John Mather is on the prowl again. He wants your kids. His original source of supply through NASA Goddard Space Flight Center seems to be in some trouble. So he is on the prowl again, looking for new sources and new procurers.

Why does John Mather want your kids? How does he abuse ’em? Read on.

One august organization after another has been teaming up with science fraud John Mather to abuse the young of America. This takes place either by cattle-branding them with the Mather name, or by having Mather give inspirational speeches to them. This is reminiscent of priests abusing the young with the tacit support of the church. In the past two years, seventeen kids from the US and Europe have been branded.

Here is the thing: Mather “donates” his money, but the money comes with strings attached. The string is the John Mather name. It is always John Mather This, John Mather That, John Mather Other Thing… The problem here is that this ought now to be the most reviled name in the history of science, the history of the space-faring civilization and the history of the great religions. All these Mather has subverted.

And it is always emphasized that the money he is giving is the Nobel Prize money. It is as though the award is given in special dollar bills imprinted with the Alfred Nobel insignia, and carries the imprimatur of the Swedish Nobel organization.

John Mather also peddles his Nobel Prize wares through Internet sales of autographed Nobel paraphernalia. Among these items, the following takes the cake: He sells glossy photos of Alfred Nobel, hand-signed “John Mather”! No Nobel Laureate in history has merchandized the Nobel Prize this way. This guy is a first rate science fraud and a third rate huckster. Dishonest and dishonorable people and groups of people are still promoting him as the Genesis Man – the ultimate quality achieved by human evolution.

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) has now teamed up with John Mather to cattle-brand more of America’s innocent young with the red hot iron. It appears that the two-year old John Mather Nobel Scholar Program has faced trouble. So Mather has taken his business to the American Institute of Physics, where he has found a warm welcoming home. The two will now find bright wide-eyed kids, give them a bullet to bite on, and jab the glowing iron onto their bottoms.

Then…smoke, smell, screeching, thrashing around…

Young folks, hear me! For no one else is looking out for you as the science fraud is systematically abusing you – one right after another. Seventeen thus far. He wants to propagate and enshrine his name as widely and as deeply as possible, by attaching his name to large numbers of the upcoming, promising young – “Boys from Brazil” style. No other Nobel Laureate in history has ever done this kind of thing. With this grotesque publicity thrust, he is trying to drown out the issue of science fraud. This has been going on for a long time now. And he has a great many powerful enablers – within and without NASA.

My young friends, hear me! For I alone have the scientific truth on my side. Don’t go anywhere near this AIP program!

A peer group of yours seems to have declined to be photographed with that fraud when they were awarded the 2009 John Mather Nobel Scholarships. Such is the adult dignity those young men and women displayed. Now – like Count Dracula chased away with the Holy Cross – Mather is prowling to find new victims under programs with new names. And the American Institute of Physics is happy to comply. They are acting as his procurers.

There is more. The AIP is in fact falsifying to cover up the john Mather fraud when they say in their Press Release:

His Nobel-prize winning research … centered on the careful mapping of the cosmic microwave background.

The AIP – more than any other organizations – knows that Mather got his prize for precision measurement of the blackbody spectrum. It is George Smoot who got the prize for mapping the cosmic microwave background.

H. Frederick Dylla, the AIP Executive Director and procurer to John Mather (photo: AIP). He is also stating falsehoods to cover up the John Mather science fraud. It is most unlikely that his decision to besmirch the AIP in this way carries the approval of the membership. The higher levels of the academic physics establishment today understand the full extent of the fraud. It is most unlikely they would have any part in this. Dylla has made a bad judgment – and should be removed from his position forthwith. Otherwise he will next be offering the AIP-Madoff Congressional Fellowships.

You no more want to have the John Mather name on your cv than you want to have names like Bernie Madoff or Kenneth Lay.

There is an endless variety of internsip opportunities in Washington DC available to you. Why besmirch yourself by choosing this AIP internship? Just remember the old African proverb: The man that lives on the banks of the Niger should not wash his hands in spittle.

If you become a John Mather Scholar or a John Mather Intern or any other John Mather-branded entity, you will have to hide that from your cv in future. That is never a good place to be in.

But if you still want to proceed, do yourself at least this simple favor: Write an email to NASA Administrator Gen. Charles Bolden (pictured above), asking his advice on this matter. He is an honest and honorable guy, and loves, values and cherishes the young. He will help you. If you do not hear back from him, it means that he is somehow constrained in what he can say to you. Assume he is agreeing with me. Fair enough?

Personally, I recoil in horror to see how low the intelligentsia will sink to provide cronyist cover to one of their own – even if it means sullying the nation’s young, and the young of the world beyond.

As always, those who object to my posts should get an official statement from NASA that John Mather did not commit science fraud, and send it to me.

Yo, Gen. Bolden, what are you letting ’em do to the young’uns, man?!


Two fine young men have been chosen as the Mather Interns and placed in the US House of Representatives.


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