The Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

Don’t go to sleep!
The organizations such as The Nobel Foundation, National Science Foundation, National Academy of Sciences are not what they used to be. They have been replaced by organizations that came out of pods. There is only one thing they want – your conscience.
Don’t go to sleep!

The National Science Foundation is considered one of the highest and most influential scientific organizations. So it is significant that they have chosen to honor science fraud John Mather as a speaker in a prestigious lecture series. Here are the details:

Who: John Mather, NASA Goddard Space Center; Nobel laureate in Physics
What: James Webb Space Telescope: From First Stars to Planets
Where: NSF, Room 375
When: Monday, April 19, 2010, 2 p.m.

It just goes to show how deep corruption has seeped into the fabric of the scientific establishment. A person who is in documented scientific and engineering evidence as having committed the most gigantic fraud in history is being concertedly lauded, promoted, reaffirmed, kept in the limelight, … even as a South Korean court sentences their hapless science fraud (exposed partly by Americans.)

ঘোমটার ভেতর খেমটা নাচ!
– Bengali proverb
(Sleazy dance going on within the veil of modesty)

Thanks to the concerted effort of the touts around the World, John Mather is burning up the airwaves even as I write.

Science fraud John Mather and his promoter, NSF Director Arden Bement

But this corruption is no longer uniquely American. We have just seen the Swedes and the Russians pipe up. The Indians have been a big player in this for some time. What we have here is a new ‘coalition’.

This coalition recently met at a country estate in Kirunavaara in secret, and formulated this supersecret directive:

Security classification: STRATOSPHERIC

It is too bad about our times that some people take advantage of free speech. If an Internet weirdo continues to post scurrilous allegations about our finest scientist, there is nothing we can do to the weirdo directly, lest we be accused of muzzling free speech. But we need not at all address his specific scientific allegation, because he has not published it in an accredited scientific journal and submitted reprints to us in triplicate. As to the documented evidence of the satellite instrument malfunctioning twenty years ago, we have passed the statute of limitation, and so we are on safe legal grounds. The scientific establishment is not required to open ‘cold cases.’

What we must do now is this: Act in concert to bring scientific value to the remote reaches of the World. We must keep our precious idol shining high up on a pedestal in bright strobe light, and make such a racket that it drowns out the weirdo’s voice. If he has an Internet connection, we have a million loudhailers that instantly reach all corners of the Earth. He is no match for us. Our goal should be nothing less than to make the weirdo curl up and die just from being ignored.

So let our Special Executive for Countermeasure issue this order to our double-oh class field operatives.

The formal meeting thus concluded, the Chair said: “But my dear colleagues, as we all know, the Internet weirdo is the least of our problems. The overriding problem is that the top leadership of NASA keeps our esteemed colleague in the doghouse. This may give the public at large pause, and even lend credence to the weirdo. So, while the scientific establishment and the media are doing what is expedient, the public is a problem.

“I suggest we take up this matter at the very highest level. Our Swedish representatives have already done enough, but they could do just a little more by moving the Peace Nobel Committee to approach President Obama. He certainly owes them one. He can then direct NASA leadership to do right by our esteemed colleague.

“All right, let us raise our glasses to the cause of science and adjourn. We shall now all depart in secrecy, through the back door – one at a time, at different times – dressed as old Lapp women.”


Yo Gen. Bolden! “You k’n hide de fier, but w’at you gwine do wid de smoke?”


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