“The universe of 100 years ago was simple …. The picture today is more complete and much richer. The cosmos began 13.7 billion years ago with the big bang..”
– Michael S. Turner

“About 30 years ago, a vastly simplified version of the big bang manifesto for the common man was issued:
The Nigerian Scam.”

– Dreamheron

Scientific American is peddling scientific rubbish!

(The following is a post in the public interest)

Michael S. Turner is something something distinguished professor at the University of Chicago, and generally the town crier for the Big Bang establishment. He has just written an article about the universe in Scientific American (September 2009). In it he says they are closing in on the universe. This is his language. Earlier he said they got the universe pretty much figured out – also his language. This time, the editors of Scientific American also joined the chorus, saying something to the effect that dark energy is the name of the game.

These statements are not being made as theories or suggestions, but as facts on the ground. As established truth akin to The Earth is round. And that is where the public is being deceived. With great deliberation.

A few people – mediocre scientists and their powerful mouthpieces – are declaring what the absolute truth is about a home that belongs to 6 billion people. This is no different than Christian or Hindu or Moslem clergy proclaiming that they alone have cornered the market on the ultimate truth about the universe. As a matter of fact, hard science has nothing to do with what Turner is dishing out.

This is why the matter needs to be addressed in an emphatic manner by the highest authority on the subject: Dreamheron who exposed the greatest fraud in history perpetrated upon the said 6 billion people by the Big Bang establishment.

Michael S. Turner, Univ. of Chicago

Of course I did not read the article or buy the magazine. I only thumbed through when I was in the grocery store. This stuff I know – I’ve seen ’em all! I was a little surprised though to see that this distinguished journal is peddling such a load of oxdung. They are misinforming an entire World. This is damn irresponsible, and shows how corrupt the media has become in serving seated power.

First of all, the Big Bang Theory has been proved to be bogus – because its pivotal support came from a bunch of experiments that were inept, incompetent and fraudulent Since the proponents of Big Bang Theory do not accept responsibility for this, and continue in their merry way as though nothing were wrong, they should no longer be seen as members of the scientific community. They are no better than Nigerian scammers. Actually, they could scam the Nigerian scammers. And Michael S. Turner – with his loudhailer – is the most visible of them.

All this is very easy to understand when you keep in mind that we are smack in the middle of The Age of Fakery, where the nobles and the intelligentsia and the establishments scam the world. You have been Layed, Yooed, Madoffed and Mathered. Now you are being Turnered. Simple!

Folks – please, please – use a little common sense.

What is the universe full of? Photons. How do we get our knowledge of the universe? From the photons. What do we know about the physical nature of photons? Diddly squat. Is the physical nature of photons an active and open issue today? You bet!

What else permeates the entire universe? Magnetic field. What controls the ionized universe? Magnetic field. What do we know about the physical nature of magnetic field in empty space? Not a thing. Is the physical nature of magnetic field an open issue today? Yes, and it has also been stated to be so by Maxwell and Faraday.

So, without understanding the first thing about the universe, how do you close in on it and where do you get ‘dark energy’?

Who has begun to explain the physical nature of the photon? Dreamheron. Who has begun to explain the physical nature of magnetic field? Dreamheron. So who is the one person that can have something to say about the universe? Dreamheron. What does Dreamheron say about the universe? Beats me!

Here is a good way to think about Big Bang Cosmology: About 30 years ago, a vastly simplified version of the big bang manifesto for the common man was issued: The Nigerian Scam.

There is as much evidence for Big Bang Cosmology today as there is for Creation. If you embrace one, embrace the other as well.

There is an African proverb: It is the fear of what tomorrow may bring that makes the tortoise carry his house along with him wherever he goes.

It is the fear of what may happen if they fall silent that makes the Big Bang people always keep making such loud noise and such tremendous racket.


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