Reader, you have seen how the great man was pressed into social service by giving commencement address to highschool children, convocation speech to college graduates, motivational coaching to jobseeking Ph.D.s, by creating a new generation of young branded with his high name… Now it is on to women’s cause and diversity!

The feting of John Mather by the scientific establishment is proceeding apace. Everytime I hope that some green shoots of justice are raising their heads, there he is on stage, doing his stuff. Just goes to illustrate the German saying: Kaum ist über eine Sache Gras gewachsen, kommt ein alter Esel daher und frisst es wieder ab!

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John Cromwell Mather – now recognized as a special inspiration to America’s women scientists

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The NASA John Mather Circus continues. In the latest showing on October 21-23, 2009 under the auspices of NASA-GSFC, he will teach women in astronomy and space science

“What it takes to become a PI, Project Scientist or Instrument Scientist.”

My suggestion to this community: Before you hold such pretentious meetings, you need to learn:

“What it takes to become an honest and conscientious scientist.”

If you ain’t that, you are nothing. To perversely applaud the history’s greatest science fraud is neither to advance the cause of women nor to promote diversity. It is to promote sumptan else.

This is how the announcement describes Mather’s achievement:

“Mather and Smoot analyzed data from NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) that studied the pattern of radiation from the first few instants after the universe was formed. Mather and Smooth proved that the Big Bag was not a theory but fact.”

Mather did not study the pattern of radiation. This is a well-crafted lie that takes the place of his actual discovery, the fraudulent discovery of the Big Bang Blackbody. This is a lie being systematically promoted by NASA, and now being endorsed by the community of women in astronomy and space science. Women scientists – a community I had always instinctively looked up to!

The statement “Big Bag [sic] was not a theory but fact” endorsed by these woman personages is really the greatest deceit of all. The experimental evidence for Big Bang Cosmology was derived through the John Mather fraud. This is not my opinion. This is the hardest of hard science: Engineering. Scientists who do not accept this are either awfully dishonest or awfully stupid. Either way they do not belong in science.

In the name of science, and from within their august academic mantles, the woman scientists are now perpetrating upon mankind a most blatant science fraud. The leaders of this ‘project’ are some of NASA’s woman scientists. I am sure that like every other person, these women are well aware of the old adage: If you lie down with the dog, you will get up with fleas.

Here is more proof – if such is needed – of what I have told you from other lines of reasoning: NASA’s inhouse science is mediocre-to-fourth rate. This is well-known in the scientific community but no one will say it. Reader, do not forget that I once saw NASA at very close quarters – so close that you thought nothing of it if a famous astronaut was standing at the next urinal stall.

With a house-full of dishonest coverer-uppers and promoters of Mather, NASA is out of control. Yo Gen. Bolden, whatcha doin’ there man?!


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