Catholic organization is reviving him under a broad umbrella and before huge audience

In all knowledge … the human soul experiences something “over and above”

-Message to the 2009 Rimini Meetings
Pope Benedict XVI


Msgr. Luigi Giussani (right) founded the Rimini Meetings.
His legacy is now being tarnished.


[Source: Rimini meeting logo: meetingrimini.org; Mather: nih.gov]
“Something “over and above”!”
The Rimini Meeting Logo and their superstar John Mather of NASA, who perpetrated the greatest science fraud in history.
He committed this fraud with his satellite experiment in space – the first space fraud in history
(Get it? “over and above”!)
It certainly will be an ‘event’!
Be sure to get your program autographed.
Benedictus benedicat



1. He is escorted by NASA legal counsel:
In his latest appearance on 31 July 2009 at the Annual Conference of the Mars Society, NASA sent its legal counsel to accompany John Mather and make a statement prior to his speech.

2. He gives a party, no one comes:
When the 2009 John Mather Nobel Scholarships were announced on 21 July 2009, the World treated it with sepulchral silence – in sharp contrast to the fanfare of the previous year. There is thus far not a single public comment from the twelve awardees or their home institutions this year.

3. He don’t get no respect:
It is coming up on three years since Mather’s Nobel Prize was announced – in all this time, his official rank in NASA has not advanced one iota – he remains at his pre-Nobel rank. Mather was given a top NASA HQ leadership position in recognition of his Nobel Prize, but it was taken away (not too gently) from him after the allegation of the fraud.

4. No seat for him at the High Table:
Mather’s lecture circuit is well-circulated on the Internet. Judging from this, he has not received any invitations from any first-tier universities, starting shortly after the allegation was made.
It is not for no reason they are the first-tier universities.

5. NASA may have placed internal restrictions on him:
The vigorously active NASA website entitled “John Mather::Speaking Schedule” has not been updated since 25 March 2009 although Mather’s lecture circuit has been vigorously active to this day. It remains unclear if he is giving these talks as a NASA employee or as a private citizen.


In the 2009 Rimini Meetings, they will glorify NASA science fraud John Mather. See my previous post for details.

(OK, OK, skip the translations and let me read the rest of this post!)

Inne om Rimini Möte , de vilja ära NASA vetenskap bedragare John Mather. Se min föregående meddelande för detaljerna.

Nelle riunioni 2009 di Rimini, glorificheranno la frode John Mather di scienza della NASA. Vedi il mio messagio precedente per i particolari.

リミニの2009年の会合では、それらはNASA科学の欺瞞ジョンMatherを賞賛する。 細部については私の前のメッセージを見なさい。

In den Rimini-Sitzungen 2009 glorifizieren sie die NASA-Wissenschaftsbetrug John Mather. Sehen Sie meinen vorhergehenden Mitteilung für Details.

Στις 2009 συνεδριάσεις Rimini, θα δοξάσουν την απάτη John Mather επιστήμης της NASA. Δείτε το προηγούμενο μήνυμά μου για τις λεπτομέρειες.

Lors des réunions 2009 de Rimini, ils amélioreront la fraude John Mather de la science de la NASA. Voir le mon message précédent pour des détails.

在2009年里米尼会议,他们将赞美美国航空航天局科学欺骗约翰Mather。 看见我的早先消息关于细节。

En las reuniones 2009 de Rimini, glorificarán el fraude Juan Mather de la ciencia de la NASA. Vea mi mensaje anterior para los detalles.

In de 2009 Vergaderingen Rimini, zullen zij de wetenschapsfraude John Mather van NASA verheerlijken. Zie mijn vorig bericht voor details.

В встречах 2009 Rimini, они воспеют очковтирательство Джон Mather науки NASA. См. мой предыдущий сообщение для деталей.

Nas reuniões 2009 de Rimini, glorificarão a fraude John Mather da ciência da NASA. Veja minha mensagem precedente para detalhes.

২০০৯ সনের রিমিনি মিটিংএ ব্যাটারা নাসার বিজ্ঞানের জোচ্চর জন মাথারকে মাথায় তুলে ধৈ ধৈ করে নাচবে। বিশেষ বৃত্তান্তের জন্যে আমার পূর্ববর্তী লেখাটি দেখুন।



Uptil now we have had four sexy intellectual groovefests glorifying Mather this year:

Center for Inquiry Meeting
Origins Meeting of the Arizona State University
Mars Society Meeting
Rimini Meetings

In a most weird twist, in the Mars Society meeting Mather was accompanied by NASA legal counsel! The Rimini Meetings will be the first staging abroad this year of this spectacle. May be he will appear there accompanied by a member of the NASA Chaplaincy.


Readers who feel I am making too much of this matter simply need to go and read up on what the scientific establishment itself has said about the enormous gravity of science fraud. The US Government has set up entire bureaucracies to deal with science fraud. The matter is in fact considered so important that this bureaucratic apparatus – only in the case of science fraud – has its source right in the Office of the President of the United States. Often, the legal apparatus has been mobilized also, and in one case, the US Secret Service was pressed into service. The US science media routinely pushes other nations to deal with science fraud there. The scientific establishment has snatched away the bread from the mouths of the frauds’ families. The media has torn into them like a pack of hungry wolves. The scarlet letter has been affixed. It is only that, for some reason, they decided not to apply all these measures in their books in the case of John Cromwell Mather. Not only that. They decided to cover up for, and re-groom, Mather.

