors and former Directors of NASA Space Grant College and Fellowship Program state Space Grant consortia.

That was nearly a year ago. Various universities whose students received this scholarship then bragged about it in PRs, prominently invoking the NASA name. The following are some of the statements (now supplanted) on the Henry Foundation web page indicating that they worked in collaboration with NASA on this (boldface mine):

2009 Feb 19: We have received a significant contribution from the John and Jane Mather Foundation for Science and the Arts, toward student intern support at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.
2009 Jan 01:
The Henry Foundation is now working in support of the
2009 NASA Academy at Goddard Space Flight Center. The Foundation is seeking individual and corporate sponsors for this activity.
2008 John Mather Nobel Scholars have been selected!
Read the Press Release !
See the Pictures !
While we are a public charitable foundation, we have our origins in NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.

However, on or about 17 July 2009 – about the time the announcement of the 2009 scholarships was expected – the Henry Foundation web page was updated to systematically remove all references to NASA. A bold disclaimer was issued:

“The Henry Foundation has no connection with NASA, and does not represent NASA in any way.”

The reader can draw his/her own conclusions.


The 2009 John MAther Nobel Scholarships have just been awarded to NASA interns! Not only has the program not stopped! It has been greatly expanded, and made international. Whereas five awards were made last year, twelve awards have been made this year, including two students from France. All in all, there are today seventeen bright young people who have been branded with the Mather name. At a cost of $3000 each.

The selection for these awards given at NASA-GSFC was reportedly made by Directors and former Directors of a NASA organization, so there is no questioning that NASA is a willing party to this award.

Also significant is the fact that this happens after the new NASA Administration is in place.

Following last year’s example, the next Press Release should contain the photos of the new crop of Scholars along with John Mather, after they have been feted at a luncheon.

I have said that this program would be a test. If it continues in 2009, it means that Mather gets away with it. It continues.


The response to the Press Release about the 2009 John Mather Nobel Scholars has been the silence of the graveyard. Not a single mention anywhere from any quarters. The customary photograph of Mather with the awardees at the celebration luncheon did not follow the PR. Nor are there the customary acceptance statements of the awardees. There is no glorying from the home institution of any of the twelve awardees. Absolutely no one is saying their student has become “John Mather Nobel Scholar 2009.”


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