When the COBE Satellite discovery nobeled, all sorts of laudatory language made their appearance. The most crucial of these, which may have escaped public attention, is the following statement from the Nobel folks:

These measurements also marked the inception of cosmology as a precise science.

Keeping the rhetoric more or less at the same wavelength, I have issued the following statement:

They have ushered in a new era of physics where numerical accuracy flows from jawboning.

Now you have a choice: To believe the Nobel establishment and the world scientific establishment that stands with them. Or to believe Dreamheron.

Your money, your choice.

Cosmology is today the purgatory between hardcore physics and ethereal philosophy. Nothing wrong with a physicist living there part-time or at the end of a fruitful career. But there is a whole host of basic physics issues (to do with the incompleteness of electromagnetic theory and the ununderstood nature of the photon) we need to clarify before we say we have pinned anything down in cosmology. Dark matter, dark energy, dark force, dark dimensions … all these are dark imaginings from people who do not have the wherewithal to understand the incompleteness I have cited, and its connection to cosmological observation and interpretation. They do not know to look to the foundation of physics to answer cosmic questions. Instead, they run amok with wild ideas so they can become great discoverers. Truth be told, these people are several sandwiches short of a picnic.

So cosmology will not become a hardcore science simply by issuing copious authoritative pronouncements such the above statement that it is a “precise science,” or this priceless “Slam Dunk” statement published in a prominent science journal:

“The basic features of the universe have now been determined: It is 13.7 billion years old, spatially flat, and expanding at an accelerating rate; it is composed of atoms (4%), exotic dark matter (20%), and dark energy (76%); and there is evidence that galaxies and other structures were seeded by quantum fluctuations.”

They are jawboning the universe into a mathematical straitjacket! I can think of a better use for the straitjacket.

As an Azerbaijani proverb has it: “Saying ‘halva-halva’ won’t make your mouth sweet.

Reader, rather than subjecting yourself further to the deafening cacophony of this frogpond science, find a cool quiet oasis, leave your camel near the waterhole, sit down under a date palm tree and eat some real halva:




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