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I am angry. For two years and a half now I have campaigned to call to account the greatest science fraud in history. Every group that had a stake in this has stonewalled. Every group that had the responsibility and duty to deal with this has remained silent. Now the Swedish Nobel Organization has come out and issued a loud reaffirmation of the fraudulently obtained Nobel Prize. I am angry.

Remember that line from the Arthurian legend: : “Lest one good custom should corrupt the world … “ The Nobel Foundation is now corrupting our scientific civilization. Hear this from me, for no other scientist will tell you this. Why? Because they don’t want to queer the deal. (Capice?)

While the Nobel people have never commented directly on the John Mather science fraud, they have now devised a way to address this matter. They have just issued a very strong, if indirect, message that John Mather discovery is completely legit. You can read about it here.

Michael Sohlman is the Executive Director of the Nobel Organization. He has made the decision to forcefully reaffirm John Mather’s fraudulent Nobel Prize. He was well aware of the allegation of science fraud when he made the decision. He is going to have the science fraud inaugurate an educational channel for the young of the World. It can be said without any exaggeration that he has turned the Nobel Organization into an apparatus for the promotion of science fraud.
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All right, you Swedes, I have been soft with you for personal reasons. But now my velvet gloves are off! It is one thing to give out a Nobel Prize for gross science fraud. It is another thing to keep mum about it for two and a half years after the allegation is made public. And let us dismiss as divine comedy the stuff about the crapped out COBE Satellite bringing about the Dawning of the Age of Cosmology as Precision Science (What a load of crock!). But what takes the cake is to then figure out a way to give a resounding public approval to the said fraud, and thus drown out the allegation. What you have done in actual fact – and this is what I am telling the World citizenry – is that you have become a witting part of the original fraud, after the fact.

The uninitiated reader may read about John Mather’s blatant science fraud here.


There is no more doubt here than there was in the case of Victor Ninov and Jan Hendrik Schon. In fact, in the latter two cases, some investigation was necessary. In the present case the fraud is self-evident. Any scientific expert that is telling you different is either incompetent or dishonest or – what is most likely – both.

Can I prove my allegation? Actually, there is nothing for me to prove. (Therefore, there is nothing for me to publish in a “refereed journal” – those who make that argument take you for a damn fool.) It was John Mather himself that documented the evidence of his own fraud in his own paper, with great clarity. He is his own accuser.

So the fraud already stands published in a “refereed journal.” If that publication was acceptable as a basis for the highly public Nobel Prize, why is the exact same publication not acceptable as the basis for publicly acknowledging the fraud?

My role here is like that of Charles Markopolos who repeatedly warned the World about the Bernie Madoff fraud, and nobody, most of all SEC, listened. The equivalent of SEC in the present case is OSTP. If Madoff drained some people’s personal wealth, Mather is draining the World’s collective conscience.

So, to summarize the response to the attempts to bring to justice the greatest science fraud in history:

1. NASA no longer speaks about the fraudulent discovery of the Blackbody Spectrum, but repeatedly insists (falsely) that John Mather mapped the universe. They have rescinded John Mather’s actual discovery. At the same time, they have demoted Mather drastically and kept him in the doghouse all this while.

2. The Nobel Organization ( has just issued (“with the assistance of NASA”) a resounding affirmation that John Mather’s discovery is all that it was cracked out to be.

3. My position on the John Mather fraud remains unchanged. All that has happened is that more people have joined the gigantic cover up.

There is a Bengali proverb: If ten people say God is a ghost, then He is a ghost. A Chinese proverb has it thus: Three people can make up a tiger. A great many powerful groups have made up John Mather the Fraud into John Mather the Genius. So that is how it is today.

John Mather has been made into, and sees himself as, nothing less than the Genesis Man. Had it not been for the hydraulic brakes I have applied, given the campaign that was on, his status today would be considerably above the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

You now have a very clear choice between me alone on one side, and on the other side: The Academia, NASA, the Nobel Prize Organization, the Media, the White House, US Congress … On one side: One person with an Internet connection and a cup of coffee. On the other side: The mightiest organizations with the loudest loudhailers working together, in collusion, for the most part funded by the public.


