The Dynasty Foundation is a scientific-philanthropic organization in Russia (Фонд некоммерческих программ “Династия”), founded by a business tycoon named Dmitry Zimin. He says:

“We cannot compete right now with the west in terms of innovation or with China in terms of mass production. That is why I think that the breakthrough for our country might come out of the sciences, especially basic science, which requires that we cultivate the intellect, not natural resources, and which will enable us to take the lead in technological innovation.

This is why the Dynasty Foundation primarily invests in science and education.”

Dmitry Zimin

To this end, he has teamed up with a powerful Media organization called RIA Novosti, and set up a program to present top scientists widely over some type of broadcast media.

So far so good.

However, they have chosen NASA Science Fraud John Mather to inaugurate this auspicious program:

The webcast of the popular science lecture of the Nobel Laureate in Physics Dr. John C. Mather is organized by the Dynasty Foundation in the framework of the project Science Without Borders and RIA Novosti in the framework of the Knowledge Mosaics enlightenment club.

They are fully aware of the allegation of science fraud. This is like setting up an Institution for Economic Development and inviting Bernard Lawrence Madoff to inaugurate it.

So it seems that by doing away with “borders”, they are able to import science fraud into Russia from “the west”, and thus provide Russia with a new piece in the “Knowledge Mosaic.”

Damn shame! I was in Russia recently, and not with any tour groups. I was getting by with what little Russian I know, and eating inexpensively at Teremok and Yolki Palki and the stuffed potato kiosks. In the process, I was getting a feel of the land. I like it. Also, I do not know Russia to have any past history of science fraud of herself. She would do very well without this type of “enlightenment” by Dmitry Zimin.

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