NASA has provided a public response – on videotape available for free viewing – to the allegation of John Mather science fraud.

Folks, this is not stuff I am making up. The following has the full force of an official Press Release from NASA, and more. Notice that this takes place on the watch of the new NASA Administrator, Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden.

I just viewed the beginning portion of the John Mather speech to the Mars Society Annual Convention on 31 July 2009. This is an international, high visibility venue. C-SPAN was there, recording the proceedings. It seems that NASA has chosen this venue to state a well-crafted legal position on the issue of John Mather science fraud.

In an illogical choice not fitting in with the rest of the meeting format, a NASA attorney and legal advisor (prominently identified as such) was hauled out to “introduce” Mather in this popular science meeting, attended by scientists and science enthusiasts. There were dozens of people at the meeting who could have appropriately introduced Mather. But Mather was instead represented by counsel. This Attorney was not there to talk Mars or science, but to talk about the propriety of NASA employees accepting prizes. He made a pleasant enough introduction – but his main message is clear: From NASA’s official government policy standpoint, it is deemed ethical for employee Mather to have accepted the Nobel Prize, once it was proffered.

Chew on that for a while!

Having perpetrated the greatest fraud in history, NASA simply washes its hands off with some knee-jerk, stock legalese. The onus is shifted fully to the Nobel givers.

[Wassup, Gen. Bolden? Listening to bad advice, are ya? Please to consider old Chinese proverb: Insanity is doing the same thing in the same way & expecting a different outcome.

Also, Confucius say: Headman who not get good advice shall not eat lotus leaf rice.]

Curiously, John Mather then goes on to say – completely out of context of his talk here – that what he discovered was pretty much established even as he was a college kid, and so he did not think much of his own discovery. It was the World, he says, that chose to make a big deal of it.

Between the Attorney and John Mather, they have now provided a complete NASA public response to the allegation of science fraud. NASA is clear on the legal side because everything was done according to official policy. NASA is clear on the science side because Mather himself did not want to make much of his discovery; it was the World that chose to give it such high visibility (causing the allegation to arise at all.) What this means, I suppose, is that the fraud was inconsequential, but the World attention made it an issue.

Now, that was not so difficult to understand, was it?

As always, if NASA disagrees, they can email me the correct interpretation of why their Nobel scientist needs to be represented by counsel in a scientific convention. I will cut-and-paste that email here.


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