The tremendous investigative zeal, and the inexplicable protectionism!

Poor thieves in fetters we behold; and great thieves wear their chains of gold.
– Proverb

The result of investigation of Jan Hendrik Schön (German):



Schön returned to Germany and agreed with a suggestion to take a job at an engineering firm.[5] In June 2004 the University of Konstanz issued a press release stating that Schön’s doctoral degree had been revoked due to “dishonourable conduct”. Department of Physics spokesman Wolfgang Dieterich called the affair the “biggest fraud in physics in the last 50 years” and said that the “credibility of science had been brought into disrepute”.[6]

In October 2004, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, the German Research Foundation) Joint Committee announced sanctions against him. The former DFG post-doctorate fellow was deprived of his active right to vote in DFG elections or serve on DFG committees for an eight-year period. During that period, Schön will also be unable to serve as a peer reviewer or apply for DFG funds.[7]

The result of investigation of Victor Ninov (Bulgarian):


[Source:; photo: G. Otto]

When the results proved to be unrepeatable by the Berkeley group and other laboratories around the world, an internal investigation was convened. The result of the investigation was that Dr. Ninov’s work had been “fraudulent” and an unusually high-profile scandal followed[citation needed]. An internal committee at the lab concluded that Ninov was the only person in the large project to translate the raw computer results into human-readable results and had used this opportunity to inject false data [2]. Re-analysis of the raw data did not indicate the events which Ninov’s analysis originally reported [1]. Ninov was fired in 2001 after claiming that the unique design of his apparatus was responsible for the faulty evidence leading to the alleged new elements.

The result of investigation of John Mather (American):



His acceptance of the Nobel Prize was appropriate.

– gist of a videotaped declaration of NASA attorney and legal advisor David Schuman on 31 July 2009. [Wait for video on the right of the screen to start.]

Please to read Bengali proverb:

এক যাত্রায় পৃথক ফল



1. Examine the three pictures. Compare and contrast.

2. Why did the physics establishment go so viciously after Schön and Ninov who ‘merely’ cooked data, and remain completely silent on John Mather who committed a most diabolic space-age fraud, using the full faith and credit of NASA? What is your theory?

3. In November 2002, in the wake of the the Schön-Ninov affairs, the American Phycical Society issued strong new guidelines on science fraud and sanctimoniously renewed their vows about not tolerating fraud. What do you suppose happened? Cat got their tongue?

4. In the case of Schön, a German, his home country made big apologetic moves and established itself as an honorable nation. Likewise, with regard to a South Korean fraud, that nation also apologized to the World. The US media – which is really the alpha male the World media nudges up to – helped precipitate these actions. In the case of a geologist in India, US Media also whipped up calls for investigation. So the US systematically and habitually pressures other nations to act honorably while – on a far larger transgression – itself acts most dishonorably. Do you disagree? (In one word, please.)

In this context, what do you think about the Bengali proverb:

আপনি আচরি ধর্ম পরেরে শেখাও

5. In the case of scientific misconduct allegation against Brazilian-born Thereza Imanishi-Kari (later cleared), the United States Congress (Congressman John Dingell in particular) went after her with tremendous zeal and sicced the US Secret Service to investigate her. Using the same grounds, the Congress now had far greater justification and responsibility to deal with Mather. But they (Senator Bill Nelson and Congressman Bart Gordon being the responsible parties) remain silent. What do you suppose is going on here?


6. It is not only that all the parties responsible remain silent on the fraud. They remain silent on NASA’s aggressive remaking and relaunching Mather to his old glory. The fraud gets deep-sixed but the celebrity status remains intact. Isn’t there any scientific honesty left anywhere?

7. Let’s see how well you have been reading my posts. In the following photo of six Nobelists, three medaled for bogus discoveries. Which three?



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