According to this announcement, the students of Park School Baltimore will receive inspiration from the example of John mather. This should put them right on track for the Nobel Prize.

The leaders of Park School are not at fault. They are very far removed from the specific scientific arena where people are aware of the fraud. The fault lies squarely with NASA Administration. They are permitting, with deliberation it seems, the young of America to be subjected to this deviousness and deceit. Again, and again, and again…

There is no V-chip against NASA. They are coming straight to your young’uns and doing things to them…

The above announcement from the Park School quotes from the Nobel Prize site. What you need to know is that the Nobel people by law cannot do anything to change anything that has already happened, even if it is in error. Once the Nobel Prize is given, it is cast in stone. These people simply will not respond to any questions about John Mather.

How would you feel if your son or daughter were to hear Bernie Madoff speak in his/her school? The John Mather case is far far worse. He performed an incompetent experiment that failed, then engaged in fraud to cover this up and obtain a picture-perfect discovery. He then garnered a Nobel Prize. Subsequently, when I exposed the fraud, the scientific establishment with all its might protected him, and then regroomed him. The Media has participated in this cover up, as has the White House and the United States Congress.

I know I sound like a wild and crazy guy. But here is something very simple you can do: Ask NASA about this. See what happens. Any citizen can ask NASA anything about their work. Don’t forget that you are paying their salary.

Do this, and if they deny the allegation, let me know. Then you can call me names.

There is another thing you can do, also a very commonsense thing: Ask yourself how anyone could say such things in public if they were not true. Why can’t all the mighty groups I have named above shut me down?


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