Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator

You were chosen to lead NASA after unusually lengthy deliberation by the White House. NASA was at critical crossroads and needed strong and decisive and visionary leadership.

The first and the most important and the most urgent matter on your plate was the matter of the NASA fraud: A fraud perpetrated upon the World utilizing the full faith and credit of NASA, and a fraud perpetrated against the Swedish Nobel Prize organization. NASA has defiled that noble, time-honored institution built upon the accumulated accomplishments of fine men and women over a hundred years. It is a fraud that undermines the very core purpose and the fundamental goal of NASA: To develop knowledge of the space around us.

In importance, it is a matter far above what the human space flight commission has been so visibly considering lately.

Here is the simplest of the simple ground truths: The scientific community has feted John Mather around the World with an orgy-like fervor. Today, can you find one single scientist anywhere that will certify to you in writing – and on penalty of dismissal from his job – that he has understood the John Mather experiment fully and testifies that there is nothing to my allegation? The answer is No.

This community today knows that Mather’s discovery is fraudulent, but is keeping mum about it. That is why their burden has been shifted to your shoulders.

What has happened since you took office? The central fraudster, John Cromwell Mather of the Goddard Space Flight Center, has come out of the doghouse (see below) and flourished. He has gained new strength under your watch. He is using NASA web pages and NASA videolink to re-launch himself. Some people inside NASA, your employees, are clearly helping Mather in this process. They are aiding and abetting the science fraud. These people need to be let go from NASA.

In the summer of 2009, many bright kids from around the World were placed in NASA’s care. John Mather selected twelve of these interns, and branded them with his own name (“John Mather Nobel Scholars”.) Did NASA protect these innocent kids from being thus forever scarred? Why does NASA allow Mather to use its fertile premises to recruit a cadre of bright, wide-eyed young people who would carry his name forth in the World? I mean, who the heck is minding the store, General?

Mather is now spreading his dark wings – like Dracula’s cloak – over the World again: Italy, India, Russia … Not content with giving commencement homilies to America’s young, he is bringing inspiration to the young people of foreign lands. What kind of an American export is this, with the NASA logo emblazoned on it?

[Photo: K. V. Srinivasan, courtesy: The Hindu]
Using NASA’s worldwide videolink, John Mather inspires India’s young, who listen “awestruck”

NASA fraud is again alive and well and flourishing. Under your watch.

And as if all these were not bizarre enough, this science fraudster has been kept at the scientific helm of the next generation telescope. Why? So that he can defraud the World again? What possible excuse can there be for this grotesque situation? Who is responsible for keeping the fox in charge of the henhouse?

Following this example of NASA, we could take Bernie Madoff out of the slammer and place him in charge of the financial recovery.

Michael Griffin, former NASA Administrator

John Mather was put in the doghouse by your predecessor Michael Griffin. As a scientist and an engineer, Griffin is nobody’s fool. He has more paper qualifications than most academics. He understood the fraud as I explained it, and so he did not have to ask for the scientific community’s opinion. More importantly, however, he did not choose to look the other way like all bureaucrats do. He acted with swiftness and severity. He demoted Mather – not too gently – from the third highest level in NASA to his pre-Nobel job at Goddard. Griffin did not fear any pro-Mather revolution from the mighty academic community. And indeed, this community meekly accepted this drastic fall of their Superhero.

Michael Griffin showed science savvy. He showed engineering mettle. He showed leadership quality. And above all, he showed what leadership responsibility is. He took “executive action.”

It seems to me that Griffin left before he could fully address this matter, and as a result, Mather remained in charge of the James Webb Space Telescope. It fell on you to deal with this.

What have you shown thus far? Nothing that I can see. And don’t say that it takes time. Michael Griffin showed that it does not take time to right a wrong. Any leader in such circumstances who says it takes time is someone who is shirking responsibility or playing politics or maintaining status quo or listening to bad advice and accepting butt-covering explanations. That is no way to lead.

The World knows about the NASA fraud. From Tuktoyuktuk to Antananarivo, from Krasnoyarsk to Kalimantan, the World knows. And this I accomplished without the scientific establishment and in spite of the scientific establishment. Without the Media and in spite of the Media. This matter ain’t gonna go away, Gen. Bolden.

As I see it now, it has been a bad mistake to let Michael Griffin go, even considering his controversial stances.

But, I would like to be proved wrong. Soon.

The first thing you need to do is to bust the John Mather protection racket wide open. It exists within NASA, outside NASA, in the Capitol Building and in the Ivory Tower. So now you know what you are up against. You also know that your predecessor was unafraid. And he was never a combat pilot.


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