The new grand venture of – to be inaugurated by John Mather – invites questions for him from the public. Before any science questions are asked and inspirational homilies are sought, here are some of the most flagrant issues that need to be raised:

Q: How could the Cockeyed COBE Satellite make picture perfect measurements? Why do you not explain to the World this great big Matzo ball of a problem that you yourself put out there?

Q: Please answer one of the following questions:

(a). How can the Swedish Nobel Committee retroactively fix a malfunctioning American satellite in orbit – fifteen years after it had become space junk?


(b). What was in that chillum they were passing round the conference table when they decided to give you the Nobel Prize?

Q: Why has NASA kept you on a leash in the doghouse after the allegation was made?

Q: For three years NASA has kept you on a diet of Iams. Why do you continue to suffer this abject humiliation? Surely at 60+ you could take an early retirement and accept an honorific Chair in the University of Maryland next door where you are already an Adjunct Professor! Or anywhere else for that matter? Isn’t it true that no respectable institution would give you a job?

Q: Why do you need to be escorted by Government Legal Counsel when you go to a scientific meeting?

Q: Why did the twelve John Mather Nobel Scholars 2009 not pose for the customary official photograph with you? Why is it that not a single one of these fine young people – nor his/her home institution – publicly acknowledges this award? Couldn’t one conclude that the young people found it beneath their dignity to be photographed with you the greatest science fraud in history?

Q: Why was your pal Dick Henry, promoting your cause, forced to disavow any connection to NASA?

Q: Why is it that all kinds of colorful festooned umbrellas are being extended to you from around the World, but not a single named expert nor a group of named experts would come out and defend you in public with regard to your grand discovery from an out-of-control, crapped out instrument in orbit?

Q: While you are doing this jazzy videolink stuff in Sweden and Russia and India, isn’t it a fact that you are pretty much finished, washed out, as far as the higher levels of the academia is concerned? They have figured you out, wouldn’t you say? You are pretty much excommunicated today by the hardcore scientific establishment, wouldn’t you say?

Q: You and your mentor Alan Stern were unceremoniously booted out from NASA HQ at the same time. Stern’s career never recovered. Actually, your career also never recovered. You are the busiest of all Nobel Laureates in the lecture circuit. Isn’t it true that you are trying frantically to maintain a facade of activities, but only on the fringes of science (Onassis Foundation, Dynasty Foundation, Technozion…)? You may fool the World with this, but do you think you are fooling all your scientific colleagues?

Q: You are described as NASA’s crown jewel, America’s top space scientist. Why is it that there is not a single report or picture of you with the new Administrator, Gen. Bolden – either on the Internet or in the NASA sites that sing your paeans?

Q: Why are you horning in on George Smoot’s part of the discovery, as you are demonstrably doing?

Q: Isn’t the sum total of your situation – the hard facts on the ground outlined above – a hard slap on the face of the Nobel organization? Such treatment of a Nobel Laureate in the sciences is unheard of in the history of the Prize.

Reader, until and unless these questions are answered, there is no point in asking him science questions, is there?


Note that today is a very big day for Mather. Around the World, they decided in a very concerted way to build a full head of steam under Mather. Not only did the Nobel news from Sweden hit the airwaves. But there was a big item on a women’s conference in NASA-GSFC, starring Mather. And at the same time, another Mather speaking engagement in Russia was announced on the airwaves.


Let us now wait for the other shoe to drop: Let us see if NASA takes Mather out of the doghouse in Goddard and re-appoints him NASA HQ Chief Scientist. If NASA’s top Leadership is a party to the revival festival, that is the least they would do now, and do it PDQ. That will be the proof of the pudding.

But if Mather continues to remain in the doghouse, it would mean that NASA’s top Leadership continues to affirm that Mather is a science fraud while the Nobel Organization reaffirms his Nobel Prize. It would mean that the top Leadership of NASA were the only ones who acted responsibly and honorably in this whole sordid business. It would also mean: There is something rotten in the state of Sweden.

Yo Gen. Bolden! I don’t get it, man!


If the NASA leadership truly wanted to reaffirm John Mather, there is no more emphatic and no more resounding way for them to do so than to take him out of the doghouse. As of this day, Mather continues to remain in the doghouse. So disregard this pathetic move by the Nobel Foundation, and watch the doghouse!


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