As I have said in previous posts, the response to the “John Mather Nobel Scholars 2009” PR announcement was one of complete silence. The PR announcement was not followed by the customary photograph of Mather posing with the Scholars. It seemed for a while that this despicable branding program had met with appropriate response. The students themselves did not tout it, the Media did not carry it, and the students’ home institutions did not mention it. It seemed that the young students that came to NASA would not be publicly branded with the name of NASA’s resident science fraud.

But no!

It is NASA itself that is now blessing the John Mather branding iron and publicizing it!

I found the following photograph publicized boldly in a popular NASA web page, with their caption reproduced underneath. The NASA official responsible for this page is Stephen Merkowitz.

“Kyle Aaron Norman, a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder was recently named a 2009 John Mather Nobel Scholar for his work on the LISA mission. Kyle was a summer intern at NASA GSFC working on mechanical design and analysis of the LISA telescope and laser stabilization cavity. “

Reader, consider the absurdity of this situation. First of all, it is unheard of for someone living to link his own name with the Nobel name and create a hyphenated award and get the US Government to promulgate it. Second, an employee of a Government Agency raids the intern population, points his finger and says: I want this one, and that one, and the one with long hair… Then the Agency offers them up. When the World finally turns its back on this grotesque activity, the Agency takes it upon itself to continue to keep it in limelight. This award could in fact be equivalently called:

NASA Science Fraud Scholar 2009

Five Scholars went forth in the World in 2008, twelve in 2009, who knows how many in the later years – John Mather’s special hallmark is spreading like wildfire through America’s young generation, and to the World beyond. Soon we will have a World dotted with NASA Science Fraud Scholars. If the branding will not be on their butts, it will be in their cvs – which is the same thing.

And a nation sits by idly as a Government Agency sullies her precious young.

Doin’ a heck of a job, Gen. Bolden!



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