It now seems that the high profile Rimini Meetings (backed by the Catholic Church) were only the first in a new wave of such efforts where John Mather will be gradually brought back to his old glory. No one has addressed the issue of his gigantic science fraud in public, and he is on his way to be restored to his original name and fame. The World has not seen such grand deception in its entire history.

Reader, note the following:

First, have no doubt on this score: John Mather is a science fraud and his discovery is fraudulent. I could not have said this if it were not true. Following the departure of the former Administrator Michael Griffin, NASA has engaged in a systematic cover-up of this fraud. This cover-up has picked up new strength since the new NASA Administrator Gen. Charles Bolden and Deputy Adminstrator Lori Garver (an Obama confidante) came to power. This matter is in plain evidence.

Charles Bolden and Lori Garver
Have they joined the John Mather protection detail?

Second, the World’s mighty power brokers that have lined up behind Mather as his protection racket could – with far less effort – shut me down if they had any scientific leg to stand on. But they don’t. So, these people have chosen to deflect public attention away from the fraud by shining bright strobe lights on Mather. That is the spectacle you are watching.

Third, if all these academic organizations involved are so hot on Mather, why doesn’t one of them offer him a high chair in its own house and thus rescue him from his current grossly humiliating situation at NASA? The answer is to be found in the Jewish proverb: The innkeeper loves a drunkard, but not for a son-in-law.

[And indeed, why has not NASA – while giving him surreptitious help by letting him use their web pages and their modern worldwide video conference link for his revival – given him any advancement in official rank because of his Nobel Prize? Most incredibly, three years on since the announcement of his Nobel Prize, Mather remains the plain old scientific employee that he was before his Nobel Prize. He has not been given the smallest little ort because of his Prize. Think about that!]

The victim of these scamming intellectual “Nigerians” is always the hapless public, especially the American taxpayers. If Gen. Mbwana Mbogus, Nigerian Army (ret.) wants your bank account number, these people want the password to your vault that houses your second most valuable asset called Honesty. They are pilfering it away for sure, my friends! Slowly slowly.

And they also got the charge of your first most valuable asset: Your brood. What are they doing to your young’uns? When you gonna wake up?

The next event in the grand revival festival is at the vaunted Yale University. They have chosen to give John Mather very high profile feting by selecting him to present their prestigious Leigh Page Prize Lecture series.

(“Light and Truth” indeed!)

Simultaneously, NASA’s long-frozen web page JOHN MATHER::SPEAKING SCHEDULE has been brought to life again – a veritable shrine to the great man’s feting by the World. Here you can see what other organizations are participating in this grossly dishonest and dishonorable program to cover up a science fraud. This official web page is also evidence that NASA is participating in this revival.


In the face of this high power revival festival, I am not making much progress in bringing this fraud to scientific justice, and I am not getting any help from any quarters. The World has run out of honest physicists. So I simply place things on record – that is all I can do. On 11 September 2009, I sent the following email to the President of Yale University:



Dear Sir:

I notice that your physics department is honoring in a very big way NASA Nobel Laureate John Mather, who has been invited to present the Leigh Page Prize Lecture series.

John Mather is the greatest science fraud in history, and your physics department is well aware of this allegation.

You could ask NASA about this allegation. See what happens.

Be advised that in the three years since Mather’s Nobel Prize announcement, he has not been given any advancement in his official standing at NASA. He remains at his pre-Nobel rank.

Recently, twelve young students were awarded the “John Mather Nobel Scholarship.” This announcement has been met with the silence of the graveyard. Not one of the awardees, nor any of their home institutions, has publicly acknowledged receiving this honorific. In the past year, in contrast, there was great fanfare. It seems that these young’uns have better sense than your physics faculty.

In view of the above, it seems to me that in the interest of the greater good of your fine organization, you could ask to receive written assurances from your physics department that there is nothing to this allegation. See what happens. My sense is that a few people are promoting their personal agenda at the cost of your organization.

If you would like to read the long-standing, unrefuted and unopposed public fraud allegation, here is the link:


You would be on better footing if your economics department were honoring Bernie Madoff.

At any rate, this also to inform you that I will induct Yale University into my widely read


Sincerely yours,



Yale university glorifies science fraud
(Click to enlarge: In this poster, the satellite experiment was defective and the blackbody curve was fraudulent – and Yale knew all this.)


A serious public allegation is made against your organization: You are knowingly grooming a science fraud. You can respond to this at any length, or as briefly as “Your allegation against John Mather is baseless.” Simply send me a subscribed objection to this post and I will publish it prominently here below, exactly and in toto:

(Reader, I have communicated this challenge to the Yale Physics Chairman by email on 12 September 2009. Please check back for a response below!)



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