South Korea has just finished its long process of dealing with their science fraud Hwang Woo-suk:

Prosecutors had asked for four years in prison, but Judge Bae Ki-yeol of Seoul Central District Court said Hwang had shown remorse and gave him a suspended sentence, sparing him jail time if he stays out of trouble for three years.

Three years after the fraud was exposed, United States continues to cover up for and laud its homegrown science fraud. John Cromwell Mather is flying high, the airwaves are alive again with news of his exploits. Remorse? What is that?!

Hwang and Mather have things in common. For now, just note this: TIME Magazine anointed both as pillars of the futureworld. This leaves us with the question: What kind of charas do the Editors of TIME use in their chillum?

If their science reporters were worth a damn, they would not be in situation again and again. They would be leading the charge against fraud.


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