LAUNCH SITE: Rimini, Italy
LAUNCH PAD: “Rimini Meetings”
LAUNCH DATE: August 26, 2009
LAUNCH TIME: Countdown starts at 5 pm local time.
PRESENT STATUS: All systems go.

A completely made over John Mather discovery will be launched.

Folks, I know I joke around a lot, but I am also damn serious. This business is so dishonest and dishonorable and such high level people are engaging in this dishonest and dishonorable conduct that if you wish to touch it, humor is the only pair of prophylactic rubber gloves you have.

This is another post in the public interest – that interest which is being blatantly betrayed by the officialdom and the intellectualdom and the world media.

I have already shown you how NASA carried out a systematic and diabolically clever campaign to cover up the gigantic fraud and remake John Mather’s discovery. Again and again I have provided hard, incontrovertible evidence. And I have told you when the metamorphosis was complete. Now the next step: The launching of the metamorphosed discovery.

Now, let us recall: What was the earthshaking contribution of the COBE Satellite? It was the blackbody form of the cosmic background radiation, pinned down to 50 ppm accuracy. This is what ushered in the age of precision cosmology, accoding to the Nobel givers. This was the legendary, phenomenal, John Mather discovery – unparalleled in human history. Many NASA official web pages (some now sanitized, some still standing) have proclaimed that this discovery of the blackbody form by the COBE Satellite is what confirmed the Big Bang Theory to “extraordinary accuracy.”

Let us look at the announcement of this upcoming launch. NASA has cleverly arranged things so that nobody in the English-speaking world will take great notice of this and so make trouble. For everything is in Italian! Sneaky sneaky! But, reader, not to worry. I will explain the gist of it.

From this 2008 Rimini Meeting photo, you can see the kind of exposure NASA’s madeover John Mather will get

The Rimini Meetings appear to be a very distinguished, high profile affair held in a vacation paradise. John Mather will adorn the halls sanctified by past attendees: Two Popes, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa… These Meetings also appear to have strong religious (or spiritual?) undertones, so that speaking there may place one on a hallowed plane. The idea at the 2009 Rimini Meeting is that a spiritually fired-up John Mather on the stage will bring to a hushed, expectant World the glorious intimation of that rarest of rare experience granted to the choicest of choice human being in the annals of the mortals: The inner joy of scientific discovery!

Perhaps John Mather will emulate the style of the fine orator Brother Joel Osteen.

Sometimes I just cannot believe that this Bizarro World circus is still unfolding on the World stage – more than two years after I dispatched that fraudulent discovery. But when I pinch myself, I find I am wide awake.

[Suggestion for the 2010 Rimini Meetings: Invite Mr. Bernard Lawrence Madoff to exalt on the rare joy of innovative creation of wealth. He is currently a guest of the United States Government, in a Guesthouse called Supermax.]

The 2009 Rimini Meeting theme which John Mather will elaborate

The carefully chosen launch image
Nessun problema! Mafish mushkila! Hakuna matata!

You can view the above image and read the announcement here.

The session that will feature John Mather is called THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE OF DISCOVERY. The announcement piece says that when John Mather thinks of his own discovery experience, he goes all verklempt.

Then the interviewer asks him: This is not the first Nobel for cosmic background radiation. How is your Nobel discovery different from the previous ones?
[Lei non è il primo scienziato che abbia ricevuto il Nobel per gli studi sulla radiazione cosmica di fondo. Può spiegarci perché il vostro Nobel è diverso dai precedenti?]

John Mather replies: The key discovery of the COBE Satellite is that the cosmic background radiation is homogeneous, as predicted by the Big Bang Theory; and yet there is an anisotropy, (as predicted by the Big Bang Theory.)
[Cobe ha fornito un elemento-chiave : la radiazione cosmica di fondo è assolutamente omogenea, come vuole il modello del Big Bang, eppure contiene delle anisotropie,…]

The rest of the interview is all about Mather glorying in lofty language.

And here is another aspect of the makeover. Only recently, under a legal umbrella, Mather washed his hands off his own discovery, saying that it was no big deal. He said what he discovered was already established when he was a college kid (see my post of August 5, 2009.) Basically he was trying to say, it seems, that the fraud was inconsequential (Why make such a big deal of the planted golve?) But now, in this revival arena, he turns around and says something like this: A large team of workers got together to do what has never been done before, in order to discover that which has never been discovered before…

[“Tutti insieme sono riusciti a realizzare qualcosa che non era mai stato realizzato prima, per scoprire ciò che prima non era mai stato conosciuto.]

Well has the greatest discoverer of all times past recognized the need for issuing languistic flair that has the potential of becoming the greatest quotes of all times future.

This should leave no doubt that what we are looking at is the launching of Mather to his full previous glory. They are not giving up anything, just remaking everything after legally covering their butts. Here is nothing less than the A Team of image makeover at work.

Le Plan Diabolique:

Official Nobel citation in 2006:
… for [his] discovery of the blackbody form …of the cosmic microwave background radiation…

Citation as reengineered by NASA in 2009:
… for his mapping the cosmic microwave background radiation…


(Your taxes hard at work)

Please note that this repackaging of the greatest science fraud in human history into a great science genius is taking place as an official government plan, with your money, under the very nose of (if not at his instruction) the new NASA Administrator Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden, an Obama appointee. The Italians are probably unwitting participants in this diabolic scheme.

They wasted your money on an incompetent design of a satellite experiment on which – by Mather’s own bragging – a thousand scientists, engineers and technicians worked for many years. Other expenses aside, just imagine the man-hours! Then they committed science fraud to cover up the bad science. Then they spent your money in deep-sixing the fraud when it was exposed from outside. Now they are spending your money in regrooming Mather. As the singer asked: “When you gonna wake up?”

Folks, us middle-class taxpayers ain’t gonna be able to whoop it up in Rimini this summer. So let us be content with this photo:


Let’s just look at the picture and eat a little pasta.

The John Mather matter is no longer an academic or scientific one. There can be little doubt at this stage that he is being shielded by person or persons in high positions of power. Such persons are more likely to be in the government or in politics. However, sooner or later, such rackets end – and the people are exposed for who they are.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.
What role is he playing?

Yo, Gen. Bolden, wassup? Please to read Rimini proverb:

Chi fabbrica vicino alla strada, ha molti sindicatori.
He who builds by the roadside has many surveyors.

Or, at any rate, one surveyor.


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