Recently, thirty-four Nobel Laureates wrote to President Obama on issues related to clean energy R&D. I have no issues here with the content of the letter. However, something big is being made of the letter coming from 34 Nobel Laureates. The subliminal suggestion here is that if this letter were written by 34 housewives or 34 left-handed people or 34 vegetarians, it would not have been newsworthy. The Nobel Glam Factor carries all the weight in the World. OK. But let’s do a little adjustment.

Here are six of these 34 signatories to the letter:

John Mather, Physics 2006
Arno Penzias, Physics 1978
David Politzer, Physics 2004
George Smoot, Physics 2006
Frank Wilczek, Physics 2004
Robert W. Wilson, Physics 1978

As I have shown even in this blog site (and of course in other extensive articles), these are bogus Nobel Laureates. What about the remaining 28? Well, I have not passed upon them.

But based on this single example, one can generally discount the Nobel Glam Factor by 20%.

What are the practical uses of this number? Well, for example, say that 20%-discounted Nobel Glam Factor equals 50%-enhanced Pulitzer Glam Factor. So, a letter by 34 Nobel Laureates may be countermanded by a letter from 42 Pulitzers! See?

Twenty per cent – a simple enough Discount Factor to remember as you go through life.


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