Here is a recent example of how long it takes to deal with science fraud: Working cautiously, methodically and systematically, the nation of South Korea dealt with an instance of complex, modern-day science fraud. In November 2005, allegations of science fraud arose about South Korean biologist Hwang Woo-Suk. In March 2006, he was dismissed from his job. Shortly after this, court proceedings against him commenced. In October 2009, he was convicted. This is a textbook example of a nation that acted with dignity and honor. West Germany also acted in a similar way in the case of Jan Hendrik Schon, as did Japan (Shinichi Fujimura) and Norway (Jon Subdo).

Let’s take another example. In 1991, Brazilian-born Thereza Imanishi-Kari stood falsely accused of science fraud by the US. From 1991 to 1996, they made her life living hell – until she was fully exonerated. But how does one recover from five years of living hell? And the name of David Baltimore who was involved in this business was saved harmless. He is, you see, an all-American boy and a Nobel Laureate.

And when the Collins-Hajra series of collaborative papers was found to be fraudulent, suddenly Hajra – of Indian descent – got 100% blame and Collins – an all-American and a Nobel Laureate – turned 100% the good guy who assisted with uncovering the Hajra fraud! The scientific community actually praised Collins for his “forthrightness.” Whereas this matter deserved as much mass media exposure as any of the other frauds, it was in fact kept pretty quiet there. The American media protected the All-American boy Francis Collins so well that today you cannot find a single picture of Hajra on Google.

I cannot for the life of me understand how you can be a coauthor on so many fraudulent papers, and then wash your hands clean off the whole business. Regardless of how your good friends in their lily white academic mantles spin this thing!

On a personal note, I knew Hajra’s parents very well. His father is a most gentlemanly scientist and his mother is a most graceful lady, trained in science. There is no way the seeds of science fraud came from anywhere there. Young Hajra had to have been bitten by a very American bug.

It is time to take stock.


December 10 is the day the Nobel Prizes are given out ceremoniously in Stockholm and in Oslo. Three years ago this day, John Cromwell Mather was among those being celebrated. He shook hands with the King of Sweden, and stepped right into history.


In this photo that will go down in history as an iconic symbol of great deception, His Majesty the King of Sweden (right) is conferring the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics upon NASA science fraud John Mather. Unlike so many names that have been vilified as science fraud in the American Media in recent history …Fleischmann, Schon, Ninov, Imanishi-kari, Woo-Suk, Elizalde, Gupta, Ben Veniste, Hajra, Sezen … Mather is a baseball-hotdog-apple pie-and-Chevrolet American. The American Media has been protecting him for the past three years by their silence. Their legendary investigative prowess has taken a breather for Mather. The American scientific establishment has been feting him very loudly – perhaps to drown out the feeble voice of truth.

But even among the Nobel Laureates past and present, Mather was said to stand out. He is

– the greatest discoverer of all times
– a legendary scientist
– the most influential person in the World

All these are authoritative quotes.

For the past three years, and continuously, Mather has been whooping it up as a World-class celebrity. He has learned to utter quotable quotes and strike photogenic poses. He philosophizes. He gives inspirational homilies. He tells stories about his childhood that illustrate the saying “Morning shows the day.” He sells his autograph online (35 bucks a pop.) He has devised a way to brand bright young Americans with his own name – so as to effectively propagate himself. And somewhere he has said that he received intimations of immortality.

For the past three years, the World has been feting him nonstop. The NASA web page


is a veritable testimony to this.

I have searched my knowledge of the real world as well as the world of fiction to find a parallel – for a great deceiver continuing to whoop it up for years after he is exposed. I cannot find any examples to match the height achieved by John Mather.

He is simply without parallel. He has a unique place in human evolution. We do not know who the first Australopithecus afarensis was to commit fraud on earth, but we do know who the first Homo sapiens to commit fraud in space is. It is John Cromwell Mather.

In the real world, two persons come to mind: Bernard Lawrence Madoff and Christophe Rocancourt. I am not sure about this, but I think both are today houseguests of Uncle Sam. They each stiffed a large number of wealthy people. Mather stiffed the entire taxpaying base of these United States of America + the Nobel Foundation.

In the world of fiction, Doctor Moriarty comes to mind. He nearly outwitted Sherlock Holmes. Mather actually outwitted the highest intellectuals in the history of mankind.

Had it not been for Dreamheron – and Dreamheron alone, the history of human civilization would be written very differently – based on purposefully faked science. The bogus Big Bang Blackbody would be enshrined as the given truth for the next centuries to come. This would be the extension of Genesis back to The Original Beginning. In other words, Mather would be an author of the new scriptures.


Nicolaus Copernicus and John Mather established the basic nature of the Universe around us.


The twentieth century America produced – from out of her very own soil – Bernard Lawrence Madoff and John Cromwell Mather, two of the greatest frauds of all times in the whole wide World.
In both cases, the nation completely ignored early and strong warnings from experts, and continued to laud the frauds – as if in an opiate trance. Most inexplicably, they continued to do this for long periods of time.
This curious new trait in the national character would later be recognized by historians as early signs of the decline and fall of the great American civilization.

Had it not been for Dreamheron, science would be forever perverted. Our knowledge of the universe would be forever falsified. Children a hundred years hence would read in school that the nature of the Universe around us was established by two historical figures most of all: Nicolaus Copernicus and John Mather.

Had it not been for Dreamheron, we would never know any better, since no one would think to repeat the COBE Satellite experiment. Why not? Because the Swedes in their infinite wisdom have declared most authoritatively that the COBE Satellite ushered in the dawn of the era of:

Cosmology as a precision science.

Lord preserve me from this Age of Fakery!
God preserve this World from scamming intellectuals!

And the Lord does work in mysterious ways! The message Mather might be hearing in December of 2009 may well be:

Dörrarna stängs.
Dveri zakrivayatsya.
Las puertas serán cerradas.
Die türen werden schließen.
Les portes se fermeront.
I portelli si chiuderanno.
Darwaza bandh ho rahi hai.

World, this holiday season be thankful for Dreamheron!
As always, anyone who wishes to object to this post or to this site has a most appropriate recourse. Send an email to NASA inviting their comment on the public allegation of science fraud. If you get a signed denial from them, send it to me and I will give it wide exposure. Their email address is:


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