And yet, in terms of the level of the art involved, John Mather dwarfs all the frauds past.

I will say this: The organizers of the Rimini Meetings may be clueless about the John Mather fraud. But that is all the more reason for them to feel outrage at NASA – for letting the World think there’s nothing the matter with Mather. NASA is in fact causing the great Rimini Meetings to be tarnished forever – as they have indeed tarnished so many other honor rosters – Nobel Prize, US National Academy of Sciences, Gruber Prize, Robinson Prize,…

Noted scientific discoverers Charles H. Townes (93 years old) and Yves Coppens (75 years old) are being brought to flank John Mather on stage and thus legitimize him as a fellow discoverer.

Some of you may have seen a hilarious piece where Bernie Madoff (in his better days) was telling people what a good job SEC was doing. But NASA’s John Mather telling the Rimini Meeting about the inner joys of discovery will take the cake yet.

The World should now beware of NASA.


As always, NASA is invited to take issue with this post which is made in the public interest about a public figure, seeing as how NASA and a corrupt World media are covering up for John Mather.

Reader please note: It is my assessment that absolutely no scientist of repute will defend Mather on public record against the fraud allegation. If you do not believe me, try to get such a statement. Why not go right to the source and contact Mather’s co-discoverer and co-Nobelist George Smoot? Also, NASA will not defend Mather against this allegation. If you do not believe me, contact NASA here.

Professor Marco Bersanelli, University of Milan
He knows everything
Lately, he has been vigorously reviving Mather through contacts he has:
Rimini Meeting, Euresis publication, Univ. of San Marino Symposium
Anyone who knowingly promotes a fraud has a hidden agenda

Professor Marco Bersanelli, who is chairing the Mather session for the Rimini Meetings, is well aware that John Mather committed science fraud. He must be keeping the organizers of the Rimini Meeting in the dark.

In sum, it is most easy for anyone with any desire for truth to get a sense of the veracity of this matter. If people nevertheless proceed, they will be knowingly glorifying science fraud.

They will praise the fraud to high heaven in the name of the late Msgr. Luigi Giussani, and under the blessings of two Popes.

Laudamus te, benedicimus te.


1. A while ago I told you how the Vatican was lauding physicist Edward Witten. Now you have seen how a Catholic organization closely conneced to the Vatican is reviving John Mather. What can you conclude? Write an essay of 1000 – 1500 words.

2. Earlier I have spoken of diabolically clever efforts to cover up for, and regroom Mather. But now we see that the strategy is actually a religious revival scheme. Do you see an inconsistency, or does it all make sense?

3. Hold a debate in your organization on the following theme:

In the opinion of the house, religion has wrested control of the John Mather science fraud issue and made it go away, thus rendering all other stake-holders powerless.

4. In 100 words or more please, has John Cromwell Mather received the protction of the Catholic Church?


The Meetings open with a Catholic blessing ceremony.
John Mather will take the stage soon.

Photos from the conference site:

Seated in this panel are (L. to R.): John Mather, Charles Townes, Marco Bersanelli and Yves Coppens. Everyone here – sitting under a religious umbrella and talking profound -is aware of the allegation of science fraud.

In an interview given in Italy on or about 27 August 2009, John Mather stuck to his guns about his own discovery of the Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum (from which NASA releases have been lately backpedaling):

I thought that we had to make a very brilliant experiment, or else it would not actually tell us anything. We promised a sensitivity that would find small deviations of only one part in one thousand from perfection: eventually it turned out that the instrument was capable of measuring only one part in twenty thousand, fifty parts per million deviations from perfection. And that was the final answer that we obtained: the hot Big Bang explains the measurement within an accuracy of fifty parts per million. When we showed the first version of this chart to the astronomical society, we received a standing ovation, which completely amazed me. I thought: “everybody knows that this is the right answer”, but the general population of astronomers did not know. They had seen many bad measurements and many strange theories to explain these bad measurements and it really was in doubt that the hot Big Bang was the correct story. We went from measurements that were just terrible to measurements that were very good, all in an instant and this was a tremendous experience for people. I remembered thinking “why are they so excited”? I knew this was the right answer, but I was the only one that did. Of course it took many years of preparation to achieve this: it was fifteen years from the proposal to the launch, but then we got this first scientific result within weeks.

This is a pack of blatant lies. What this omits is what he himself documented in his scientific paper as well as in the official NASA archives: His “very brilliant experiment” failed miserably. There was no “scientific result” to be had from this doozy of an experiment. The 50 ppm accuracy did not come from the satellite, but from down-to-earth quarters.

For the lay reader and even clergy, here is what actually happened. Mather’s satellite was designed to look in a very special way at an unknown thing in space and tell you what that thing is. When it was launched and, just as a test, it was asked to look at a known thing in space and tell you what that was, it conked out. This fact is fully recorded for posterity. This should have been the end of the experiment. But this satellite then made the great discovery that pinned down the unknown object of desire to 50 ppm accuracy. And now the Catholic Church is wrapping up this business with several hallelujahs.

[Yo Gen. Bolden, wassup?!]

Note also another important point Mather makes: Without his experiment, Big Bang is unconfirmed. On this I agree.

And here is something uplifting: According to the Rimini Meeting site, as the talks were given, the audience listened not just in silence, but a “religious silence.”

So there you have it in a nutshell: Diabolic lies from the US Space Agency inspiring religious reverence in the Catholic Church.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis …


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